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Topic Author's Original Post - Oct 2, 2014 - 06:17pm PT
i've always wished this forum had a "Best of SuperTopo" stickied at the top...

 to add your favourite hidden and not so hidden climbing related SuperTopo gems to the compilation below, just post the thread, tr, or single post that made a significant impression on you, to this thread and i'll keep compiling and making them clickable here, on the first post...

 two rules: no self-authored nominations and as this is a climbing hall of fame the nominations need to be somewhat climbing related.

 two instructions: be specific regarding which threads or posts you deem worthy [ie. i need something more specific than "all of jimmy joe willicker's threads"] and ask yourself whether it's just a personal fave or whether it rises to the level that this list generally rises to, thus far.

thanks to all that have contributed both the original content and the suggestions, so far... [especially to Mick K and mike m for starting their SuperTaco Climbing Hall of Fame and Best Supertopo posts threads that this was initially primarily compiled from]

1. THREADS [by subject]
click here for by author

Pat Ament: Pat Ament, amazing interview! [bryceman: Jul. 3, 2007]
John Bachar: John Bachar - In memory of a great man 1957 – 2009 [graham: Jul 5, 2009]
..... Johnny Rock- Classic '86 Bachar Interview [Steve Grossman: Aug. 15, 2009]
..... SOLITAIRE - An Appreciation of John Bachar Mountain 93 [Ed Hartouni: Nov. 8, 2010]
Jim Baldwin: Seeking Memories of Jim Baldwin [Mighty Walker: Dec. 18, 2009]
Henry Barber: Hot Henry changed climbing! [bob d'antonio: Sep. 16, 2007]
Barry Bates: Barry Bates and Mark Klemens--Valley free climbing [Roger Breedlove: Aug. 14, 2008]
Fred Beckey: On the Road with Fred: A short Tribute [Cam Burns: Dec. 29, 2014]
Walter Bonatti: Good bye Walter Bonatti [stfan607518: Sep. 14, 2011]
Peter Croft: PETER CROFT INTERVIEW [ihateplastic: Jan. 7, 2010]
Bill "Dolt" Feurer: Dolt Stories [Don Lauria: Nov. 20, 2008]
Charlie Fowler: Charlie [Toker Villain: Dec. 27, 2006]
..... Charlie Fowler Speaks! Lost interview from 1986 [crunch: Aug. 27, 2010]
Tom Gerughty: Tom Gerughty RIP [guido: Sep. 2, 2013]
John Gill: The Art of Bouldering John Gill AAJ 1969 [Steve Grossman: May 9, 2010]
Daryl Hatten: Daryl Hatten [AP: Mar. 18, 2006]
Warren Harding: A Few Notes on the Life of Warren Harding. [Park Rat: Jan. 5, 2011]
Alex Honnold: Astroman Free Solo [James: Sep. 25, 2007]
Ray Jardine: The fashionable Ray Jardine on Separate Reality [Roger Breedlove: May 23, 2007]
Beverly Johnson: Bev Johnson Stories [10b4me: May 17, 2006]
..... First All Female Ascent and First Female Solo of El Cap [Steve Grossman: Sep. 30, 2007]
Mark Klemens: Barry Bates and Mark Klemens--Valley free climbing [Roger Breedlove: Aug. 14, 2008]
John Long: The Classic 'Pumping Sandstone' by John Long (Climbing 1978) [Mimi: Aug. 25, 2007]
Ralph + Elgene Lowe: Climbing 1957-style [Jello: Dec. 10, 2006]
Brian McCray: Brian McCray [ElCapPirate: Aug. 25, 2014]
Joe McKeown: A List of TR's and Threads authored by guido
Charlie Porter: A Charlie Porter Apparition [O.D.: Feb. 15, 2008]
Paul Preuss: Paul Preuss, Our Founding Father Of Style. [Survival: Nov. 2, 2009]
Royal Robbins: Royal Robbins: “This importing business is a real can of --- [Fritz: Nov. 27, 2009]
..... The day I could have killed Royal Robbins [Dick Erb: Dec. 7, 2009]
Doug Robinson: Welcome to Doug Robinson! [Maysho: Jul. 9, 2007]
Frank Sacherer: Frank Sacherer -- 1940 - 1978 [Ed Hartouni: Oct. 19, 2006]
Dave Schultz: Walleye... tell me a story [Russ Walling: Apr. 13, 2007]
Walt Shipley: Remembering Walt [kevin Fosburg: Dec. 13, 2005]
Kurt Smith: WELCOME Kurt "the kid" aka "TheGeneral" Smith [Blinny: Jan. 3, 2007]
Tobin Sorenson: Losing Tobin, Thirty Four Years Ago [Bushman: Oct. 5, 2014]
Lyman Spitzer: An Astronomer-Climber [rgold: Aug. 31, 2011]
John Stannard: Welcome John Stannard to ST [Roger Breedlove: Sep. 6, 2006]
Tucker Tech: Tucker Tech! [tuckersbabes: Jun. 16, 2008]
Russ Walling: Deep Space Time Machine from the Mussy Nebula [Tarbuster: Feb. 6, 2006]
Brian Way: Mr. Way [Lovegasoline: Nov. 2, 2010]
Kevin Worral: Welcome to Kevin Worrall [Roger Breedlove: Sep. 13, 2006]
John Yablonski: Yabo [Chicken Skinner: Jul. 2, 2006]
..... for the yabo fans... [Jorge: Sep. 27, 2006]
Peter Zapffe: Zapffe [Marlow: Dec. 28, 2012]

