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Learning to Fly: A first year of BASE jumping (DVD short)

Price - SOLD OUT
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Chris McNamara enters one of the world’s most dangerous sports with an obsession that leads to an unusual 12 months. “Learning to Fly” provides a unique glimpse into BASE jumping starting on a bridge in Idaho and ending with one of the world’s largest jumps off The Eiger. This short documentary captures the essence of an unbelievable sport and one of its character.

Shot on location in France, Idaho, Italy, Lodi, Baffin Island, Switzerland, Springdale

Cheap... uh, we mean.. eco friendly packaging (the DVD just comes in a paper sleeve. But hey, its 9.95)

NTSC format. Feature runtime is 15 minutes and there are 30 minutes of raw BASE jumping bloopers including:
- Coming up short on the biggest BASE jump in the world
- The WalMart Tracking Suit jump
- Landing on a cable after jump the KL Tower in Malaysia
- Baffin Island notch flying
- much more...



View raw wingsuit footage from the making of Learing to Fly:
- Baffin Island Notch Flying
- Coming up short on the biggest BASE jump in the world
- Italy wingsuit terrain flying # 1
- Italy wingsuit terrain flying # 2

What People Who Bought This DVD Are Saying:
"Wow. Just wow. What a great film you guys made. I loved it! I've seen the whole DVD twice now. Thanks for making the film. Great story, great jumps, great footage. I'm glad I got one of the signed copies too, that was awesome. " - Jason P.

"I really liked the DVD. Thanks for the inspiration, and I'll definitely be telling others about it." - Glen O.

"I liked your movie a lot! I like BASE movies where there's a story line, not just a bunch of jumps with music - that gets old quickly. Watching some of your jumps definitely made me sit on the edge of my chair. :) Pulling at 80ft?" - Yuri

"Great video. A lot of good footage, but more content than the standard base jumping porn you get with most videos. I'll be sure to pass the word about it." - Will A.


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