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Hobart, Australia
Topic Author's Original Post - Sep 12, 2014 - 11:48am PT
Reading a few threads on Facebook today, there was an article on the new Reel Rock film, Valley Uprising, where a comment was made about the same old stories being rehashed (actually in a google search context). Coz commented how the Yosemite 80's are a forgotten era.

Some of the stories and characters have been told--bits and bites providing some insight on the complex personality of Walt Shipley for example, or the raw wildness of Tucker Tech. But the issue in general is that there's been no historian for the era. For up to the 70's, Roper covers with literacy genius the historical aspects, and Long expertly recounts key episodes which provide insight on the atmosphere. Then the 90's brought the MTV and Internet era, so much has been captured for perpetuity there. But for the 80's the essence hasn't been fully exposed.

When I think of that time, I think of all the colourful, high energy personalities. To name a few:
Don Reid
Grant Hiskes
Russ Walling
John Yablonski
Mike Lechlinksi
Al Swanson
Steve Schneider
Mike Lechlinski
Rick Cashner
Mike Corbett
Steve Bosque
Tory Johnson
Dan McDivett
Sue Bonovich
Tracy Dorton
Scott Cosgrove
Kurtz Smith
Jo Whitford
Bill Russell
Rick Albushcat
Michael J Paul
Roland Arsons
Steve Gerberding
Dean Fidelman (almost unique in his notion to take some pictures)
Dave Schultz
Werner Braun

Missing a lot, these are just off the top of my head. But for each of these characters, there's a worthy story.

Mike O'Donnell writes, "I was there...Does it matter?" That almost explains the era best--we were all just doing wild things, with no notion of GoPro, live blogging, mag articles, or any other sharing of episodes outside our circle. And for the most part it's kind of stayed that way-the 60's and 70's were a historical time, and the 90's the start of the new era of every exploit recorded for mass media. The 80's era was very inward in this regard.

But I reckon if there were a few bits from each of the characters of the era, a fleshing out of the true essence of the 80's might be exposed.

I'll come back as more folks on the list come to mind--every one triggers a new story that fleets by--in the meantime, help me flesh out the list above...

Kind of two themes here--one is the personalities, the other is actually a historical context, as the modern era has been influenced by developments in the 80's.
Ed Hartouni

Trad climber
Livermore, CA
Sep 12, 2014 - 12:05pm PT
666 , 5.12c Dave Schultz John Bachar
Alien , 5.12b Tony Yaniro
Annette Funicello , 5.11d Chris Cantwell Mark Grant
Auntie Gravity , 5.11d Steve Monks L. Broomhead
Barefoot Servants , 5.10c Don Reid Alan Bartlett Alan Roberts
Bikini Beach Party , 5.10a Chris Cantwell Mark Grant
Black Sunday , 5.10a Chris Cantwell Bruce Morris
Cat's Squirrel , 5.12a Bill Price Augie Klein
Controlled Burn , 5.11a Don Reid Grant Hiskes
Cosmic Debris , 5.13b Bill Price
Cosmic Messanger , 5.11a Bob Williams
Dancin' Days , 5.11c Bob Williams
Energy Crisis , 5.11d Bill Price Randy Grandstaff
Goldfingers , 5.12a Chick Holtkamp Eric Zschiesche
Gotham City , 5.11d Bill Price John Long
Gunks Revisited , 5.11c Ron Kauk Kim Carrigan
Hockey Night in Canada , 5.10 Perry Beckham Scott Flavelle Dave Lane
King Snake , 5.12 Chris Cantwell Mark Grant
Malice Aforethought , 5.11a Brad Young Ron Skelton
Mary's Tears , 5.11b Bill Price Mike Borris
Mirage , 5.12a Dale Bard Rick Cashner
More Balls then Brains , Dana Brown
Mud Shark , 5.8 Billy Serniuk Charleen Serniuk Jack Dodalou
No Falls Wall , 5.10b Chris Cantwell Mike Borelli
Once is Enough , Bill Price Larry Zulim Jim Hevner
Out on a Limb , 5.11b Eric Kohl
Rainbow Bridge , 5.11d Chris Cantwell Scott Burk Bruce Morris
Remember Ribbon Falls , 5.12 Rick Cashner Dale Bard
Space Doubt , 5.10c Alan Nelson Y. Matsumoto
Stubs , 5.12a Werner Braun Dale Bard Ed Barry
Terminal Research , 5.11c Randy Leavitt Gary Zaccor Tony Yaniro
Texas Chain Saw Massacre , 5.11a Chris Cantwell Augie Klein
Torque Converter , 5.11d Dave Anderson Chick Holtkamp
Trough of Justice , 5.10b Chris Cantwell
Vortex , 5.12 Chick Holtkamp Randy Russell
White Zone, The , 5.11d Chris Cantwell Mark Grant

A la Moana , 5.11a John Yablonski Werner Braun
A-5 Pinnacle , 5.10a Larry Zulim Bob Jasperson Scott Cole
Afterglow , 5.10d Chris Cantwell Scott Burk
Aftershock , 5.11b Tony Yaniro Max Jones
Ape Index , 5.11b Werner Braun
Aurora , 5.8 Peter Mayfield Greg Child
Beggar's Buttress , 5.11c Chris Cantwell Bruce Morris
Bulging Puke , 5.9 Bill Russell Chris Friel
Chinese Water Torture , 5.11 Karl McConachie Jay Smith
Chiropodist Shop , 5.11b Rick McGregor
Colony of Slippermen , 5.11+ Chris Cantwell Mark Grant
Compass , 5.10c Rick Cashner
Crest Jewel , 5.10a Dan Dingle Michael Lucero
Cynical Pinnacle, Right , 5.10c Chris Cantwell
Desperate Kneed, A , 5.11a John Yablonski Don Reid Rick Cashner
Disconnected , 5.11c Chris Cantwell Eric Zschieche
Dock of the Bay , 5.11c Bill Price Larry Zulim
Dr. Feel Good , 5.10d Bruce Morris Mike Hernandez Scott Cole
Ephemeral Clogdance , 5.11b Rick McGregor Robert Parker
Falcon , 5.10b Chris Cantwell Larry Zulim Becky Plourd Sue Moore
Final Decision , 5.11b Anders Lundahl Eva Selim
Fire and Brimstone , 5.11d Chick Holtkamp Chris Ballinger
Frosted Flakes , 5.10d Chris Cantwell Eric Zschieche
Gardener Did It, The , 5.9 Chris Cantwell Mike Borelli
God's Creation , 5.9 Chris Cantwell Eric Zschieche
Handshake , 5.9 Mark Ingdal
Hara-kiri , 5.10a Tom Gilje
Little Thing , 5.11d Tony Yaniro Alan Nelson
Mad Pilot , 5.11b Rob Rohn Peter Croft
Phyllis , Mike Forkash Peter Lahrach
Pink Banana , 5.10d Chris Cantwell Bruce Morris Mike Hernandez Donald Cantwell
Robin , 5.12b Bill Price Tony Yaniro
Rocket Man , Chris Cantwell
Skunk Weed , 5.11c Scott Burk Dave Caunt
Soul Sacrifice , 5.11c Werner Braun
Straight In , 5.10a Werner Braun Rick Cashner
Sunblast , 5.13a Don Reid Grant Hiskes
Turkey Vulture , 5.11b Jeff Smith Kevin Lathrop
Zenyatta Mondatta , 5.7 Jim Bridwell Peter Mayfield Charlie Row

Air Bare , 5.10c Eric Mayo
Blue Ribbon , Don Reid Michael Brocado
Champagne on Ice , 5.11 Steve Schneider Dave Caunt
Chow Chow Chow , 5.10c Dave Yerian Bruce Morris
Diversions , 5.10a Marshall Ravenscroft Tim Kemple
Free Bong , 5.11a Larry Zulim Chris Cantwell
Gray Bullet, The , 5.8 Don Reid Dennis Oakeshott
Hampton Estates , 5.9 Alan Bartlett Alan Roberts Bill Critchlow
Hand Out , 5.10c Rick Cashner Don Reid
Happy Days , 5.11d Werner Braun Rick Cashner Chris Bellizzi
Higher Aspirations , 5.8 Rik Derrick Steve Bosque
Iconoclast , Scott Cole
Kung Pao Chicken , 5.10b Dan Hare Kathy Cassidy
Le Bachar , 5.11b John Bachar Mike Lechlinski Mari Gingery
Lunar Eclipse , 5.7 John Barbella Steve Schneider
Mediterraneo , Miguel Angel Gallego Jose Luis Gallego Javier Gallego Carlos Gallego
Mischief , 5.8 Marshall Ravenscroft Tim Kemple
Moongerms , 5.11d John Bachar Werner Braun
New Testament , 5.10d Don Reid Rick Cashner
New Traditionalists , 5.10b Peter Chesko Rick Cashner Werner Braun
Nine Lives , 5.11b Bruce Morris Dave Sessions
Old A5 , Peter Chesko
Outta Hand , 5.11b Dale Bard Rick Cashner
Pacemaker , 5.9 Steve Bosque Mike Corbett Murray Barnett Jim Siler
Pink Pussycat , Don Reid Greg Sonagere
Plane Fare , 5.10b Eric Mayo
Roger Stokes Route , 5.8 Marshall Ravenscroft Tim Kemple
Scott-Child , 5.10a Doug Scott Greg Child
Seand Paradise , Francek Knez Marjan Freser
Silent Line , 5.10c Rick Cashner Werner Braun
Skid Row , 5.8 Alan Bartlett Dimitri Barton
Squeeze Play , 5.10 Mike Corbett Gary Edmondson Rich Albuschkat
Sunset Strip , 5.11a Chick Holtkamp Eric Zschiesche
Supertoe , 5.10d Chris Cantwell Larry Zulim
T.D.'s Dihedral , 5.9 Tim Kemple Marshall Ravenscroft
Tithe , 5.9 Don Reid Rick Cashner
Too Much Paranoia , 5.10b Rick Cashner Don Reid
Triscuit, The , 5.9 Alan Bartlett
Tunnel Vision , 5.12d John Bachar
Unemployment Line , 5.9 Alan Bartlett Jim May Steve Gerberding
Wand, The , 5.11d Dimitri Barton
Wild Child , 5.9 Tim Kemple Marshall Ravenscroft
Wings of Steel , 5.10+ Richard Jensen Mark Smith
Young and the Restless , 5.10c Werner Braun Rick Cashner Grant Hiskes Scott Cole Dimitri Barton