Alaska: Solo Winter Route CASSIN Mount McKinley. [Watermann2: Dec. 11, 2014]
Alps: Les Grandes Jorasses [Marlow: Oct. 13, 2012]
Arizona: Arizona Climbing Appreciation thread [MisterE: Dec. 2, 2008]
Big Rock: Big Rock - a little history [DonC: May 3, 2007]
Canadian Rockies: Mt Alberta, North Face: First Six Ascents [Avery: Oct. 28, 2014]
..... Mt Kitchener, Grand Central Couloir: All Comers Welcome [Avery: Dec. 13, 2014]
..... Mt Robson, Emperor Face: All Known Ascents [Avery: Dec. 7, 2014]
..... North Twin- North Face G.Lowe & C.Jones Ascent 75-76 [Steve Grossman: Jun 27, 2009]
Colorado: Jello's long-lost route? [Rhodo-Router: Aug. 22, 2007]
..... "Scrambles Amongst The Rockies" [Tarbuster: May 21, 2006]
Dolomites: Brenta Dolomites hiking, stories, history & adventure thread [Fritz: Sep. 8, 2014]
..... Dolomites [drunkfox: Jun. 14, 2010]
..... *Spiffy Dolomite Vacation Thread* [Tarbuster: Sep. 16, 2006]
Gritstone: Gritstone photos from 1977 [Rick A: Mar. 19, 2007]
Joshua Tree: Old school Josh shots! [bachar: Feb. 25, 2006]
..... Old school Josh shots! (Part II) [WBraun: Mar. 1, 2006]
Mexico: El Gran Trono Blanco [Gabe: Dec. 10, 2007]
Sequoia/Kings Canyon: Castle Rock Spire with Roper and Powell-1962 [guido: Jan. 22, 2010]
South Dakota: Black Hills [mike m: Aug. 29, 2014]
Squamish: [See 2.d. below]
Stoney Point: STONEY POINT [pyro: Sep. 30, 2009]
Sugarloaf: Tapestry at Sugarloaf [Tripod? Swellguy? Halfwit? Smegma?: Apr. 9, 2012]
Tahoe: the "golden age" of the Tahoe area~~ [Ron Anderson: Mar. 12, 2010]
Yosemite [general]: Here are the 5.10 Standards- Abide [Mungeclimber: Jul. 20, 2006]
..... High Sierra Hardman Ticklist [Impaler: Jun. 14, 2012]
..... How Many El Cap Routes have you Done? [Todd Gordon: Jul. 9, 2007]
..... Index of Yosemite Valley Climbs [Ed Hartouni: Jan. 24, 2004]
..... southern yosemite [scuffy b: Feb. 4, 2009]
..... Tuolumne Meadows Appreciation [Tarbuster: Sep. 22, 2007]
..... Yosemite Wall Climbing Photos [Minerals: Oct. 20, 2006]
Yosemite [history]: 1977 Airplane Crash in Yosemite [Licky: May 21, 2005]
..... Bircheff Climbing Pics Yosemite '70s [Smiley Cain: Sep. 15, 2008]
..... Old Parking Lot photos [deuce4: May 8, 2007]
..... Sorting out late 70s Valley climbing [Roger Breedlove: Aug. 15, 2008]
..... The 1980's. The missing history. Players. [deuce4: Sep. 12, 2014]
Yosemite Routes [El Cap]: muir wall [the kid: Jan. 2, 2009]
..... "Smee's Come-on" memory jog [Roger Breedlove: Sep. 19, 2004]
..... Steve Grossman care to reflect for us on Turning Point? [T2: Nov. 29, 2009]
..... Tis-Sa-Ack [Mighty Hiker: May 12, 2009]
..... Wings of Steel [See 2.a. below]
..... WOEML and the Compressor route [john hansen: Jan. 26, 2011]
Yosemite Routes [Glacier Point]: hall of mirrors [martygarrison: Jan. 31, 2008]
Yosemite Routes [Half Dome]: Karma [Chicken Skinner: Jun. 26, 2006]
..... Karma done again! [Chicken Skinner: Jul 31, 2006]
Yosemite Routes [Middle Cathedral]: The Road to Space Babble [Wade Icey: Dec. 5, 2006]
Yosemite Routes [Ribbon Falls]: Photos of The Hourglass Left [Peter Haan: May 26, 2006]
Yosemite Routes [Royal Arches]: Hang dog Flyer [Peewee: Mar. 25, 2005]
Yosemite Routes [Tuolumne]: A Bolt, Body and Soul, and Commitment.. [Walleye: Aug. 1, 2013]
..... Boa Roof, Tuolumne? [bachar: Jul. 10, 2008]
..... Bombs Over Tokyo [bachar: May 23, 2007]
..... The Yabo-Hill---SCARIEST OF THEM ALL [scrubbing bubbles: Jul. 19, 2014]
Yosemite Routes [Misc]: Free Stone - Geek Towers [Chad Umbel: Aug. 7, 2009]
..... Tales of Power [Marty Garrison: Feb. 23, 2009]
..... The Phoenix [Marty Garrison: Feb. 24, 2009]
..... the real meltdown....1986 [the kid, Mar. 7, 2008]

