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Quick Fall Hit - Click for details
 Quick Fall Hit
With the weather in Tahoe turning cold and wet with no sign of actual snow in sight, I decided to head south. First stop was Bishop, where I met up with some folks down for th...

by triggerhappy
1,287 Nov 27, 2014 19
The Elegant Arch at Tahquitz (FA) - Click for details
 The Elegant Arch at Tahquitz (FA)
For those of you that have never wandered down south to Tahquitz, here is a little taste. Since I've been less motivated to climb, I actually have time to sit around and...

by spondiferous
602 Nov 27, 2014 9
Seasonal affective disorder mountain pictorial...... - Click for details
 Seasonal affective disorder mountain pictorial......
a couple of which you may recognize. I'll provide the general area. Weather sucks, nice time to look at pics. leaving for Patagonia in three weeks...trying to keep the stoke g...

by donini
1,594 Nov 27, 2014 40
The Technician - Click for details
 The Technician
Anyone up for some climbing content?? Smoke Bluffs, Squamish, BC, Canada; It was a beautiful fall day. A bit crisp. The temps were perfect for sending and I w...

by Big Mike
1,345 Nov 26, 2014 31
sacred and prophane in Sarca Valley... - Click for details
 sacred and prophane in Sarca Valley... Pian della Paia - Keruak (VII+, 300m, 7 pitches, G.Groaz, P.Ba...

by stefano607518
408 Nov 26, 2014 5
Tuolumne Meadows perfect while Yosemite finished up burning - Click for details
 Tuolumne Meadows perfect while Yosemite finished up burning
[youtube=EIE3kXNa9Qw]California is essentially on fire right now, which is quite unfortunate cause it is not like we have a ton of water to throw on the damn things, but such ...

by kaholatingtong
2,734 Nov 26, 2014 18
An Oddyssey to Shangri La (FA and an FFA in a little paradise)
by Vitaliy M.
2,205 Nov 25, 2014 50
Red Rocks Season Opener: Levitation 29 and Epinephrine
by dkny
2,214 Nov 25, 2014 17
Travis and His Silent Partner Head to the Desert - Click for details
 Travis and His Silent Partner Head to the Desert
As climbers our pursuits are typically decorated by a number of terrifying moments which we (well most of us) encounter. It usually first starts out, as it did for me,...

by Travis Haussener
1,616 Nov 24, 2014 20
Polar Vortex the TR - Click for details
 Polar Vortex the TR
I started a thread on this but thought a TR would be much more appropriate given the magnitude of what is happening up here. I am thinking that it will be something similar t...

by mike m
1,690 Nov 23, 2014 28
Woody Appreciation Day In JT - Click for details
 Woody Appreciation Day In JT
Tia had posted this up on MP Hey y'all! I wanted to celebrate my Dad (Woody Stark) on his would-be 71st birthday weekend by going out to JTree and climbing some o...

by TGT
1,560 Nov 21, 2014 32
How many times can I get away with "Just 1 more trip" before January? - Click for details
 How many times can I get away with "Just 1 more trip" before January?
My cousin and I were planning on zipping up to Cathedral Peak to climb it in late-season solitude this past Sunday, but a small storm came through Thursday and this happened: ...

by looks easy from here
863 Nov 21, 2014 13
Vanishing Point - Click for details
 Vanishing Point
"What can happen to you in a place where nothing stands against you and nothing has the ability to become your limit?" ...

by Regan
1,722 Nov 21, 2014 21
Surgeon General or Tom's Tooth - Click for details
 Surgeon General or Tom's Tooth
"Is this the route on which Ammon’s head was bleeding mixed with some white ooze?" I heard the question, each time I said that I want to climb Surgeon General. “Yes, t...

by Regan
2,107 Nov 20, 2014 31
Dru Couloir Direct : First Ascent 1977, Tobin Sorenson and Rick Accomazzo - Click for details
 Dru Couloir Direct : First Ascent 1977, Tobin Sorenson and Rick Accomazzo
We were ecstatic when we reached the Breche (the snowy saddle between the Grand and Petit Drus), and I made Tobin stop, so I could get the camera out and snap...

by Rick A
6,789 Nov 20, 2014 66
Laughing at the Hammer - Click for details
 Laughing at the Hammer
Long TR with excessive beta. You have been warned. Laughing at the Void goes clean! It is an amazing bit of clean climbing that relies on no fixed gear other than the b...

by Brandon Adams
3,385 Nov 19, 2014 55
A Love Affair with the American West - Click for details
 A Love Affair with the American West
I'd had to pick up a couple extra shifts to make it happen, but last Monday night as the clock clicked down it all seemed worth it. The last 90 year old belly pain finally go...

by merk-daddy
1,394 Nov 19, 2014 15
No Country For Old Men:  Wanderlust in Parched Land - Click for details
 No Country For Old Men: Wanderlust in Parched Land
"All rise, for the honorable Robert Oliver, Superior court judge, Fresno County." I stand then return to my seat with 200 other Fresno civilians in a stuffy jury selec...

by micronut
3,146 Nov 17, 2014 52
Lurking Fear The Fun Way!!! - Click for details
 Lurking Fear The Fun Way!!!
Fun was the name of the game on this trip! We were hoping to climb the salethe wall, so on friday we climbed freeblast thinking we would haul to mammoth and blast the next day...

by whitemeat
2,304 Nov 17, 2014 26
Astroman Dreamin - Click for details
 Astroman Dreamin
For the last several months I had an obsession with Astroman. I was unable to go a day without talking to someone about it. I tried to put extra hours in training, eat fewer b...

by Vitaliy M.
3,706 Nov 17, 2014 52
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