Arctic Sea , 5.10 Tom Cosgriff Duane Raleigh
Bottom Line , 5.11d Bill Price Dimitri Barton
Buried Treasure , 5.11a Steve Schneider Rob Oravetz
Crack Me Up , Mike Corbett Ernie Maylon
Dakishna (Psycho Killer) , Dan Dingle Ken Black
Die Schweine Von Oben , 5.11 Bill Russell Paul Fiola
Domehead , 5.10b Bill Russell Pat Ranstrom
East of Paradise , Francek Knez Marjan Freser
End of the World , 5.10d Werner Braun Don Reid
Essence , 5.11b Werner Braun Don Reid
Eura Mura , Francek Knez Lidija Painkiher Igor Skamperle
Exodus , 5.10b Jay Smith Gary Anderson
Filthy Rich , 5.9 Alan Bartlett Don Reid
Fool's Gold , 5.10a Don Reid Rick Cashner
Golden Dawn , 5.10d Bruce Morris Urmas Franosch
Here On the Inside (Here on the Outside) , 5.11a Urmas Franosch Bruce Morris
Into the Fire , 5.11b Dan Hare Mike O'Donnell
Isotope , 5.11d John Bachar Dimitri Barton Ron Kauk Werner Braun
Later , 5.11a Werner Braun Doug McDonald
Look Before You Leap , 5.11a Steve Schneider Rob Oravetz
Mideast Crisis , 5.8 Steve Bosque Mike Corbett
Natural End , 5.9 Will Gilmer Jay Anderson
No Butts About It , 5.10b Phil Bard
Now , 5.10a Werner Braun Rick Cashner Don Reid
Omakara , 5.12b John Bachar
Pieces of Eight , 5.10c Scott Burk Steve Schneider
Precious Powder , 5.11a Bruce Morris Jim Elias
Promise, The , 5.11b John Bachar Dimitri Barton
Psycho Killer (Dakshina) , 5.11 Dan Dingle Ken Black
Rainbow , 5.10 Paul Fiola Chris Friel
Roachweed , 5.11b Bruce Morris Jim Elias
Rocket in My Pocket , 5.11c Jim Elias Bruce Morris Kevin Lollard
Scorpian Man , 5.10d Bill Russell Pat Ranstrom
Snake , Francek Knez Wallace
Spring Chicken , 5.11a Murray Judge Roger Whitehead
Spring Fever , 5.11b Don Reid Rick Cashner
Star Drive , 5.10 Mike Corbett Steve Bosque
Straight Jacket , 5.10d Greg Child Doug Scott
Ticket to Nowhere , 5.11c Bob Gaines John Mallery Tom Callahan Mike Paul Franciso Blanco
Token, The , 5.11d Scott Burk

Agent Orange , 5.10d Don Reid Grant Hiskes
Back in the Saddle , 5.11a Dimitri Barton
Bad to the Bone , 5.9+ Jay Smith Lidija Painkiher
Believer, The , 5.12a John Bachar
Bermuda Dunes , 5.11c Steve Schneider John Barbella
Blank Out , 5.12 Eric Zschiesche Peter Croft
Blockbuster , 5.11c Don Reid Grant Hiskes Dimitri Barton
Bottom Feeder , 5.10a Norman Boles Brian Bennett Stu Ritchie
Building Blocks , 5.8 Alan Bartlett Bill Frey
Crack the Whip , 5.11b Don Reid Grant Hiskes
Dolly Dagger , 5.9 Alan Bartlett
False Shield , Charles Cole
Firefingers , 5.11b Charles Cole
Fresh Squeezed , 5.10a Grant Hiskes Sean Plunkett
Horse Play , 5.9 Steve Grossman Sue Harrington
Inchworm , 5.11b John Bachar Rick Cashner
King Cobra , 5.10a Grant Hiskes Dave Schultz
Knife, The , 5.11b Don Reid
Licenced to Fly , 5.11d Jim Elias Bruce Morris
Moan Fest , 5.10c Dimitri Barton Steve Gerberding
Nightmare Continuation , 5.11d John Bachar Rick Cashner
Nowhere Man , 5.10c Don Reid Dave Yerian
People's Court , 5.10d Paul Crawford Paul Teare Scott Woolums
Poker Party , 5.11- Dave Schultz
Porker Party , 5.11b Dave Schultz John Middendorf Joe Hedge
Queen of Spades , 5.9 Charles Cole
Real Nose , 5.10 Charles Cole Steve Grossman
Roulette , Earl Redfern Tom Bepler
Rupto Pac , 5.11c Eric Mayo Brian Bennett
Say Mama, Say Daddy , 5.10a John Middendorf Scott Cosgrove
Skull Queen , 5.8 Dave Altenburg Chuck Clance Steve Bosque
Smith-Crawford , 5.11d Jay Smith Paul Crawford
Spank Your Monkey , 5.10b Brian Bennett Stu Ritchie Norman Boles
Static Cling , 5.10a Don Reid Rick Cashner
Time Machine , Bob Shonerd
Turning Point , 5.11 Steve Grossman
Vantage Point , 5.11a Don Reid Werner Braun
Void Continuation , 5.10d Dimitri Barton Steve Gerberding
Wart Hog , 5.9 Grant Hiskes Nadim Melkonian
White Owl , 5.11d Dimitri Barton
Wing of Bat , 5.10c Don Reid Mike Corbett
Wyoming Sheep Ranch , 5.8 Rob Slater John Barbella

ABC Route , 5.11 Ron Kauk Jerry Moffat
Absolute Vodka , 5.11 Tucker Tech
America's Cup , 5.12b Kim Carrigan Geoff Wiegand
Atlantic Ocean Wall , 5.9 John Middendorf John Barbella
Autobahn , 5.11d Charles Cole Rusty Reno John Middendorf
Bad News Bombers , 5.10a Steve Annecone Tom Hayes
Blazo , 5.8 John Middendorf
Chump Change , 5.12a Doug McDonald
Color Me Gone , 5.9 Don Reid Ron Skelton
Cowboys in Space , Greg Child Randy Leavitt
Crack 'n Face , 5.10b Ed Barry
Crash Landing , 5.10 Dave Schultz
Dagger , 5.11a Walt Shipley Russ Walling
Days of Our Lives (One Life to Live) , 5.11a Walt Shipley
Dead Squirrel , 5.9 Ray Sebastian Tim Felton
Delivitry , 5.11a John Tuttle Michael Forkash
Deuceldike, The , 5.9 Charles Cole Rusty Reno John Middendorf
Disco Strangler , 5.10 Earl Redfern Tom Bepler Eric Brand
Dumbo Go Home , 5.9 John Middendorf Tucker Tech
Dyslexia , 5.10d Ellie Hawkins
East of Eden (QED) , 5.11a Bob Gaines Jay Smith
El Matador , 5.12a Dimitri Bevc Steve Schneider
Eye in the Sky , 5.10b Mark Spencer Shirley Spencer Dan Abbot David Abbot
Fasten Your Seat Belts , 5.10d John Bachar Rick Cashner
Fine Line , 5.10a Grant Hiskes Doe DeRoss
Fireside Chat , Walt Shipley John Middendorf
Fish Fingers , 5.11b Jonny Woodward Maria Cranor
Foaming at the Crotch , 5.10a Lance Rowlands Tucker Tech
Free Ride , 5.10a John Bachar Rick Cashner
Friday the 13th , 5.10b Dimitri Barton Scott Burk
G-Man , 5.11b Steve Grossman
Hawaiian, The , 5.10a Don Reid Ron Skelton
Headhunter , 5.10- John Bachar Rick Cashner
Hell's Hollow , 5.10a Ken Ariza Doe DeRoss Nick Arms Mark Carpenter
Hey Walt , 5.10b Walt Shipley
Indica Point , 5.10b Walt Shipley Dimitri Barton
Klingon , 5.11c Jonny Woodward Dimitri Barton
Landshark , 5.12a Jonny Woodward Chris Peisker
Learning to Crawl , 5.9 Mike Corbett Steve Bosque Fritz Fox
LeNocturne , 5.10a Brian Bennett Michael Forkash
Liberty Cap, West Buttress , 5.10 Mike Corbett Steve Bosque
Life Worth Living , 5.11d Scott Cosgrove Ken Ariza
Light Weight Guides , 5.10a Grant Hiskes Tim Noonan Neal Newcomb
Lost in America , 5.10 Randy Leavitt Greg Child
Meat Puppet , 5.10 Dimitri Barton
Midnight Rampest , 5.10d John Middendorf Tucker Tech
Miramonte , 5.10c Steve Schneider Dimitri Bevc
Mirror, Mirror Left , 5.10b Eric Brand Jonell Geller
Mistfitz , 5.11d Kurt Smith Dave Griffith Chris Beigh
Mr. Midwest , 5.10 Bill Russell Doug McDonald
Murcia Costa Calida , 5.10 Jose Luis Gallego Javier Gallego
Opposition , 5.11d John Bachar Werner Braun
P.M.S. , 5.11a Tucker Tech Mike Sciacca
Peeping Tom , 5.10a Grant Hiskes Neal Newcomb Tim Noonan
Pink Torpedo , 5.11b John Sherman Todd Skinner
Plank, The , 5.10b Don Reid Alan Roberts
Play Misty for Me , 5.11 Kurt Smith Dave Hatchett Ken Ariza Dave Griffith
Powerslave , 5.11b Kurt Smith Dave Hatchett Ken Ariza
Radical Chic , 5.9 Dimitri Barton Joe Hedge
Ray's Pin Job , 5.12b Kurt Smith Dave Hatchett
Realm of the Flying Monkeys , 5.10a Steve Bosque Dan McDevitt
Return to the Stone Age , 5.11a Ed Barry Scott Cosgrove
Romantic Tension , 5.10d Jonny Woodward Dimitri Barton
Safe to Surf , 5.10a Bob Ost Matt Hilden
Scuz Ball , 5.7 Don Reid
Simulkrime , 5.9 John Middendorf Tucker Tech
Sleight of Hand , 5.10b Bob Ost Norman Boles
Something for Nothing , 5.11d Kurt Smith Dave Hatchett
Space , 5.10 Charles Cole
Stealth Technology , 5.11a Don Reid
Stupid Pet Tricks , 5.10b Brian Bennett Vince DePasque Jack Wenzel
Submen , 5.11b Steve Schneider Rob Oravetz John Middendorf
Sultans of Sling , 5.10c Brian Bennett George Watson Norman Boles
Sunday Driver , 5.10b Ken Ariza Mark Carpenter Dimitri Barton
Survival Sampler , Alfred Randall Bryan Burdo
Teaching Little Fingers , 5.11a Eric Gompper Dan Parks Raph Shaffer
Ten Years After , 5.10d Ken Ariza Kurt Smith
Tenaya's Terror , 5.9 Mike Corbett Steve Bosque
Terminator, Left , 5.11b Don Reid
Tom Cat , 5.10b Ken Ariza Tommy Thompson
Too Big for Her Top , Peter Chesko Bill Russell
Verano Magico , Jose Luis Gallego Javier Gallego
Viper, The , 5.11c Werner Braun John Middendorf
Where's the Reef , 5.10 Ken Ariza Eric Kohl
Zap the Gipper , Scott Cosgrove
Zoner , 5.11b Mark Spencer Shirley Spencer Floyd Hayes