Bolts: 1970s Bolt protected run-out slab climbing [Roger Breedlove: Nov. 30, 2006]
..... The Murder Of The Impossible Messner Mtn. #15 '71 [Steve Grossman: May 6, 2009]
Bouldering: Birth of Highballing [Largo: Nov. 4, 2011]
..... Hip & Sassy Bouldrin' Thread: old dads'n youngsters rip it! [Tarbuster: Sep. 22, 2006]
Dope: Pot and Slab climbing [wstmrnclmr: Jan. 21, 2012]
Fashion: Halibut Hats and Climbers-What Gives? [guido: Feb. 13, 2013]
Historical Revision: Cerro Torre, A Mountain Consecrated [rolo: Jul. 19, 2012]
..... Museum climbs? [WBraun: Sep. 11, 2007]
..... the "law" of the first ascent [jghedge: Sep. 9, 2013]
Rap-Bolting: Best First Ascent Style (approx. title) [Ed Hartouni: Jun. 20, 2014]
..... Doug Robinson, Sean Jones, rap bolt South face of Half Dome! [coz: Mar. 29, 2008]
Soloing: Iconic soloing shots [GDavis: Dec. 25, 2012]
Trad: Trad areas? [bachar: Sep. 22, 2007]

Catalogs: Classic Ice Primer- Chouinard Catalog 1968 [Steve Grossman: May 19, 2007]
..... L'Equipement de l'Alpiniste 1900 [Marlow: Oct. 5, 2012]
..... North Face Catalog # 1- circa 1968 [guido: Sep. 14, 2011]
Gear: Best Rap Anchors? [Slater: Nov. 17, 2009]
..... cams before friends, Lurps before ledges [Jello: Oct. 19, 2006]
..... Chouinard Alpine hammer and Piolet questions? [RDB: Jan. 13, 2009]
..... Dr. Piton's Ultimate Russian Aider Thread ['Pass the Pitons' Pete: Dec. 4, 2007]
..... It takes balls to use nuts... [Jello: Nov. 18, 2006]
..... Old Piton From The Higher Spire-Circa? [guido: Dec. 17, 2011]
..... TOMAHAWKS! [Minerals: Jun. 12, 2009]
..... Who invented modern reverse-curve pick Ice tools? [McHale's Navy: Feb. 19, 2013]
Techniques: Levittation: The Offwidth Rennaissance (Mountain 106) [marty(r): Jul. 16, 2007]
..... Solo Winter Route CASSIN Mount McKinley. [Watermann2: Dec. 11, 2014]

Choss: Sometimes they hold out on us... The Choss Diaries [Mungeclimber: Aug. 8, 2008]
Cracks: Addicted to Crack! [Big Mike: Sep. 29, 2012]
..... The Best Splitter cracks [clustiere: Apr. 29, 2006]
Dykes:For the love of Dykes!!! (On topic) [RyanD: Dec. 23, 2013]
Offwidths: Offwidth tips and The Twilight Zone [Peter Haan: Dec. 11, 2005]
Slabs: Difficulty of Slab Climbs [Mighty Hiker: Jul. 10, 2006]
..... Difficulty of slab climbs II [rbolton: Jul. 17, 2006]
..... Slab Climbing [Vitaliy M.: Nov. 23, 2011]
..... What is the ultimate slab route? [Mungeclimber: Dec. 2, 2010]
Water: By the sea, the shining sea [MH2: Nov. 17, 2008]

..... All this for 800 bucks! [Chicken Skinner: Aug. 13, 2006]
..... Amazing solo stories... [bachar: Mar. 28, 2008]
..... Donini and the Mountain Holy Man, at 17,777Ft. in Szechuan! [Fritz: Jan. 2, 2014]
..... Flying Buttress direct FFA free solo story fact or fiction? [RyanD: Feb. 3, 2014]
..... Rappelling El Capitan [Googlymoogly: Jul. 24, 2012]
..... Riding the Rails [Dick Erb: Nov. 13, 2009]
..... Scary Solo Stories [Maysho: Aug. 19, 2006]
..... share your personal climbing writings here [Tarbuster: May 17, 2006]
..... Stonemaster Stories [See 2.b. below]
..... You Want Climbing Lore - I'll Give You Climbing Lore [Don Lauria: Nov. 3, 2008]

..... Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Best Photo [Slater: Nov. 20, 2011]
..... The most ripped climber... [bachar: Feb. 27, 2007]
..... Then came a CLIMBING photo thread... [Wootles: Aug. 30, 2007]
..... Who the hell are you people?... Supertopoan Pictures [piquaclimber: Mar. 22, 2007]

..... Bev Johnson Stories [10b4me: May 17, 2006]
..... First All Female Ascent and First Female Solo of El Cap [Steve Grossman: Sep. 30, 2007]
..... The Chick History Thread [Melissa: Jan. 10, 2005]
..... Women Rock!: Time to Celebrate [Tarbuster: Aug. 6, 2006]

..... 70's Gear Catalogs/Mags: Post Your Stonemaster Era Archives [Tarbuster: Jun. 25, 2006]
..... *All Time Fave 70's Mag Covers* [Tarbuster: Jul. 19, 2006]
..... *Name Your Favorite Mag Based Climbing Lit Pieces and Why* [Tarbuster: Apr. 25, 2006]
..... Origin/evolution of the modern climbing topo? [Jerry Dodrill: Oct. 8, 2008]

2. SERIAL THREADS [by date]

Wings of Steel [Gunkie: May 17, 2005]
Wings of Steel (continued) [WBraun: Nov. 1, 2005]
Wings of Steel Part III [the Fet: Jan. 30, 2006]
Wings of Steel - Part IV [Tom: Apr. 28, 2006]
WoS / PTPP, part XXIV [Russ Walling: Aug. 2, 2006]
WoS / PTPP, part XXV (continued from XXIV ) [Russ Walling: Aug. 7, 2006]
WoS / PTPP, part XXVI (continued from XXV ) [Russ Walling: Aug. 11, 2006]
Wings of Steel XXVII- the Downward Spiral [Steve Grossman: Aug. 15, 2008]
WoS "confessions"--The whole truth about the "enhancements" [madbolter1: Sep. 20, 2009]
The 4 people who climbed Wings of Steel talk (Video) [The Wolf: Nov. 19, 2014]

