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The Alaskans Crash the Tom Gilje Fundraiser - Click for details
 The Alaskans Crash the Tom Gilje Fundraiser
First I want to say that the fundraiser was amazing and that the climbing community can be fickle and reclusive but also the kindest people I've ever known. I'm glad I got to ...

by Prezwoodz
571 Apr 18, 2015 18
Climbers save their country! (Yes this is damn on-topic) - Click for details
 Climbers save their country! (Yes this is damn on-topic)
Werner is right. You Americans are stupid. So let this be a wakeup call. Climbing isn't just a hobby. It is the real deal. It is more important than online wanking about polit...

by Ghost
7,768 Apr 18, 2015 115
More Mud Nailing--Sugar Daddy first ascent--TR - Click for details
 More Mud Nailing--Sugar Daddy first ascent--TR
The Sugar Daddy Iíd been driving past this rock, near Hanksville, for years. Itís just begging to be climbed. Iíve even walked around the thing a couple of times, but dis...

by crunch
3,049 Apr 18, 2015 80
After the 'Advice for Astroman' thread I wanted to write down a few tips, and it grew into something way more comprehensive than I thought I had patience for. Reading about co...

by Vitaliy M.
1,616 Apr 17, 2015 57
2015-04 first trip to Saline Valley (updated with photos round 2) - Click for details
 2015-04 first trip to Saline Valley (updated with photos round 2)
Ok kids, I learned about Saline Valley from seeing pics right here on this forum: I really enjoyed my fi...

by NutAgain!
387 Apr 17, 2015 11
Where is the start?
by jfa
266 Apr 17, 2015 2
New Route On Playground Wall On Chiquito Dome (Shuteye Ridge, CA Area)
by Climberdude
1,170 Apr 16, 2015 33
Rostrum - Reg North Face
by Elcapinyoazz
5,464 Apr 16, 2015 63
Four Days of Desert Fun. - Click for details
 Four Days of Desert Fun.
I normally don't post things online but i've read so many good trip reports over the past year that get me through the week I figured maybe I should start contributing. As man...

by Madskates
454 Apr 16, 2015 11
The Road to El Capitan
by Fultonius
491 Apr 16, 2015 11
Mt Hooper: Truck to Truck - Click for details
 Mt Hooper: Truck to Truck
A little over a month ago I went backpacking with the intention to summit Mt Hooper. We figured that if we hiked up to Hooper Lake and Neil Lake that we'd find a way to scramb...

by this just in
2,649 Apr 15, 2015 42
May Valley Pilgrimage - Click for details
 May Valley Pilgrimage
Get ready. ...

by Grippa
1,093 Apr 15, 2015 26
Wrapping Up Q1 of 2015 - Photo Intensive (Link Inside)
by W.L.
1,687 Apr 14, 2015 28
TR 1990-07 My First Worst Climbing Mistake in the USSR
by nutjob
1,612 Apr 14, 2015 20
Desert Splits - Click for details
 Desert Splits
Got away for a quicky this weekend with my buddy Joey who's made an appearance in my previous Desert Shield tr. This was my 3rd trip to the dez in 3 weeks so I was finally abl...

by Grippa
506 Apr 14, 2015 16
New Routes in the Southern Sierra, Old School Style! - Click for details
 New Routes in the Southern Sierra, Old School Style!
Edit: I just posted this and it looks way too long, sorry, I like pictures!!! I rarely get to climb twice in the same week, much less luck out with two fun potentially n...

by limpingcrab
3,889 Apr 14, 2015 68
Middle Cathedral Rock--1974 - Click for details
 Middle Cathedral Rock--1974
Jim Shirley, Cowboy Larry Moore, Mouse. Late spring, on the East Buttress of Model California Rock. Both these guys were best men at my weddings! Larry is in an ash...

by mouse from merced
3,157 Apr 14, 2015 55
north buttress middle Cathedral - Click for details
 north buttress middle Cathedral
I did the North Buttress of the Middle Cathedral with a friend, a year ago....

by pitu
528 Apr 13, 2015 9
Yosemite Valley - Chingando trip report - Click for details
 Yosemite Valley - Chingando trip report
In the 1994 "Yosesmite Climbs" guide by Don Reid on page 74 the climb Chingando 5.10a has the notation "Part of the Hardman Offwidth Training Circuit." I have looked and this ...

by Ed Hartouni
2,560 Apr 13, 2015 63
Superbalance (Polar Sun Spire, Baffin Island, April-May 2012) - Click for details
 Superbalance (Polar Sun Spire, Baffin Island, April-May 2012)
You can say that Zodiac is a piece of cake, but I was so proud, when I alone topped out in October 2006. I felt a certain calm contentment after my first climb in Yo thinking ...

by Regan
17,944 Apr 13, 2015 178
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