Alamo , 5.11a Al Swanson Ken Yager Dave Schultz Grant Hiskes
Amoeba, The Right Side , 5.11c Michael Forkash Andy Burnham
Anal Tongue Darts , 5.10c Brian Bennett Bob Ost
Apathy Buttress , 5.9 Dimitri Barton Ken Ariza Tracy Dorton
Arete Butler , 5.10a Norman Boles George Watson Brian Bennett
Astro Spam , 5.11a Norman Boles Brian Bennett
Avalon , 5.10b John Tuttle Brian Bennett Michael Forkash
Back to the Future , 5.12d Ron Kauk
Bark at the Moon , 5.11b Ken Ariza Mark Carpenter Dave Walters
Beat the Clock , 5.10c Michael Forkash Andy Burnham
Boogie with Stu , 5.10d Tracy Dorton Walt Shipley Steve Gerberding Stu Ritchie
Brainbucket , 5.10d Dave Schultz Kurt Smith Mike Hatchett Joe Hedge
Breathalizer , 5.10b Eric Kohl Eric Brand
Butthole Climber , 5.10c Brian Bennett John Tuttle
Catch a Wave , 5.11d Scott Cosgrove
Chicken's Choice , 5.10b Sigrid Anderson Jerry Anderson
Combustable Knowledge , 5.10d Mark Carpenter Dave Bengston
Crazy Train , 5.10c Mike Hatchett Ken Ariza
Creeping Lethargy , 5.10d Dimitri Barton
Crying for Mama , 5.10a Charles Cole John Middendorf
Dale's Pin Job , 5.13 John Bachar
Dancing in the Dark , 5.11c Scott Cosgrove Al Swanson
Danger Will Robinson , 5.10d Brian Bennett Bob Ost
Dark Star , 5.10b Andy Burnham Michael Forkash
Deaf, Dumb and Blind , 5.10a Jeff Hornibrook Mark Carpenter
Delicate Delineate , 5.11c Jerry Anderson Sigrid Anderson
Destination Zero , 5.11a Bruce Morris Ken Ariza
Doggie Submission , 5.10b John Tuttle Brian Bennett
Draw the Line , 5.11b Mark Carpenter Nick Arms
Eraser Flake , 5.11a Walt Shipley Tucker Tech
Extra Credit , 5.10d Walt Shipley Werner Braun
Famous Potatoes , 5.11b Todd Montgomery Trent Smith
Fast Lane, The , 5.11d Dimitri Barton Scott Burk Chris Hash
Fire Drill , 5.10d Brian Bennett John Tuttle
Fist Puppet , 5.11a Walt Shipley Bill Russell
Fistibule , 5.11c Werner Braun Walt Shipley
Flight Attendant , 5.10c Ken Yager Dave Schultz Grant Hiskes
Follying , 5.11c Walt Shipley
Free Clinic , 5.11b Dimitri Barton Ken Ariza
Full Steam Ahead , 5.11d Rob Robinson Chris Snyder
Going Nowhere , 5.11b Werner Braun Scott Cosgrove
Grokin' , 5.11b Ed Barry Chris Falkenstein
Groundhog , 5.11b Eric Kohl Eric Brand
Guides Route , 5.6 Roy McClanahan
Guru Crack, Right , 5.10a Charles Cole Rusty Reno
Heading for Oblivion , 5.10 Jim Beyer
Hobknob , 5.8 George Meyers Merrill Wilson
Holidays , 5.8 Scott Cosgrove Jenny Naquin
Isoceles Revisited , 5.10b Urmas Franosch Sean Plunkett Michael Forkash
Israeli Bomber , 5.10c Walt Shipley Phil Chapman
Joe Palmer , 5.11b Michael Forkash Andy Burnham
Karma , 5.11d Dave Schultz Ken Yager Jim Campbell
Ken's Dream , 5.10a Dimitri Barton Ken Ariza
Kids are All Right, The , 5.7 Jerry Anderson Sigrid Anderson Lynnea Anderson William Anderson
Krovy Rookers , 5.10b Norman Boles Brian Bennett
Lay Lady Lieback , 5.11a Jerry Anderson Sigrid Anderson
Local Motion , 5.11d Doug McDonald Werner Braun
Looking for Lichen , 5.10b Brian Knight Linus Platt Michael Harris
Loyd's Lolly Pop , 5.9 Dave Schultz Ken Yager Grank Hiskes
Lycra Virgin , 5.11d Ron Kauk
Lynnea's Birthday Surprise , 5.10a Jerry Anderson Sigrid Anderson Lynnea Anderson
Marvin Gardens , 5.10 Bill Matthies Tom Tumiano Brent Reynolds
Minor Kinda Unit , 5.9 Dave Schultz Ken Yager Grank Hiskes
Mirror, Mirror Right , 5.9 Eric Brand Tom Shores
Moe, Larry, The Cheese , 5.10c Brian Bennett John Tuttle
My Rhombus , 5.10a Dan McDevitt Sue Bonovich
Nanbeeb , 5.10b Michael Forkash Andy Burnham
Neil Down , 5.11c Dimitri Barton Ken Ariza Tracy Dorton
No Teats , 5.10a Susan Lilly Tucker Tech
North by Northwest , 5.11a Dimitri Barton
Nothing Good Ever Lasts , 5.10d Joe Hedge
Nothing on the Apron , 5.11c Bruce Morris Ken Ariza Gary Rabbe Stu Ritchie
On the Waterfront , 5.9 Steve Bosque Mike Corbett Gwen Schneider
Panther, The , 5.11d Joe Hedge Dave Hatchett Ken Ariza Ed Collins
Permanent Waves , 5.10b Chris Hash Gene Hash Scott Burk
Phantom , 5.13a John Bachar
Pimper's Paradise , 5.11d Scott Cosgrove Dave Griffith
Pit Stop , Phil Chapman Walt Shipley
Poker Face , 5.10b Dan McDevitt Sue Bonovich
Prime Time , 5.9 Rick Cashner Dimitri Barton Dave Neilson Grant Hiskes
Princess, The , 5.9 Brian Bennett Brian Hoffmann Michael Forkash
Psychic Energy , 5.11b John Pruett
Public Opinion , 5.10c Grant Hiskes Ken Yager
Punch Line, The , 5.10d Al Swanson Brian Bennett Brian Bailey
Rambler, The , 5.10d Steve Gerberding Scott Burk Chris Hash Gene Hash
Remnant, The, Center Route , 5.12a John Bachar
Rock Neurotic , 5.11b Dave Caunt Rob Settlemeyer John Barbella
Roller Coaster , 5.8 Ken Ariza Mike Hatchett Mark Carpenter
Run With Me , 5.10a Brian Bennett John Tuttle
Same as it Never Was , 5.11b Jay Smith Karl McConachie Randy Grandstaff
Sons of Yesterday , 5.10a John Tuttle Drew Davol Vince DePasque
Stay Free , 5.11b Dave Schultz Walt Shipley
Stroke (My Erect Ear Tuffs) , 5.10c Dave Altman Rob Oravetz
Sylvester's Meow , 5.11a Rick Sylvester Sue Odom
Tapestry , 5.9 Heidi Pesterfield Brian Bennett
Tennessee Strings , 5.12a Rob Robinson Cade Lloyd
Thin Line , 5.11c Werner Braun Scott Cosgrove
Through Bein' Cool , 5.10c Rick Cashner Dimiti Barton Dave Neilson
Tooth or Consequences , 5.11b Charles Cole Lidija Painkiher
Valley Syndrome , 5.11c Dimitri Barton Ken Ariza Tracy Dorton
Violent Bear It Away, The , 5.10c John Tuttle Vince DePasque
Walk of Life , 5.10d Ron Kauk Kevin Worrall Mark Chapman
Water Babies , 5.11a Dimitri Barton Ken Ariza Tracy Dorton
Way Lost , 5.9 Tucker Tech Lee Price
Weird Scenes in the Gold Mine , 5.10a Ken Ariza Dave Hatchett
White Dike, The , 5.10d Brian Bennett George Watson Eric Mayo
Wicked Jones Crusher , 5.10b Dimitri Barton Roy McClanahan
Yosemite Pointless , 5.9 Bob Ost Norman Boles