Part 1 [Largo: Jan. 25, 2006]
Part 2 [Russ Walling: Feb. 7, 2006]
Part 3 [WBraun: Feb. 20, 2006]
Part 4 [WBraun: Feb. 24, 2006]
Part 5 [WBraun: Mar. 3, 2006]
Part 6 [WBraun: Mar. 10, 2006]
Part 7 [rmuir: Mar. 21, 2006]
Part 8 [rmuir: Mar. 29, 2006]
Part 9 [Gramicci: Apr. 6, 2006]
Part 10 [rmuir: Jun. 20, 2006]

Ammon's House of Cards [Steve Grossman: Sep. 12, 2006]
Abracadaver - FA Pics and Story [Steve Grossman: Feb. 24, 2007]
Classic Ice Primer- Chouinard Catalog 1968 [Steve Grossman: May 19, 2007]
Pumping Cracks with Dale [Steve Grossman: Jun. 9, 2007]
Royal Arches Apron Faceclimbing [Steve Grossman: Jun. 16, 2007]
First Ascent of the Prow [Steve Grossman: Jun. 20, 2007]
Dihedral Wall - FA + extras [Steve Grossman: Aug. 25, 2007]
Norman Clyde of the Sierra Nevada [Steve Grossman: Aug. 26, 2007]
Bruce Carson's hammerless solo of Sentinel West Face,1974 [Steve Grossman: Sep. 7, 2007]
Shawangunks - Cornerstone of Eastern Traditional Climbing [Steve Grossman: Sep. 23, 2007]
First All Female Ascent and First Female Solo of El Cap [Steve Grossman: Sep. 30, 2007]
First Ascent of the Heart Route 1970- Kroger and Davis [Steve Grossman: Oct. 31, 2007]
Classic Provo Canyon On Ice by Jim Knight 1978 [Steve Grossman: Dec. 23, 2007]
Diamond Reunion- Kamps, Rearick and Ament 1976 [Steve Grossman: Dec. 25, 2007]
Classic New Hampshire Climbing by Al Rubin 1978 [Steve Grossman: Jan.1, 2008]
Classic Squamish Chief Commentary Robin Barley '78 [Steve Grossman: Jan. 6, 2008]
Trango Tower FA 1976 Classic Martin Boysen MT 52 [Steve Grossman: Mar. 8, 2008]
Wally Reed - Free Climbing Pioneer Extraordinaire [Steve Grossman: Jun. 17, 2008]
Arapiles The Empire Strikes Back Child Carrigan 81 [Steve Grossman: Jul 27, 2008]
Classic Czech Climbing History 1983 [Steve Grossman: Aug. 30, 2008]
American Annie S. Peck Climbs the Matterhorn 1895 [Steve Grossman: Sep. 14, 2008]
Mark Powell, Royal Robbins and the Southern Californians [Steve Grossman: Oct. 26, 2008]
Fontainebleau - The Dream Forest of French Bouldering [Steve Grossman: Nov. 29, 2008]
Tahquitz: The Early Years Rick Ridgeway Summit 1976 [Steve Grossman: Dec. 6, 2008]
Anybody Still Get Insomnia? [Steve Grossman: Dec. 21, 2008]
Mirror,Mirror -Ascent 73 Your Favorite Short Climbing Story? [Steve Grossman: Jan. 24, 2009]
Uli Biaho-Bill Forrest & Team America Hit the Big Time 1980 [Steve Grossman: Feb. 7, 2009]
Ed Webster Appreciation Thread [Steve Grossman: Feb. 8, 2009]
Shiprock Climbing History [Steve Grossman: Feb. 9, 2009]
Roots of the Boulder Free Climbing Renaissance- Briggs 73 [Steve Grossman: Feb. 12, 2009]
The First Portaledge On El Cap-Who,Where And When Exactly? [Steve Grossman: Mar. 7, 2009]
Fritz Wiessner- A Man For All Mountains [Steve Grossman: Mar. 21, 2009]
Up the Shield- Bocarde & Porter Climbing Nov/Dec 1973 [Steve Grossman: Apr. 19, 2009]
Latok 1- A Climb w/o A Summit [Steve Grossman: Apr. 26, 2009]
Preserving The Cracks! Tom Frost Makes His Case AAJ 1972 [Steve Grossman: May 4, 2009]
The Murder Of The Impossible Messner Mtn. #15 '71 [Steve Grossman: May 6, 2009]
J. Robert Oppenheimer and Style [Steve Grossman: Jun. 17, 2009]
North Twin- North Face G.Lowe & C.Jones Ascent 75-76 [Steve Grossman: Jun 27, 2009]
Johnny Rock- Classic '86 Bachar Interview [Steve Grossman: Aug. 15, 2009]
Henry Kendall - Nobel Physicist, Alpinist and Activist [Steve Grossman: Aug. 30, 2009]
Coonyard Mouths Off Part II Yvon Chouinard Climbing 1987 [Steve Grossman: Sep. 6, 2009]
Kiss Or Kill MTwight J Lowe Kangtega and Nuptse SE Spur 1986 [Steve Grossman: Sep. 19, 2009]
Dick Erb Appreciation Thread [Steve Grossman: Nov. 7, 2009]
The Rock And Ice Club of Manchester- Whillans & Brown 1951 [Steve Grossman: Nov. 14, 2009]
Dresden-Classic Steve Roper Ascent 1974 [Steve Grossman: Nov. 22, 2009]
Ama Dablam 1979-Tom Frost, DR & Jeff Lowe [Steve Grossman: Nov. 26, 2009]
