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Fall in the Desert
by Vitaliy M.
1,340 Jan 16, 2017 26
**TRAINING FOR & THEN CLIMBING an AWESOME 8839 meter (28,999 Ft.) TROPICAL VOLCANO!** - Click for details
It wasn't easy. Of course, as we all know: extraordinary achievements are rarely easy. Iíll skip the sordid details that all expeditions have in common. ...

by Fritz
2,981 Jan 16, 2017 55
New River Boulders - Bend OR
by mfsb
2,483 Jan 13, 2017 9
A sweet place...... - Click for details
 A sweet place......
To retreat to when the days shorten in Estados Unidos. I go back dowh on 12/31 and one day of jet travel will net me a seven hour gain in usable daylight. There seems to ...

by donini
1,708 Jan 13, 2017 53
Secret Wall.. off Highway 50 /near Desolation Wilderness
by kim treadaway
1,287 Jan 13, 2017 31
Xialongrezha 5625m: Standing Room Only coulouir, west face - Click for details
 Xialongrezha 5625m: Standing Room Only coulouir, west face
During unbroken perfect weather from late October to early November we made the first ascent of the previously undocumented 5625m Xialong Rezha (unnamed and incorrec...

by ecdh
1,830 Jan 12, 2017 27
Two December days at THE NEEDLES - Click for details
 Two December days at THE NEEDLES
or more specifically... at Demon Dome & on the route 'White Punks on Dope'. Heralded as a (southern .. ish?) California classic ... and nestled in the wilderness ...

by Yinzer
935 Jan 12, 2017 18
Wet Denim is a great solo warm up for soloing on the Captain.
by Thaniac
927 Jan 11, 2017 8
CR and Panama - Many photos with a little climbing [TR]
by Prezwoodz
399 Jan 10, 2017 13
2016: Can't Send them All!  (Patagonia, Western US, El Potrero Chico) - Click for details
 2016: Can't Send them All! (Patagonia, Western US, El Potrero Chico)
What lies below may be the ramblings of a madman, but figured these TRs usually provide me with some ability to look back on some adventures, provide some inspiration and info...

by pazreal
827 Jan 09, 2017 7
Flying Buttress on Kit Carson Peak - Click for details
 Flying Buttress on Kit Carson Peak
During the 1970ís Charlie Pitts had been one of my major go-to guys when it came to partners in crime for back country buffoonery. After that we moved to different states pur...

by Nick Danger
276 Jan 09, 2017 1
Bouncefest in the Outer Realms - Click for details
 Bouncefest in the Outer Realms
And sho, 2016 comes to a close in the distant north West of Ireland and it has been an outstanding year in all regards. This is just a wee review of a day or two out playing i...

by Donegal Sea Stacks
693 Jan 08, 2017 15
Got to see... the Gorge of Despair - Click for details
 Got to see... the Gorge of Despair
I figure there's not enough photos of the Gorge of Despair (the gorge, hanging canyon of brilliance, gorge of depression, place that's really hard to get to, or, more simp...

by shylock
3,411 Jan 05, 2017 43
zion linkup
by spence17
664 Dec 30, 2016 6
Gasherbrum 2 Pakistan - Click for details
 Gasherbrum 2 Pakistan
I figured someone could find this report useful for anyone interested in heading to Pakistan. This link details our 54 day journey to the top of G2 complete with pictures and ...

by Kushrocks
2,653 Dec 27, 2016 36
JAIL BREAK - Click for details
Her prison walls stretch two thousand feet towards the sky and wrap a quarter mile around her ally. Nestled in the shadows of her commander and chief, She sits with her fearso...

by Myles Moser
2,590 Dec 26, 2016 29
A lass solo on Zodiac - Click for details
 A lass solo on Zodiac
Before I started my Partner said: When you finally start climbing youíll understand that there is just you and your route and on the summit, you will be a different pe...

by magda_o
7,063 Dec 26, 2016 59
Two beautiful November days at TAHQUITZ - Click for details
 Two beautiful November days at TAHQUITZ
As this is my first, humble TR... I'll try not to overdo it : ) Just thought I'd share the stoke, from an area that I never would have made it out to without the gui...

by Yinzer
2,231 Dec 25, 2016 29
Ho Ho Ho - Click for details
 Ho Ho Ho
So it was 63 degrees at 6:30 this morning. It was 12/13/14 and the plan was to be at the tower at 10:11 on 12/13/14. We got there just in time.Santa needed to get to the nor...

by mike m
2,372 Dec 24, 2016 27
SKI WAX!!! - Click for details
Ok ok, there has been a lot of back and forth and forth and back and hearsay and anecdotal evidence on here recently:

by limpingcrab
2,493 Dec 22, 2016 65
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