Animal Crackers , 5.11c Kurt Smith Dave Hatchett
Base Hits , 5.12a Kurt Smith Charlie Fowler Stu Ritchie Ken Ariza
Battlescar , 5.11d Ed Barry Doug MacDonald
Beer Pressure , 5.10a Walt Shipley
Bellyshooter, The , 5.9 Bob Ost Brian Young
Beyond the Fringe , 5.10c Dan Nguyen Clint Cummins
Big Chill, The , 5.9 Jim Bridwell Peter Mayfield Sean Plunkett Steve Bosque
Blackballed , 5.10b Dan McDevitt Sue Bonovich
Blasphemy , 5.11a Walt Shipley Tucker Tech
Block Horror Picture Show , 5.9 Don Reid Tucker Tech
Blueballed , 5.10b Elliot Robinson Bruce Morris Mike Hernandez
Book End , 5.9 Tucker Tech
Center Direct , 5.10d Mark Chapman Kevin Worrall Ron Kauk Ed Barry
Chairman Ted Scraps the Time Machine , 5.10a Greg Murphy Melanie Findling
Clan of the Big Hair , 5.11c Tucker Tech Pete Takeda
Crazy , 5.11d Jay Smith Paul Van Betten Sal Mamusia
Digital Delight , 5.12a Dimitri Barton Ken Ariza Joe Hedge
Drink and Drive , 5.11a Tucker Tech Walt Shipley
Duck and Cover , 5.11 Dave Schultz Jim Campbell
Duty Now for the Future , 5.12b Kurt Smith
Dwindling Stances , 5.10c Tucker Tech
Emotional Wreckage , 5.11b Walt Shipley
Endorphine , 5.11d Charles Cole Rusty Reno
Fifty Crowded Variation , 5.10a Clint Cummins Nancy Kerrebrock
Fig Neutron , 5.11b Charlie Fowler Ed Collins Dave Hatchett Kurt Smith
Five o'Clock Shadow , 5.9 Jay Smith Penny Fogel
Floating Lama , 5.11c Doug McDonald
General Dynamics , 5.13a Kurt Smith Dave Hatchett
Gold Leaf , 5.9+ Tucker Tech John Harpole
Grove Route , 5.8 Tucker Tech John Harpole
Heartland , 5.10 John Barbella Eric Brand
Heretic , 5.10c Walt Shipley Tucker Tech
Hookie , 5.12a Jason Campbell
Lethal Weapon , 5.11d Tom Herbert Jason Campbell
Lingering Lines , 5.10- Tucker Tech Cade Lloyd
Loose Tooth City , 5.10a Tucker Tech Don Reid
Love Missle F1-11 , 5.10b Don Reid "Stretch"
Luminescent Wall , 5.10b John Barbella Walt Shipley
Machine Head , 5.11c Norman Boles Alex Dropshoff
Master Lock , 5.12 Ron Kauk
Moonchild , 5.10 Dave Hatchet Mike Hatchett
Mouse That Soared, The , 5.10- Tucker Tech Pete Takeda
Native Son , 5.9 Walt Shipley Troy Johnson
Ninja Flakes , 5.11 Kurt Smith Dave Hatchett
Original Chips Ahoy , 5.10c Dave Caunt Troy Johnson
Party Mix , 5.10b Dave Caunt Charlie Fowler Troy Johnson Kurt Smith
Poodle With A Mohawk , 5.9 Rick Molinar Bob Ost Karl Sonnberger
Porcelain Pup , 5.10b Walt Shipley Rob Oravetz
Quaker Flake , 5.10b Tucker Tech Kevin Fosburg
Rest for the Wicked , 5.11c Bruce Morris Stu Ritchie Dimitri Barton
Sacrilege , 5.11a Walt Shipley Tucker Tech
Sceptor, The , 5.11a Don Reid Alan Roberts
Scorched Earth , 5.11 Randy Leavitt Rob Slater
Silent Majority , 5.10b Clint Cummins Jim Lutz Joel Ager
Snap, Crackle, and Pop , 5.10c Dave Hatchett Ed Collins
Speed Racer , 5.11c Jason Campbell Tom Herbert
Spuds McKenzie , 5.10d Dave Hatchett Kurt Smith
Sweet Pea , 5.10c Walt Shipley Werner Braun
Teenage Warning , 5.10d Don Reid Tucker Tech
Ten Days After , 5.8 John Barbella Eric Brand
Too Munge Fun , Tucker Tech John Harpole
Tour de Force , 5.12b Scott Burk Jeff Follett
Two "D" , 5.10c Don Reid Tucker Tech
Waterfall Route , Rick Sylvester Chauncey Parker
What's Your Fantasy , 5.11b Kurt Smith Stu Ritchie Dave Hatchett

700 Club , 5.11c Mark Carpenter Scott Stowe
As It Is , 5.8 Walt Shipley
Astro Turf , 5.11 Tucker Tech Cade Lloyd Pete Takeda
Back to the Slammer , 5.10b Ken Ariza
Bad Company , 5.11d Ken Ariza Cade Lloyd Frank Lucido
Bad Seed , 5.9 Bill Russell Troy Johnson
Berlin Wall , 5.12b Pete Takeda Ken Ariza Cade Lloyd
Big Juan, The , 5.12b Jonny Woodward Darrelll Hensel
Bin, The , 5.10d Greg Murphy Bruce Morris
Boy and His Knob, A , 5.11c Mike Laden Tucker Tech
By Way of the Flake , 5.10c Rick Ecker Mark Russen
Cafeteria Lieback, The , 5.11a Brian Knight Jason Campbell
Candy-O , 5.11d Kurt Smith Dave Altman Tucker Tech
Cat's Squirrel Continuation , 5.12b Ron Skelton Greg Magruder
Center Route , Jonny Woodward
Central Scrutinizer , 5.11c Steve Grossman Jay Ladin
Cling Free , 5.11c Ken Ariza Cade Lloyd Rob Renolds
Color Purple , 5.11b Ken Ariza Pete Takeda
Colors , 5.12b Ken Ariza Cade Lloyd Pete Takeda Tucker Tech
Coup d'etat , 5.11d Ken Ariza
Cross-Train Crack , 5.10b Ken Ariza Cade Lloyd
Defoliation , 5.10 Tucker Tech John Harpole
Dirty Dancing , 5.11 Tucker Tech Pete Takeda
Dirty Little Secrets , 5.9 Greg Murphy Bruce Morris
Distant Driver , 5.10d Tucker Tech Neil Sugarman
Dome Polishers , 5.9 Tucker Tech Steve Ortener
Dreamscape , 5.11d Scott Burk Tory Elbrader Jeff Follett
Drive by Shooting , 5.12a Ken Ariza Cade Lloyd Tucker Tech Chris Holmes
Eagle's Eyrie , 5.9 Ron Skelton Greg Magruder
Elephant Talk , 5.11b Kurt Smith Tucker Tech
Eraser Head , 5.10d Tucker Tech Mike Laden Ed Barry
Escape From Freedom , 5.11c Urmas Franosch Bruce Morris
False Prophets , 5.11c Tom Addison Kevin Sessler
Fast as a Shark , 5.11 Ed Collins Joan Collins Ken Ariza Tucker Tech
Fertile Attraction , 5.10d Tucker Tech Pete Takeda
Follywood , 5.12c Dave Bengston Alan Roberts
For Your Eyes Only (Octopussy) , 5.9 Dan McDevitt Sue McDevitt
George's Secretary , 5.8 George Watson Jim Edmondson Kyle Edmondson Mike Forkash Nancy Beebe
Gidget Goes to Yosemite , 5.9 Ron Wright Bert Levy
Gold's Gym , Chris Snyder Kevin Fosburg
Good For Your Soul , 5.11a Jason Campbell Brian Knight
GRE , 5.11 Elliot Robinson Steve Annecone
Guillotine , 5.11d Ken Ariza Frank Lucido Peter Kern
Happy Ending, The , 5.11a Kevin Fosburg Jordy Morgan
Health Insurance , 5.10a Alan Roberts Joe Rousek
High Profile , 5.11a Joe Rousek Alan Roberts
Highlander , 5.12c Dave Schultz
Holy Diver , 5.11 Ed Collins Ken Ariza Tucker Tech
Horney/Johnson , 5.10 Jeff Hornibrook Troy Johnson
House of Pain , 5.12a Cade Lloyd
Hung Like a Hamster , 5.11c Pete Takeda Cade Lloyd Tucker Tech
Keeper of the Flame , 5.13a Kurt Smith Ken Ariza
Killing Yourself to Live , 5.12a Kurt Smith Tucker Tech
Kling Cobra , 5.10d Cade Lloyd Pete Takeda Tucker Tech
La Arista , 5.10c Chris Craig Mike Creel
Last in Line, The , 5.11b Chris Snyder Ken Ariza
Level Two , 5.10 Tucker Tech Neil Sugarman
Lost and Found , 5.12c Peter Croft Dave Schultz
Love Without Anger , 5.8 Steve Bosque Rich Albuschkat
Machine Gun , 5.13c Scott Cosgrove
Magic Carpet , 5.11d Ron Skelton Rick Cashner
Maltese Falcon , 5.11a Mike Laden Tucker Tech
Masquerade , 5.11d Charles Cole Rusty Reno
McPherson Struts , 5.9 Bob Gaines Yvonne McPherson
Mongoloid , 5.11c Cade Lloyd Chris Snyder Ken Ariza
Morality Check , 5.10 Tucker Tech Pete Takeda
Never Say Dog , 5.11b Jonny Woodward John Sherman
Nine Lives Continuation , 5.10d Ron Skelton Greg Magruder
No Exit , 5.10d Joe Rousek Alan Roberts
Notably Knobular , 5.8 Dave Harden Dave Clay
Old A2 , Dana Brown Jeff Perrin
On Any Thursday , 5.10b Mark Spencer Kevin Wilcox
Oral Roberts , 5.12a Mark Chapman
Priceless Friends , 5.10a Mike McGrale Urmas Franosch Marlo Finney Marty Lewis
Psuedo Desperation , 5.7 Don Reid Jim Howard
QED (East of Eden) , 5.11a Jonny Woodward Killin Belz
R and R , 5.10a Alan Roberts Joe Rousek
Renus Wrinkle , 5.10a Eric Mayo Brian Bennett Bob Ost
Revenge of the Nerds , Dave Yerian Jack Roberts
Ribbon Candy , 5.11c Jonny Woodward Scott Cosgrove
Ride the Lightning , 5.12a John Collins Ed Collins Craig Delbrook
Road to Ruin , 5.12a Bob Gaines Jay Smith John Mallery
Rolo-Solo , Ken Ariza Cade Lloyd
SAT , 5.12a Elliot Robinson Peter Carrick
Savage Amusement , 5.11b Ed Collins Joan Collins Ken Ariza Tucker Tech
Scavanger , 5.11 Ken Ariza Pete Takeda Cade Lloyd
Scratch and Sniff , 5.12a Jonny Woodward
Sex Drive , Tucker Tech Dan McDevitt Sue McDevitt
Shining, The , 5.12c Scott Burk Chris Hash
Silent Freeway, The , 5.10c Brian Knight Linus Platt
Skateaway , 5.10a Greg Murphy
Teacher's Pet , Dave Yerian Cade Lloyd Ken Ariza Merry McGrath-Braun
Tennis Shoe Crack , 5.6 George Watson Jim Edmondson Kyle Edmondson
Thread of Life , 5.11a Clint Cummins Dan Nguyen
Timbuktu Left , 5.10 Franco Perlotto
Title Fight , 5.13 Hidetaka Suzuki
To Beer or Not to Be , 5.10 Tucker Tech Steve Ortener
Turkey Shoot , 5.9 Ken Yager Steve Bosque
Ultimate Emotion , 5.11c Elliot Robinson Peter Carrick
Unagi , 5.10c Clint Cummins Nancy Kerrebrock
Underclingon , 5.12a Ron Skelton Dan McDevitt
Uprising , 5.11b Kevin Fosburg Chris Snyder
Vegetal Extraction , 5.10 Tucker Tech Pete Takeda
Via Sin Liquor , 5.9 Eric Kohl Alan Humphrey
White Room, The , 5.10 Sean Plunkett Walt Shipley
Woody Woodpecker , 5.9 Ron Skelton Greg Magruder