Moments of Crisis Michael Borghoff Summit 1963 [Steve Grossman: Nov. 27, 2009]
Cerro Torre-FA Alpine Style Brewer & Bridwell Climbing 1980 [Steve Grossman: Dec. 7, 2009]
Devil's Lake Wisconsin Climbing History [Steve Grossman: Dec. 12, 2009]
Name This Well Hung Climbing Supermodel [Steve Grossman: Apr. 6, 2010]
Oliver Perry-Smith America's First Climbing Ace AAJ 1964 [Steve Grossman: May 9, 2010]
Fitzroy SW Buttress Funhog Exp Chris Jones Mt #3 May 1969 [Steve Grossman: Jun. 27, 2010]
The Art of Bouldering John Gill AAJ 1969 [Steve Grossman: May 9, 2010]
Nietzsche and Modern Mountaineering - Wilfrid Noyce [Steve Grossman: May 15, 2010]
The Nose-Second Ascent 50th RR, Pratt ,Frost, Fitschen 1960 [Steve Grossman: Jul. 1, 2010]
The Dance of the Woo-Li Masters Bridwell Stump Climbing 81 [Steve Grossman: Jul. 10, 2010]
Nuts To You- Royal Robbins Clean Climbing Intro Summit 1967 [Steve Grossman: Jul. 17, 2010]
Don Lauria Climbs Half Dome Summit 1966 [Steve Grossman: Jul. 20, 2010]
Mt.Thor-West Face Redfern Brand Bagley Bepler Summit 1986 [Steve Grossman: Jul. 24, 2010]
Frostline Kits- Who Sewed Their Own Booties WBITD?!? [Steve Grossman: Aug. 21, 2010]
Charlet And Moser Make An Ice Axe- Chamonix 1960 [Steve Grossman: Aug. 27, 2010]
Galen Rowell's 1,000-Mile Sierra Weekend-Climbing 1970 [Steve Grossman: Sep. 6, 2010]
Steve Roper's 1964 Red Yosemite Guide- Classic Photos [Steve Grossman: Sep. 18, 2010]
Catherine Destivelle- Profile by Beth Wald Climbing 1988 [Steve Grossman: Sep. 26, 2010]
The Once & Future Tami-20 Years of Puru-Lies & Vit-Slander!! [Steve Grossman: Oct. 15, 2010]
The Amazing Larry Dalke- Colorado Free Climbing Ace [Steve Grossman: Oct. 30, 2010]
Jeff Lowe Solos Bridalveil Fall W.O,Johnson Sports Illust 78 [Steve Grossman: Nov. 20, 2010]
The Eiger Company Montrose CA Catalog and Pricelist 1965 [Steve Grossman: Dec. 12, 2010]
The Wishbone At Last-Mt. Robson Don Claunch CAJ 1956 [Steve Grossman: Dec. 18, 2010]
Ron & Werner Do Astroman-Galen Photographs! Rock & Ice 1987 [Steve Grossman: Dec. 25, 2010]
Cataviña,La Mysteriosa-Baja Beauty Kevin Worrall Climbing 95 [Steve Grossman: Dec. 26, 2010]
The Amazing Bob Murray-Desert Bouldering Icon Climbing 1995 [Steve Grossman: Jan. 1, 2011]
Announcing Longs Peak Diamond FA DVD Kamps & Rearick 1960 [Steve Grossman: Mar. 11, 2011]
Sentinel Rock Summit Register- Classic Who's Who 1934-1976 [Steve Grossman: Jun. 19, 2011]
Beckey's Bugaboo Hat Trick -Snowpatch and Bugaboo Spire 1959 [Steve Grossman: Jul. 16, 2011]
The Life of a Teton Guide- Willi Unsoeld AAJ 1960 [Steve Grossman: Jul. 23, 2011]
Classic Holubar Catalog- 1971 [Steve Grossman: Jul. 24, 2011]
The Slippery Game- Doug Robinson On Ice Ascent 1971 [Steve Grossman: Aug. 5, 2011]
Edward Whymper- First Ascent of the Aiguille Verte 1865 [Steve Grossman: Aug. 13, 2011]
El Capitan’s Salathé Wall- The Proudest Rock Climb On Earth [Steve Grossman: Sep. 11, 2011]
Our Climb Up Mt. Kennedy Robert Kennedy Life Magazine 1965 [Steve Grossman: Jan. 8, 2012]
Who Did The First Ascents At Big Rock- A Historical Survey [Steve Grossman: Jan. 12, 2012]
Petit Dru, West Face American Direttissima John Harlin 1965 [Steve Grossman: Jan. 21, 2012]
Date This Chouinard Yosemite Hammer [Steve Grossman: Mar. 18, 2012]
Zoroaster Temple AZ FA Ganci & Tidrick Summit 1959 [Steve Grossman: Apr. 1, 2012]
The Devil's Tower Climbing History [Steve Grossman: Apr. 22, 2012]
Manless Alpine Climbing- Miriam O. Underhill Nat Geo 1934 [Steve Grossman: May 12, 2012]
Catherine Freer Profile in Courage Paul Piana Climbing 1987 [Steve Grossman: Jun. 23, 2012]
The West Ridge of Everest Willi Unsoeld Mountain World 1963 [Steve Grossman: Jul. 15, 2012]
The Origin and History of Belay Devices [Steve Grossman: Nov. 24, 2012]
The Steve Grossman Historical Thread Omnibus [nah000: Dec. 27, 2014]

Classic Squamish Chief Commentary Robin Barley '78 [Steve Grossman: Jan. 6, 2008]
Climbing at Squamish in the 70's [Mighty Hiker: Sep. 4, 2008]
Squamish Photos and Stories [Big Mike: Sep. 26, 2011]

E. SERIAL THREADS DISGUISED AS SINGLE THREADS [aka HoF Threads with a 1000+ posts]
1977 Airplane Crash in Yosemite [Licky: May 21, 2005]
Who the hell are you people?... Supertopoan Pictures [piquaclimber: Mar. 22, 2007]
Doug Robinson, Sean Jones, rap bolt South face of Half Dome! [coz: Mar. 29, 2008]
Arizona Climbing Appreciation thread [MisterE: Dec. 2, 2008]
southern yosemite [scuffy b: Feb. 4, 2009]
STONEY POINT [pyro: Sep. 30, 2009]
Cerro Torre, A Mountain Consecrated [rolo: Jul. 19, 2012]
the "law" of the first ascent [jghedge: Sep. 9, 2013]

3. TRIP REPORTS [by location]
click here for by author

A jumarless Nose with my Daughter. [Jim Herson: Jun. 11, 2013]
How I Learned to Climb the NIAD in 3 Days and 2 Nights [tahoe523: Jul. 6, 2011]
The Nose In A Day [Mark Hudon: Nov. 7, 2009]

F. EL CAPITAN [ - the nose]
A Laywoman's Account of a Not Too Soggy Siege on the Salathe with Some Spaniards [tahoe523: Jun. 15, 2011]
A rookie’s solo ascent of the Zodiac - Oct 2012 [yellow mzungu: Oct. 21, 2012]
Jolly Roger Photo T.R. [Levi: Oct. 27, 2007]
Lurking Fear solo - My first time up the Captain [Jane Gallwey: May 22, 2012]
My visit to the Canoe [yo: Aug. 14, 2006]
PIXEL-PUSHER GEEKS SCALE EL CAP [stratfordnyc: Mar. 12, 2010]
Tempest - October, 2001 [Valerio: Jun. 30, 2014]
The Shield, 10/10, A Trip Report by John Fine and Mark Hudon [Mark Hudon + John Fine: Feb. 18, 2011]
Zenyatta Mondatta-Solo, June 2011 [Mark Hudon: Jul. 27, 2011]

Half Dome cables with an autistic boy--er, young man [Damn this looks high: Aug. 16, 2011]
Half Dome Like You're Never Seen it Before [Pellucid Wombat: Apr. 16, 2014]
Half Dome Unroped [MtnSavior: Jul. 17, 2013]
Half Dome with my daughter [Jim Herson: Jul. 14, 2011]

"Up rope I'm not moving!" First ascent of Basketcase [donini: Apr. 2, 2009]
2nd Free Ascent of Basketcase: a story [Peter Haan: Jul 29, 2006]
Losing Our Marbles on Obscure Yosemite Offwidth: The Way Kim and I Survived Basketcase [christinafreschi: Oct. 2, 2013]

E. YOSEMITE [ - ec - hd - bc]
Ain't Skeerd: A Halloween TR on The Nutscracker [Micronut: Oct. 30, 2011]
An Oddyssey to Shangri La (FA and an FFA in a little paradise) [Vitaliy M. (+ DMT): Nov. 17, 2014]
A quick visit to the Valley - Trip Report [Crimpergirl: Sep. 19, 2006]
coonyard pinnacle-first ascent sept 1960 [guido: Nov. 2, 2008]
Coonyard Pinnacle- 50 Years Later [guido: May 12, 2011]
Crisis in Yosemite - My fall of a lifetime [TBair: Nov. 14, 2011]
FA Sentinel Falls [chappy: Apr. 1, 2007]
Fairview Dome-Regular Route 2nd Ascent 1962 Foott and Guido [guido: Feb. 26, 2010]
New Route near Washington Column (A Trip Report) [Micronut: Oct. 1, 2009]
No Rescue: the Bob Locke Accident on Mt. Watkins [Rick A: Sep. 8, 2007]
"Scrambles in the Range of Light" [Tarbuster: Jul. 23, 2006]
Steck-Salathe In Winter With Kor-1963 [guido: Apr. 7, 2011]
The Bachar-Yerian: A Three Year Obsession Comes to a Close [Jon Clark: Sep. 30, 2013]
The Birth of Wheat Thin [Peter Haan: Sep. 24, 2006]
The making of another Yosemite Valley Obscurity [Ed Hartouni: Jun. 11, 2006]

Ben Horne Memorial Climb - Evolution Traverse (Car to Car) [Vitaliy M.: Sep. 4, 2013]
Evolution Traverse: How I Owe it All to an Apple [noriko nakagawa: Aug. 30, 2011]
Time for an Evolution [Jerry Dodrill: Sep. 16, 2013]

D. CALIFORNIA [ - yos - evo]
Playing Hooky from Work: A Solo Ascent of Geochronology Wall (I, C2, cl.3) [PellucidWombat: Sep. 7, 2011]
Hairline perhaps Tahoes hardest 1 pitch aid climb tr [Ron Anderson: Jun. 7, 2013]
Mt Russell, Mithral Dihedral (III, 5.10, 7P) Car-to-Car via a Unique Approach (Photo TR) [PellucidWombat: Jun. 4, 2013]
The Idiots Guide to Descending Lone Pine Peak [drc: Mar. 23, 2009]
Tram Bouldering [RtM: May 21, 2012]