Aces and Eights , 5.11b Ron Wright John Gregson
Agricultural Manuvers in the Dark , 5.8 Tucker Tech
Aqua Vulva (Route 66) , 5.10 Eric Kohl John Middendorf
Bananarama , 5.10a Rich Albuschkat Steve Bosque Murray Barnett
Barney Rubble , 5.10d Barney Ng Keith Kishiyama Dave Ryan
Bench Warmer , 5.10d Tucker Tech
Betty Comes Alive , 5.10a Dave Gardener Eric Gompper
Blame it on 800 , 5.10d Bill Russell
Bolt Adventures , 5.11a Tucker Tech
Brown-Eyed Girl , 5.9 Tucker Tech
Catholic Discipline , 5.12 Dimitri Barton
Cereal Killer , 5.10a Tucker Tech Don Reid
Chase, The , 5.9+ Dave Caunt Eric Mayo
Cheap Friction , 5.10 Tucker Tech Pete Takeda Kevin Fosburg
Cherry Picker , 5.11b Tucker Tech
Chester the Molester , 5.11b Tucker Tech
Cold, Rain and Snow , 5.10d Greg Murphy Elliott Robinson
Compass Rose , 5.10- Tucker Tech Lynn Wolfe
Conquest of the Stud Monkey , 5.10a Don Reid Jim Howard
Cosmic Charley , 5.11b Brian Knight Craig Delbrook Ken Ariza
Costa Rica , 5.9 Tucker Tech Steve Routhbun John Dossi
Cripps , 5.13b Pete Takeda
Danger Bird , 5.11a Walt Shipley Eric Kohl
Dante's Inferno , 5.9 Eric Kohl
Dead Souls , 5.11 Tucker Tech
Deception , 5.11 Pete Takeda Kevin Fosburg Tucker Tech
Deflowered , 5.11c Tucker Tech
Desperado , 5.11d Ron Skelton Dan McDevitt Mark Tuttle
Deucey's Elbow , 5.10d Walt Shipley Tucker Tech
Deucey's Nose , 5.11 Walt Shipley Tucker Tech
Dick Wrenching Classic , 5.10b Tucker Tech
Diminishing Standard , 5.12 Tucker Tech Pete Takeda
Double Dragon , 5.12b Pete Takeda
Drunk Tank , 5.10d Tucker Tech
DUI , 5.11a Tucker Tech
Dust in the Wind , 5.10a Joel Ager Clint Cummins
Earth First , 5.10 Tucker Tech
Edge-u-cator , 5.11c Tucker Tech Ray Olson
Elephant Malt , 5.9 Tucker Tech Ken Ariza
Exploited , 5.11 Pete Takeda Cade Lloyd
Farm Alarm , 5.7
Feminine Protection , 5.10d Tucker Tech Allan Weidner
Finish Work , 5.10d Tucker Tech
Flary Tales , 5.10a Tucker Tech Mike Laden
Flashback , 5.8 Steve Bosque Rich Albuschkat
Flexible Flyer , 5.10d Tucker Tech
Fly By , 5.11a Dave Caunt Eric Mayo
Forbidden Pinnacle Continuation , Kevin Fosburg
Freaky Styley , 5.11d Cade Lloyd
Fully B.S. or a Tree , 5.11 Tucker Tech
Fun Terminal , 5.12a Dimitri Barton Ron Kauk
Genesis , 5.11b Doug Englekirk Eric Brand
Gerbil Launcher, The , 5.10d Tucker Tech
Goat for It , 5.10a Mark Carpenter
Golden Bear, The , 5.10b Bart O'Brien Richard Swayze
Golden Shower , 5.12a Pete Takeda Kevin Fosburg Tucker Tech
Goosebumps , 5.10c Mark Tuttle Ron Skelton
Gorrlla Grip , 5.11c Doug McDonald
Grateful Pinheads , 5.11a Joe Hedge Dave Hatchett
Hammerhead , 5.11b Tucker Tech Ray Olson
Hangover Heights , 5.10 Tucker Tech
Happy Trails , Tucker Tech
Happy's Favoite , 5.10b Tucker Tech
Head Banger , 5.11b Tucker Tech Ray Olson
Hidden, The , 5.12a Cade Lloyd
High Plains Dripper , 5.11 Eric Kohl Alan Humphrey
Historic Adventure, An , 5.9 Brian Knight Tom Borges Joel Hawk
Ho Chi Minh Trail , 5.10c Clint Cummins Joel Ager
Hole Train , Eric Kohl Walt Shipley
I Saw A Sleaze Revisit , Walt Shipley Eric Kohl
Jacob's Ladder , 5.10c Mark Carpenter Jeff Hornibrook
Jet Stream, The , 5.9 Sean Plunkett Bill Russell
John's Ring Job (Bachar's Ring Job) , 5.11d John Bachar Ron Kauk
Jomo , 5.11d Pete Takeda Kevin Fosburg Tucker Tech
Jug Monkey , 5.9 Mike Laden Tucker Tech
Jughead , 5.8 Tucker Tech
Just Scraping By , 5.8 Tucker Tech
Kali Yuga, The , 5.10 Walt Shipley John Middendorf
Kohl Duck , 5.11a Eric Kohl
Lagerhead , 5.11a Tucker Tech Ray Olson
Left Rabbit Ear Route , 5.11a Clint Cummins Joel Ager
Left Wing , 5.10b Tucker Tech
Liberace's Lost Lover , Tucker Tech
Log Jam , 5.11b Tucker Tech
Mean Streaks , 5.12b Kevin Fosburg Cade Lloyd
Meteorite , 5.12b Ken Ariza
Mid-Life Crisis , 5.10 Bruce Morris Dave Yerian
Monkey Hang , 5.11b Tucker Tech
Mothballed , 5.1 Tucker Tech
Mother of the Future , 5.11a Joel Auger Clint Cummins Nancy Kerrebrock
Motor Drive , 5.11a Kevin Fosburg Pete Takeda Tucker Tech
Mr. Clean , 5.10c Eric Gompper Dave Gardener
Mr. Rabbit , 5.10a Ray Sebastian Tim Felton
Mudflaps , 5.10d Tucker Tech Troy Johnson
No Love-Chump Sucker , 5.11c Cade Lloyd Jordy Morgan Ray Munoz
Not What it Seams , Mark Carpenter
Old 5.11 , 5.12 Kevin Fosburg
On the Wedge , 5.10a Tucker Tech
Peripheral Vision , 5.11c Jay Smith Karl McConachie
Pink Elephant , 5.9 Tucker Tech Ray Olson
Pole Position , 5.10a John Harpole
Promised Land, The , 5.10 Kevin Fosburg Jeff Hornibrook Troy Johnson
Psycho-Betty , 5.9 Eric Gompper Linda Gil-Martin
Pygmy Sex Circus , 5.10b Brian Knight Norman Boles
Raging Bull , 5.11b Eric Gompper Dave Gardener
Razor Train , Eric Kohl Walt Shipley
Reach for the Sky , 5.11 Jim Beyer
Rehab Doll , 5.10a Tucker Tech
Re-sole Fusion , 5.11d Dave Tucker
Ribald , 5.9 Tucker Tech
Roadside Destruction , Tucker Tech Ray Olson
Rocky Horror Show , 5.12a Ron Skelton Mark Tuttle
Roto Killer , 5.10a Tucker Tech
Rum Sodomy and the Lash , 5.10d Norman Boles
Sample the Dog , 5.12a Cade Lloyd Ray Munoz Pete Takeda
Satanic Mechanic , 5.12c Dimitri Barton Pete Takeda
Scrooged , 5.8 Tucker Tech
Sea Cow , 5.10 Tucker Tech Stephanie McCormack Neil Sugarman
Sea Hag , 5.10 Tucker Tech Pete Takeda
Season of the Bitch , 5.11d Cade Lloyd
Shadows , Jim Bridwell Cito Kirkpatrick Charlie Row Billy Westbay
Showtime , 5.11c Ron Skelton Mark Tuttle
Skid Roper , 5.10b Tucker Tech
Skid Row Messiah , 5.11a Walt Shipley Eric Kohl
Slamming Left , 5.11b Ray Olson Tucker Tech
Slamming Right , 5.10d Ray Olson Tucker Tech
Slap that Bitch , 5.10d Tucker Tech
Slut Wagon , Eric Kohl
Snake in the Grass , 5.10b Tucker Tech Steve Ortener
Sober Up , 5.10a Tucker Tech
Soloist, The , 5.10 Ron Skelton
Sorry Poopsie , 5.8 Don Reid Susan Reid
Sow Sow Sow , 5.10a Tucker Tech
Stay Lady Stay Back , 5.10a Tucker Tech
Stonequest , 5.8+ Ron Skelton Mark Tuttle
Stranger then Friction , Tucker Tech
Streamline , 5.12b Kevin Fosburg John Harpole
Stumped , 5.11 Ray Olson Tucker Tech
Sunshine Buttress , 5.10d Greg Murphy Elliot Robinson
Swan Song , Ron Skelton
Swillar Pillar , 5.10a Tucker Tech
Tammy Fae , 5.10c Mark Carpenter
Taste Buds , Eric Kohl Walt Shipley
Teacher's Pet , 5.12a Darrell Hensel Jonny Woodward
Teenage Abortion , 5.10 Tucker Tech
That'll Teach You (Teaching Little Fingers) , 5.12a Darrell Hensel Jonny Woodward
Token of Our Extreme , Tucker Tech Ray Olson
Too High , 5.6
Tooth Fairy , 5.10b Tucker Tech
Toxic Avenger , 5.11c Tucker Tech
Toxic Waste Dump , 5.8 Eric Kohl
Trailside Bandit , Tucker Tech
Trailside Slasher , Tucker Tech
Trial by Jury , 5.10a Brad Young Tom Kastner
Trivial Pursuit , 5.9 Tucker Tech
Vegemite , 5.10+ Elliot Robinson Greg Murphy
Vibrator , 5.11d Pete Takeda Tucker Tech
Way Homo Sperm Burpers from Fresno , 5.10c Eric Mayo Brian Bennett
West Side Story , 5.10b Tucker Tech Sue Harrington
Wheel of Torture , 5.7 Eric Kohl
Wicked Aretation , 5.10d Tucker Tech Mike Laden
Wicked Gravity , 5.12c Dimitri Barton Ron Kauk
Wide Thing , 5.10d Cade Lloyd Jeff Follett
William's Climb , 5.10c Jerry Anderson Sigrid Anderson Lynnea Anderson William Anderson Rob Kroeckel
Wings of Maybe , 5.12a Tim Bluhm Steve Jenevein
Winter of Our Discontent , 5.10 Tucker Tech Sue Harrington
Work Around the Skirt , 5.10c Tucker Tech
Wrong Address , 5.9 Tucker Tech
Yeast Infection , 5.10c Tucker Tech
Yellow Peril , 5.11b Pete Takeda Kevin Fosburg Tucker Tech
Yuk , 5.7 Tucker Tech

Hobart, Australia
Topic Author's Reply - Sep 12, 2014 - 12:25pm PT
The list of people who climbed something first, only tells a fraction of the story. I think any historical rendering that hints of myth creation, as is being noted in discussions about the Valley Uprising film, would be disingenuous to the era.

The real story lies outside the historical documentation of fist ascents, I reckon, i.e. The myriad of people who aren't on Ed's list above. But lots of good reminders there, thanks.

Btw, on another note some people correlate 80's with spandex. No way, Spandex marks the beginning of the current era, more about the show. They came in around 1988, late 80's. The real "80's" are pre-spandex.

We wore white painter's pants (which were never white again).

Mountain climber
Tustin, CA
Sep 12, 2014 - 12:57pm PT
Maybe the 80's had so much happen that it's getting its own movie..?

"Pink Torpedo" - funny name..
goatboy smellz

Sep 12, 2014 - 01:50pm PT
Rob Slater and Randy Levitt pop to mind.

Hobart, Australia
Topic Author's Reply - Sep 12, 2014 - 02:34pm PT
yes, there's lots of folks I missed, like Leavitt and Slater. Did I put Steve Sutton on there? He was having a strong Yosemite revival, but more in the later 80's. Hugh Burton even showed up for a bit in the 80's. Charles Cole and Steve Grossman. Of course Bachar and Kauk--there's lots of legends leading to myths. But again, I reckon the real story is more nuanced than those that have been already told--I'm thinking of so many in my head, but a tellable "story" hasn't yet emerged; what's interesting to me is that this seems the same for a lot of other folks from whom the era was a highlight of intensity and passion.

But it's not about the bravado and the stars--in addition to the unnamed boulderers above (I remember them, but not their names!), guys like Walleye and Harpole have a strong place in the essence of the 80's, I reckon.

I think that the crowd at Joshua Tree, the place where many of us migrated for some of the winter months, has also a place in the 80's story.

ps--has anyone read Paul Pritchard's Deep Play? Sure, there's some myth creation there with tales of major climbs, but the mastery of that book is that he captured the core atmosphere of the British 80's--and not just the significant climbing events, which is almost the minor story.

la la land
Sep 12, 2014 - 03:14pm PT
Deep Play was a great read, I loved that book!

I always enjoyed hanging out with Grant and Bill. Both large personalities in what I remember of my brief time spent in the valley. Of course this was way after the 80s and they both were still there. Probably still are!?!?
Ed Hartouni

Trad climber
Livermore, CA
Sep 12, 2014 - 04:09pm PT
here is the FAist list alphabetical
I know it's not the whole story, but sometimes names help