Drama on Baboquivari Peak (TR) [nature + drljefe: Apr. 23, 2009]
Heavens To Betsy. Climbing and healing. [drljefe: Sep. 21, 2014]
Pichcach Peak, By Fair Means [drljefe: Jan. 31, 2012]

Grand Teton Unroped [Unlucky: Jul. 15, 2013]
Teton Grand Slam: 8 Classic Routes and Some Traverses Done Over a 9 Day Climbing Marathon [PellucidWombat: Sep. 20, 2012]
Wind Rivers. 1969 [Jello: Oct. 12, 2006]

Denali Ski Descent 1991 [climbski2: Jul. 30, 2013]
West Fork Ruth Glacier, Mt. Huntington East Ridge [Alpinista55: Nov. 19, 2009]

Where have you gone, Chris McNamara? [yo: Dec. 7, 2007]
Zion, 1971 [Jello: Oct. 19, 2006]

C. USA [ - ak - az - ca - ut - wy]
BrassNuts and Eeeyonkeee Do the Desert – TR – MANY PHOTOS! [Crimpergirl: Apr. 16, 2009]
Historical Ascent in Pinnacles NM [maculated: Dec. 5, 2005]
Homo Climbtastic's Gay/Lesbian/Trans/Whatever Climbing Convention was better than any climbing trip you will ever have, ever [Alex Rowland: Jul. 30, 2010]
I Love the Desert [joepuryear: Apr 27, 2008]
My Up And Down Life, Disaster Master [Disaster Master: Oct. 23, 2010]
the Black Canyon with Kor, by Pat Ament [Patrick Oliver: Apr. 26, 2013]
The First Ascent of the Needle's Eye [rgold: Jul. 27, 2007]
The Sum of Bouldering=100+ Pictures [this just in: Feb. 22, 2014]
Willis Wall Winter Wonderland Pics [Reilly: Dec. 16, 2010]

BAFFIN- Climbing/Skiing Trip report w/ pics [DaveT.: Jul. 8, 2009]
Superbalance (Polar Sun Spire, Baffin Island, April-May 2012) [Regan: Jun. 7, 2012]
The Reward [Regan: Nov. 16, 2012]

C. CANADA [ - baffin]
Beckey -Coonyard BITD [Reilly: Feb. 12, 2009]
Climbers save their country! (Yes this is damn on-topic) [Ghost: Jan. 25, 2013]
This Monkeys Gone to Heaven [bringmedeath: Sep. 14, 2005]
We had to climb it in order to save our country. [Tami: Nov. 23, 2009]

B. AMERICAS [ - usa - can]
Patagonia bound - by the slow road... [rockermike: Jun. 12, 2013]
'TASTE THE PAINE' grade VII solo F.A. in Patagonia [DaveT.: Jan. 29, 2008]
A list of the other 60+ high quality, beta intensive PellucidWombat TR's

A. EARTH [ - americas]
A solid companion - first edit [Jello: Dec. 11, 2007]
Bushido (Great Trango Tower, August 2013) [Regan: Sep. 25, 2013]
Central Asia Travel Report [chick_on_ice: Sept. 27, 2014]
Climbing in the Wadi Rum Desert of Jordan - March 2012 [Sierra Ledge Rat: Mar. 30, 2012]
Donini, Lowe, Kennedy, Lowe - Latok 1 [survival + donini: Oct. 25, 2010]
Dru Couloir Direct : First Ascent 1977, Tobin Sorenson and Rick Accomazzo [Rick A: Apr. 19, 2012]
Mainland Yemen (aka I didn't get kidnapped) [chick_on_ice: Jan. 2, 2014]

4. INDIVIDUAL POSTS [by author]

Dingus Milktoast: Bridwell and Booger along the Merced [Apr. 8, 2005]
..... The Pass [May 13, 2005]
..... If you didn't puke? It wasn't that bad. [Sep. 21, 2007]
..... Alter egos of internet big wallers? [Jun. 9, 2013]
ewto: Eric trying to burn his house down and... [Nov. 1, 2006]
James: The Trip's Not Over: A Chongo Update [Dec. 3, 2007]
Jim Brennan: The Higher we Got, The Freer We Became. [Feb. 7, 2013]
Karl Baba: Leaning Tower Swill Story [Oct. 21, 2002]
L: Peter Croft saved me from terminal boredom [Mar. 31, 2008]
madbolter1: How did I feel about the WoS Route itself? [Aug. 25, 2011]
Pate: Letter to a brother [Feb. 25, 2009]
rgold: The Saga of the Triple Lever [rgold: Oct. 28, 2009]
..... something I learned from climbing [rgold: Dec. 23, 2014]
Roadie: Alaska Highway, free solo, TR [Roadie: Dec. 16, 2012]
..... Indian Creek- a short story [Roadie: Dec. 16, 2012]
..... Lynn Hills Underwear [Roadie: Dec. 23, 2012]
..... Beggars Buttress tr [Roadie: Dec. 6, 2014]
TGT: the primary character is Andy [TGT: Feb. 28, 2009]
The Fist: Lost Friend [Sep. 26, 2013]
Walleye: Walleye... tell me a story [Apr. 13, 2007]
WBraun + elcap-pics: ElCap Report "Pics Fall 07" [Oct. 29, 2007]
yo: SS Father-Son 1996? [Apr. 27, 2005]

Trad climber
Nedsterdam CO
Oct 2, 2014 - 06:39pm PT
Tarbusters "Mussy Nebula" should have a place on the list!

Ooopsie! Missed it, it's in there!
Dapper Dan

Trad climber
Menlo Park
Oct 2, 2014 - 06:46pm PT
the Tucker's Tech's babes thread was classic , and any thread about Chongo , and the Mr. Way thread ... but really great list so far , I got my evening reading laid out

Topic Author's Reply - Oct 2, 2014 - 07:39pm PT

added 'em. thanks!

Oct 2, 2014 - 07:45pm PT
Two of my favourite "gateway" threads. Enjoy Nah000 if you haven't checked these out, there will be lots here which you can add to your OP if that is your intention. Great thread idea, I'll add much, much more later when I've got time.

Ice climber
Brujò de la Playa
Oct 2, 2014 - 08:47pm PT
good thinking nah000

Topic Author's Reply - Oct 2, 2014 - 08:56pm PT
those two pate threads are ridiculous... i'd seen the one on grossman, but not the other...

added both of them and a bunch of obvious ones from them... [steve grossman's latok 1, robin barley, murder of the impossible and johnny rock threads; survival's paul preuss thread and donini and haan's basketcase stories; mighty hiker's tis-sa-ack; mark hudon's nose in a day tr, Fritz's royal robbins thread, Roger Breedlove's Ray Jardine thread; and put the wings of steel and steve grossman's history threads into their own series categories]

but i only added the ones that i know to be no brainers, as i'm not interested in this becoming nah000's hall of fame... so keep 'em coming people... i know this is but a trifling start...

there's gold to be mined in these piles of troll dung... hahaha.

Oct 2, 2014 - 09:09pm PT

Great idea nah000!


Oct 2, 2014 - 11:49pm PT
Here's another hall of fame thread for sure, unfortunately it's a read only.

Squamish climbing in the 70's

Oct 3, 2014 - 12:22am PT
Thread title: "the Black Canyon with Kor, by Pat Ament"
OP: Patrick Oliver
(This thread only has 25 posts currently but Pat's OP is awesome! I've read it many times and I love it every time.)

Thread title: "Old Parking Lot photos"
OP: deuce4

hold on tight boys
Oct 3, 2014 - 12:41am PT
can i get a compilation list of the best compilations of compilations of the best of the best of the topo list compilations?

Topic Author's Reply - Oct 3, 2014 - 03:09am PT
RyanD: had that one under Mighty Hiker. that's a good one for sure.

redrocker: sweet. added 'em.

thebravecowboy: nice sarcasm! too bad for you, but it's a good idea... i added a bunch of 'em right to the top. hahaha.

Gym climber
Bishop, CA
Oct 3, 2014 - 07:06pm PT
Bump for a couple more:

Oct 3, 2014 - 08:20pm PT
Nah000, my bad. I missed that u had that one already

Here's a few more:

Leavittation- the OW renaissance

By the sea, the shining sea

A few more of Steve's not on the historical thread posted above that stand out.

Gill- the art of bouldering

The dream forest- Fontainebleau

Possibly my favourite thread

More later.


Topic Author's Reply - Oct 3, 2014 - 09:21pm PT
MisterE: thanks! already had the robinson thread... added the bachar thread - hard to believe that was already over 5 years ago...

RyanD: the man with the goods... hadn't seen any of those before... added 'em all... thanks! we could probably just compile your bookmark page... hahaha. i like the slow boil strategy...

Oct 3, 2014 - 11:12pm PT
I don't have any bookmarks nah000!

Just a reasonable understanding of the Dewey taco decimal system :-)

This is fun though.

Here's a few more:

High Sierra hardman ticklist

More bouldering. Best bouldering TR ever maybe.

Tram Bouldering- RtM just slays it with the pics on this one!

Another read-only ethical debate, unfortunately Jghedge's posts didn't survive there was some classic entertainment in there. Still many great posts on this one so I think it should be in the hall of fame despite the general scrap heap feel of the whole argument.



Trad climber
Las Vegas, NV.
Oct 4, 2014 - 12:20am PT
Absolute gold, here. I will be reading the Stonemaster tales for some time. Thanks for dredging all these threads up!

Trad climber
Millbrae, CA
Oct 4, 2014 - 09:55am PT
Good idea. I appreciate your commitment to keeping the OP updated as people add ideas for their favorite threads. This will be a great resource for new people joining the Forum.

Here is my nomination for one of my favorite threads. It it climbing related and highlights one of the best aspects of the Forum - the wit and humor of climbers, combined with great writing. This thread was DRLJefe's spoof on the controversy a couple of years ago surrounding the Compressor route done "by fair means".

Oct 4, 2014 - 10:28am PT
Rise and shine.

3 more classics

Hot Henry Changed Climbing

Hangdog Flyer

Short thread but some noteworthy posts & pics by some noteworthy users.

A bolt, body & soul, & commitment

Oct 4, 2014 - 11:19am PT
How could we forget???

Rappelling El Cap

All time TR - BrassNuts & Eeyonkeee do the desert

I'm seeing a lot of potential value in this thread already nah000, thanks again for getting the ball rolling.

Tapestry at Sugarloaf

Hall of mirrors

Birth of highballing

And another read-only behemoth started by our man currently down & hopefully on the mend-


It's too bad when accounts are deactivated that all the posts disappear. It wrecks the lineage of many great threads. Super dumb they do that IMO

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