Dan Abbot
David Abbot
Tom Addison
Joel Ager
Rich Albuschkat
Dave Altenburg
Dave Altman
Dave Anderson
Gary Anderson
Jay Anderson
Jerry Anderson
Lynnea Anderson
Sigrid Anderson
William Anderson
Steve Annecone
Ken Ariza
Nick Arms
Joel Auger
John Bachar
Brian Bailey
Chris Ballinger
John Barbella
Dale Bard
Phil Bard
Murray Barnett
Ed Barry
Alan Bartlett
Dimitri Barton
Perry Beckham
Nancy Beebe
Chris Beigh
Chris Bellizzi
Killin Belz
Dave Bengston
Brian Bennett
Tom Bepler
Dimitri Bevc
Jim Beyer
Ken Black
Franciso Blanco
Tim Bluhm
Norman Boles
Sue Bonovich
Mike Borelli
Tom Borges
Mike Borris
Steve Bosque
Eric Brand
Werner Braun
Jim Bridwell
Michael Brocado
L. Broomhead
Dana Brown
Bryan Burdo
Scott Burk
Andy Burnham
Tom Callahan
Jason Campbell
Jim Campbell
Chris Cantwell
Donald Cantwell
Mark Carpenter
Peter Carrick
Kim Carrigan
Rick Cashner
Kathy Cassidy
Dave Caunt
Mark Chapman
Phil Chapman
Peter Chesko
Greg Child
Chuck Clance
Dave Clay
Charles Cole
Scott Cole
Ed Collins
Joan Collins
John Collins
Mike Corbett
Tom Cosgriff
Scott Cosgrove
Chris Craig
Maria Cranor
Paul Crawford
Mike Creel
Bill Critchlow
Peter Croft
Clint Cummins
Drew Davol
Craig Delbrook
Vince DePasque
Doe DeRoss
Rik Derrick
Dan Dingle
Jack Dodalou
Tracy Dorton
John Dossi
Alex Dropshoff
Rick Ecker
Gary Edmondson
Jim Edmondson
Kyle Edmondson
Tory Elbrader
Jim Elias
Doug Englekirk
Chris Falkenstein
Tim Felton
Melanie Findling
Marlo Finney
Paul Fiola
Scott Flavelle
Penny Fogel
Jeff Follett
Mike Forkash
Kevin Fosburg
Charlie Fowler
Fritz Fox
Urmas Franosch
Marjan Freser
Bill Frey
Chris Friel
Bob Gaines
Carlos Gallego
Javier Gallego
Jose Luis Gallego
Miguel Angel Gallego
Dave Gardener
Jonell Geller
Steve Gerberding
Linda Gil-Martin
Tom Gilje
Will Gilmer
Mari Gingery
Eric Gompper
Randy Grandstaff
Mark Grant
John Gregson
Dave Griffith
Steve Grossman
Dave Harden
Dan Hare
John Harpole
Sue Harrington
Michael Harris
Chris Hash
Gene Hash
Dave Hatchett
Mike Hatchett
Joel Hawk
Ellie Hawkins
Floyd Hayes
Tom Hayes
Joe Hedge
Darrell Hensel
Tom Herbert
Mike Hernandez
Jim Hevner
Matt Hilden
Grant Hiskes
Brian Hoffmann
Chris Holmes
Chick Holtkamp
Jeff Hornibrook
Jim Howard
Alan Humphrey
Mark Ingdal
Bob Jasperson
Steve Jenevein
Richard Jensen
Troy Johnson
Max Jones
Murray Judge
Tom Kastner
Ron Kauk
Tim Kemple
Peter Kern
Nancy Kerrebrock
Cito Kirkpatrick
Keith Kishiyama
Augie Klein
Francek Knez
Francek Knez
Brian Knight
Eric Kohl
Rob Kroeckel
Mike Laden
Jay Ladin
Peter Lahrach
Dave Lane
Kevin Lathrop
Randy Leavitt
Mike Lechlinski
Bert Levy
Marty Lewis
Susan Lilly
Cade Lloyd
Kevin Lollard
John Long
Michael Lucero
Frank Lucido
Anders Lundahl
Jim Lutz
Doug MacDonald
Greg Magruder
John Mallery
Sal Mamusia
Y. Matsumoto
Bill Matthies
Jim May
Peter Mayfield
Ernie Maylon
Eric Mayo
Roy McClanahan
Karl McConachie
Stephanie McCormack
Dan McDevitt
Sue McDevitt
Doug McDonald
Mike McGrale
Merry McGrath-Braun
Rick McGregor
Yvonne McPherson
Nadim Melkonian
George Meyers
John Middendorf
Jerry Moffat
Rick Molinar
Steve Monks
Todd Montgomery
Sue Moore
Jordy Morgan
Bruce Morris
Ray Munoz
Greg Murphy
Jenny Naquin
Dave Neilson
Alan Nelson
Neal Newcomb
Barney Ng
Dan Nguyen
Tim Noonan
Bart O'Brien
Mike O'Donnell
Dennis Oakeshott
Sue Odom
Ray Olson
Rob Oravetz
Steve Ortener
Bob Ost
Lidija Painkiher
Chauncey Parker
Robert Parker
Dan Parks
Mike Paul
Chris Peisker
Franco Perlotto
Jeff Perrin
Heidi Pesterfield
Linus Platt
Becky Plourd
Sean Plunkett
Bill Price
Lee Price
John Pruett
Gary Rabbe
Duane Raleigh
Alfred Randall
Pat Ranstrom
Marshall Ravenscroft
Earl Redfern
Don Reid
Susan Reid
Rusty Reno
Rob Renolds
Brent Reynolds
Stu Ritchie
Alan Roberts
Jack Roberts
Elliot Robinson
Rob Robinson
Rob Rohn
Joe Rousek
Steve Routhbun
Charlie Row
Lance Rowlands
Bill Russell
Randy Russell
Mark Russen
Dave Ryan
Gwen Schneider
Steve Schneider
Dave Schultz
Mike Sciacca
Doug Scott
Ray Sebastian
Eva Selim
Billy Serniuk
Charleen Serniuk
Dave Sessions
Kevin Sessler
Rob Settlemeyer
Raph Shaffer
John Sherman
Walt Shipley
Bob Shonerd
Tom Shores
Jim Siler
Igor Skamperle
Ron Skelton
Todd Skinner
Rob Slater
Jay Smith
Jeff Smith
Kurt Smith
Mark Smith
Trent Smith
Chris Snyder
Greg Sonagere
Karl Sonnberger
Mark Spencer
Shirley Spencer
Scott Stowe
Neil Sugarman
Hidetaka Suzuki
Al Swanson
Richard Swayze
Rick Sylvester
Pete Takeda
Paul Teare
Tucker Tech
Tommy Thompson
Dave Tucker
Tom Tumiano
John Tuttle
Mark Tuttle
Paul Van Betten
Russ Walling
Dave Walters
George Watson
Allan Weidner
Jack Wenzel
Billy Westbay
Roger Whitehead
Geoff Wiegand
Kevin Wilcox
Bob Williams
Merrill Wilson
Lynn Wolfe
Jonny Woodward
Scott Woolums
Kevin Worrall
Ron Wright
John Yablonski
Ken Yager
Tony Yaniro
Dave Yerian
Brad Young
Brian Young
Gary Zaccor
Eric Zschiesche
Larry Zulim
E Robinson

Salinas, CA
Sep 12, 2014 - 04:26pm PT
So much of the Yosemite 80's was colored by the tensions between the traditions of wilderness, wildness (ground-up, clean climbing, risk), raucousness, breaking into new standards (rap bolting, rehearsal), commercialization (competitions, gyms, sponsorship) and popularization. All that dissonance that came with the transitionary nature of the time were in the essence of our generation...outside climbing we were in the middle of the Reagan-Bush era that brought a political swing to the right...Macs and PCs were taking root...etc. And it was all pretty wild. There were some pretty strong currents that shaped our generation as we struggled with a whole bunch of change. There was an adventure, argument beer and joint for all in the mix.

Looking at where we are now it always reminds me that change is constant and the tensions timeless. I find myself questioning where we ended up...alas. But its all good and what better place to be living through the currents of change from yesterday and today than Yosemite...the heart of California.
steve s

Trad climber
Sep 12, 2014 - 04:31pm PT
Deuce, add Terry Ayers to that list. Banny Root( aka Jim May) was also quite the character. And let's not forget Lepton Man ( aka Chris Friel ) . The 80's were full of classic characters who enhanced the scene. Peace and Fuk-nes , Steve Sangdahl

Mountain climber
The Other Monrovia- CA
Sep 12, 2014 - 04:38pm PT
How come Ellie Hawkins is on the list but not Bruce?

Trad climber
Sep 12, 2014 - 05:15pm PT
Here is the data from Ed's list with the Climber name and number of FAs in the 80s sorted by total FAs. Sorry if it got mangled somewhere. Ed, that format was really hard to parse :(

I'll post the full output to pastebin as well.

Format = "Climber","# of FAs in the 80s"

Tucker Tech,132
Ken Ariza,45
Don Reid,41
Dimitri Barton,35
Walt Shipley,35
Pete Takeda,27
Rick Cashner,26
Werner Braun,24
Cade Lloyd,24
Brian Bennett,23
Chris Cantwell,22
Bruce Morris,21
Kurt Smith,20
John Bachar,18
Eric Kohl,18
Grant Hiskes,16
Ron Skelton,16
Dave Schultz,15
Steve Bosque,15
John Middendorf,15
Kevin Fosburg,15
Dave Hatchett,14
Scott Burk,12
Charles Cole,12
Scott Cosgrove,12
Jonny Woodward,12
Mark Carpenter,12
Ron Kauk,11
Norman Boles,11
Bill Russell,10
Jay Smith,10
Mike Corbett,10
Michael Forkash,10
Ray Olson,10
Alan Roberts,9
Bill Price,9
Steve Schneider,9
John Tuttle,9
Clint Cummins,9
Alan Bartlett,8
Eric Mayo,8
John Barbella,8
Eric Brand,8
Dan McDevitt,8
Bob Ost,8
Ed Barry,7
Dave Caunt,7
Stu Ritchie,7
Joe Hedge,7
Ken Yager,7
Brian Knight,7
Ed Collins,7
Greg Murphy,7
Troy Johnson,7
Larry Zulim,6
Doug McDonald,6
Sigrid Anderson,6
Jerry Anderson,6
Elliot Robinson,6
John Harpole,6
Mike Laden,6
Tony Yaniro,5
Mark Grant,5
Chick Holtkamp,5
Greg Child,5
Dave Yerian,5
Marshall Ravenscroft,5
Tim Kemple,5
Steve Gerberding,5
Rob Oravetz,5
Urmas Franosch,5
Sean Plunkett,5
Steve Grossman,5
Rusty Reno,5
George Watson,5
Eric Gompper,5
Andy Burnham,5
Tracy Dorton,5
Chris Snyder,5
Jason Campbell,5
Mark Tuttle,5
Dale Bard,4
Randy Leavitt,4
Scott Cole,4
Francek Knez,4
Rich Albuschkat,4
Jim Elias,4
Bob Gaines,4
Mike Hatchett,4
Jeff Hornibrook,4
Chris Hash,4
Joel Ager,4
Greg Magruder,4
Joe Rousek,4
Eric Zschiesche,3
Peter Mayfield,3
Karl McConachie,3
Dan Dingle,3
Eric Zschieche,3
Mike Hernandez,3
Peter Croft,3
Jim Bridwell,3
Peter Chesko,3
Lidija Painkiher,3
Sue Harrington,3
Mark Spencer,3
Dave Griffith,3
Vince DePasque,3
Al Swanson,3
Lynnea Anderson,3
Sue Bonovich,3
Mark Chapman,3
Charlie Fowler,3
Nancy Kerrebrock,3
Jeff Follett,3
Neil Sugarman,3
Steve Ortener,3
Dave Gardener,3
Augie Klein,2
Bob Williams,2
Randy Grandstaff,2
Kim Carrigan,2
Brad Young,2
Dana Brown,2
Mike Borelli,2
Alan Nelson,2
John Yablonski,2
Chris Friel,2
Rick McGregor,2
Mike Forkash,2
Charlie Row,2
Dan Hare,2
Murray Barnett,2
Doug Scott,2
Marjan Freser,2
Ken Black,2
Paul Fiola,2
Pat Ranstrom,2
John Mallery,2
Paul Crawford,2
Earl Redfern,2
Tom Bepler,2
Rob Slater,2
Steve Annecone,2
Ray Sebastian,2
Tim Felton,2
Dimitri Bevc,2
Shirley Spencer,2
Doe DeRoss,2
Nick Arms,2
Tim Noonan,2
Neal Newcomb,2
Jose Luis,2
Gallego Javier,2
John Sherman,2
Dave Bengston,2
Rob Robinson,2
Roy McClanahan,2
Jim Beyer,2
Phil Chapman,2
Jim Campbell,2
William Anderson,2
Linus Platt,2
Grank Hiskes,2
Gene Hash,2
Dave Neilson,2
Dave Altman,2
Rick Sylvester,2
Kevin Worrall,2
Dan Nguyen,2
Tom Herbert,2
Frank Lucido,2
Joan Collins,2
Sue McDevitt,2
Jim Edmondson,2
Kyle Edmondson,2
Ron Wright,2
Jordy Morgan,2
Jim Howard,2
Craig Delbrook,2
Peter Carrick,2
Alan Humphrey,2
Ray Munoz,2
Darrell Hensel,2
Steve Monks,1
L. Broomhead,1
John Long,1
Perry Beckham,1
Scott Flavelle,1
Dave Lane,1
Mike Borris,1
Billy Serniuk,1
Charleen Serniuk,1
Jack Dodalou,1
Jim Hevner,1
Y. Matsumoto,1
Gary Zaccor,1
Dave Anderson,1
Randy Russell,1
Bob Jasperson,1
Max Jones,1
Michael Lucero,1
Robert Parker,1
Becky Plourd,1
Sue Moore,1
Anders Lundahl,1
Eva Selim,1
Chris Ballinger,1
Mark Ingdal,1
Tom Gilje,1
Rob Rohn,1
Peter Lahrach,1
Donald Cantwell,1
Jeff Smith,1
Kevin Lathrop,1
Michael Brocado,1
Dennis Oakeshott,1
Bill Critchlow,1
Chris Bellizzi,1
Rik Derrick,1
Kathy Cassidy,1
Mike Lechlinski,1
Mari Gingery,1
Miguel Angel,1
Gallego Jose,1
Luis Gallego,1
Javier Gallego,1
Carlos Gallego,1
Dave Sessions,1
Jim Siler,1
Greg Sonagere,1
Gary Edmondson,1
Jim May,1
Richard Jensen,1
Mark Smith,1
Tom Cosgriff,1
Duane Raleigh,1
Ernie Maylon,1
Igor Skamperle,1
Gary Anderson,1
Mike O'Donnell,1
Will Gilmer,1
Jay Anderson,1
Phil Bard,1
Kevin Lollard,1
Murray Judge,1
Roger Whitehead,1
Tom Callahan,1
Mike Paul,1
Franciso Blanco,1
Bill Frey,1
Paul Teare,1
Scott Woolums,1
Dave Altenburg,1
Chuck Clance,1
Bob Shonerd,1
Nadim Melkonian,1
Jerry Moffat,1
Geoff Wiegand,1
Tom Hayes,1
Russ Walling,1
Ellie Hawkins,1
Dan Abbot,1
David Abbot,1
Maria Cranor,1
Lance Rowlands,1
Chris Peisker,1
Fritz Fox,1
Jonell Geller,1
Chris Beigh,1
Mike Sciacca,1
Todd Skinner,1
Matt Hilden,1
Jack Wenzel,1
Alfred Randall,1
Bryan Burdo,1
Dan Parks,1
Raph Shaffer,1
Tommy Thompson,1
Floyd Hayes,1
Dave Walters,1
Todd Montgomery,1
Trent Smith,1
Chris Falkenstein,1
George Meyers,1
Merrill Wilson,1
Jenny Naquin,1
Michael Harris,1
Bill Matthies,1
Tom Tumiano,1
Brent Reynolds,1
Tom Shores,1
Susan Lilly,1
Gary Rabbe,1
Gwen Schneider,1
Brian Hoffmann,1
John Pruett,1
Brian Bailey,1
Rob Settlemeyer,1
Drew Davol,1
Sue Odom,1
Heidi Pesterfield,1
Dimiti Barton,1
Lee Price,1
Doug MacDonald,1
Brian Young,1
Melanie Findling,1
Paul Van,1
Betten Sal,1
Penny Fogel,1
Alex Dropshoff,1
Dave Hatchet,1
Rick Molinar,1
Karl Sonnberger,1
Jim Lutz,1
Chauncey Parker,1
Scott Stowe,1
Darrelll Hensel,1
Rick Ecker,1
Mark Russen,1
Jay Ladin,1
Rob Renolds,1
Tory Elbrader,1
Chris Holmes,1
Tom Addison,1
Kevin Sessler,1
Nancy Beebe,1
Bert Levy,1
Peter Kern,1
Chris Craig,1
Mike Creel,1
Yvonne McPherson,1
Dave Harden,1
Dave Clay,1
Jeff Perrin,1
Kevin Wilcox,1
Mike McGrale,1
Marlo Finney,1
Marty Lewis,1
Killin Belz,1
Jack Roberts,1
John Collins,1
Merry McGrath-Braun,1
Franco Perlotto,1
Hidetaka Suzuki,1
John Gregson,1
Barney Ng,1
Keith Kishiyama,1
Dave Ryan,1
Elliott Robinson,1
Lynn Wolfe,1
Steve Routhbun,1
John Dossi,1
Allan Weidner,1
Doug Englekirk,1
Bart O'Brien,1
Richard Swayze,1
Tom Borges,1
Joel Hawk,1
Joel Auger,1
Linda Gil-Martin,1
Dave Tucker,1
Stephanie McCormack,1
Cito Kirkpatrick,1
Billy Westbay,1
Susan Reid,1
Tom Kastner,1
Rob Kroeckel,1
Tim Bluhm,1
Steve Jenevein,1
Mike Bolte

Trad climber
Planet Earth
Sep 12, 2014 - 05:27pm PT
Banny Root's name was not Banny Root?

Some of those folks on John's list are hanging around the parking store at Tmds many mornings. Stories are told pretty regularly.

Sep 12, 2014 - 05:29pm PT
LOL Klaus

You got way more for sure but that list is for the 80's only I think?

Anyways lol Tuckers 132

He asked me once to go on one of those and it's a 50 foot pile of sh!t that goes nowhere.

I start laughing at what he wants to climb.

He'll do anything.

Too funny ......

across the street from Marshall
Sep 12, 2014 - 05:31pm PT
I always thought the return of Layton Kor to the Valley in 1988 to climb El Cap was pretty cool.

Trad climber
Sep 12, 2014 - 06:15pm PT
I always thought Mikey Waugh was one that flew under the radar and was just as talented or more so than many of his peers and he still cranks hard today. Maybe he didn't do a ton in the Valley but he still deserves a shout out.
Bob D'A

Trad climber
Taos, NM
Sep 12, 2014 - 07:05pm PT
Funny things about the 80's that the change was not coming from big three, Yosemite, Boulder or the Gunks, but from little backwater areas like Smith Rock and Shelf Rd to name a few.

Infighting and down right hatred prevails in the big three.

Still the Valley had many great climbers and great routes in the 80's that seem to get overshadowed by the 70's.

Just my opinion. :-)

Social climber
So Cal
Sep 12, 2014 - 07:07pm PT
He asked me once to go on one of those and it's a 50 foot pile of sh!t that goes nowhere.

I start laughing at what he wants to climb.

He'll do anything.

Too funny ......

Some things don't change.

He will climb anything.

Trad climber
The Illuminati -- S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Division
Sep 12, 2014 - 07:07pm PT
When I think of that time, I think of all the colourful, high energy personalities. To name a few:
Don Reid
Grant Hiskes
Russ Walling
John Yablonski
Mike Lechlinksi
Al Swanson
Steve Schneider
Mike Lechlinski
Rick Cashner
Mike Corbett
Steve Bosque
Tory Johnson
Dan McDivett
Tracy Dorton
Scott Cosgrove
Kurtz Smith
Jo Whitford
Bill Russell
Rick Albushcat
Michael J Paul
Roland Arsons
Steve Gerberding
Dean Fidelman (almost unique in his notion to take some pictures)
Dave Schultz
Werner Braun

Don't forget Mark Smith and Richard Jensen.

Sep 12, 2014 - 07:10pm PT
but from little backwater areas like Smith Rock and Shelf Rd to name a few.

Yeah .....

I was a Smith Rocks and watch Alan Watts rap down and drill a plumb line of bolts straight down that Monkey face for a new route.

Then they tried to climb it and a lot of those bolts had to be moved to where they really need to be placed.

Holes everywhere.

I said is this hows its done?

Yes this how we do it .... lol

Holy sh!t ...... hahaha
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