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Mighty Hiker

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Topic Author's Original Post - May 31, 2019 - 11:36pm PT
A partial and admittedly subjective and incomplete list, as of about 2010. Titles and links, although the latter may be broken, or with missing photos/posts.

Writing & Literature


Ultra super-duper high resolution Valley photos (pFranzen)

Most influential articles (marty(r))

Old Geezers! (Yes you!) Write up your FA stories and tidbits (Karl Baba)

some articles (Ed Hartouni)

Cleare & Smythe book on Snowdonia (Chiloe)

Rest Day Must Reads (Trusty Rusty)

Your Books (kuan)

Books you read over and over again (not climbing related) (kuan)


obscure history (oli)

Big Rock – a little history (DonC)

Chick History Thread (Melissa)

Golden Age Accidents? (Jerry Dodrill)

my fall off of royal arches on 11/20 (meg AK)

El Cap – 50 years Ago Today (Sewellymon)

48 Glen Denny photos from the 60s (Gene)

Half Dome Party with Yosemite Climbing Legends (Chris McNamara)

Largo Writing Contest (looking sketchy there…)

Sibleyville (Prod)

States of the Art (Mighty Hiker)

name ten climbers who influenced American climbing the most (Mungeclimber)

Astroman’s Pre-History (Mark Hudon)

Gaston Rebuffat Travels Beyond the Solar System (O.D.)

How many bolts are there on the Salathe now? (john hansen)

The Wonderful World of SuperTopo

On-Line Lexicon (JuanDeFuca)

Posting Photos? (no_one)

The Future of the Forum (Chris McNamara)

Making a Contribution to Threads (Mike L)

Inquiry to the Webmaster (oli)

novice questions (oli)

SuperTaco Climbing Hall of Fame (nita)

Hot Henry Changed Climbing! (bob d’antonio)

Summit Photo’s (Mtnmun)

What and who inspired you to go climbing (Double D)

Things We Do When NOT Climbing (Susan Peplow)

Things We Do When NOT Climbing (Part II) (WBraun)

about trip reports (Ed Hartouni)

Cliffs and Climbs – Yosemite & Tuolumne

Never Never Land Trip Report –first one days ascent (Chris McNamara)

Shield headwall pictures (Stanley Hassinger)

The Porcelain Wall – Yosemite (Minerals)

Jolly Roger Photo T.R. (Levy)

My Visit to the Canoe (yo)

Steck-Salathe (addiroid)

Steck-Salathe TR 6/9/06 (Zander)

Pictures of the narrows on Steck-Salathe ? (Dapper Dan)

Photo TR: Steck-Salathe (steelmnkey)

A Quick Visit to the Valley (Crimpergirl)

Here are the 5.10 Standards – Abide (Mungeclimber)

Yosemite Wall Climbing Photos (Minerals)

FA Sentinel Falls (chappy)

Leaning Tower Swill Story (Karl Baba)

Making Another Yosemite Valley Obscurity (Ed Hartouni)

More on Obscurity (Ed Hartouni)

Left Side of the Remnant (Largo)

Bob Locke Memorial Buttress (Jerry Dodrill)

No Rescue: The Bob Locke Accident (Rick A)

Zodiac TR (Burns)

Classic valley 10 and unders (Yosemite hopeful)

Glacier Point Bolt Replacement (Roger Brown)

Rebolting Update (Roger Brown)

Replacing original bolts on the Arches Slabs routes (Roger Brown)

Going Slowly Fast on Horse Chute (Chris McNamara)

Half Dome TR (Logdog)

Crimpie, Karl and Sammy in Yosemite (Crimpergirl)

What’s The Deal With Fish Crack? (Nefarius)

Half Dome Trip Report (gooth)

Half Dome Thank God Ledge (WBraun)

South Face of Half Dome (sling512)

10 Days in Tuolumne (MisterE)

TR: East Buttress El Capitan (August 2007) (nutjob)

East Buttress of El Cap TR (Ed Hartouni)

B Y Conditions? (bachar)

Bachar-Yerian???? (Clayman)

TR: Gumbies on Half Dome (tadhunt)

Pegasus/North Face of Quarter Dome (Levy)

Heatwave Baby! The Valley, July ’07 (Russ Walling)

Climbing the Rostrum with Surfer Bob (Kevin Rose)

Queen of Spades FA (Mountain 106) (marty(r))

Tips, Tricks Shenanigans for WFLT? (Grandmastergoat)

TR: Northeast Buttress of Higher Cathedral 5/25 (nutjob)

Photo…is this the “right” way at the top of NE Buttress? (Rick)

Steck-Salathe Approach (Jerry Dodrill)

Separate Reality (Gripper)

Yosemite Valley – Chingando trip report (Ed Hartouni)

Six days in the Valley – Yosemite/Tuolumne TR (kuan)

Central Pillar of Frenzy – A Whimsical Trip Report (Gunks Guy)

Unrepeated El Cap Routes (aldude)

Cleaning the Kor Roof (hollyclimber)

Electric Ladyland Photo TR (Nanook)

Zodiac – then and now… (ricardo)

West Face El Cap (Bob Marley)

Lurking Fear (Rudyj2)

The Fashionable Ray Jardine of Separate Reality (Roger Breedlove)

Why yes there are boulders: A Tuolumne TR (lots of pice) (the chemist)

Trippin’ in the Valley (k-man)

Arrowhead Arete and Spire TR (Ed Hartouni)

Sweet Jesus, 5.9+ (bachar)

the most el cap SOLO ascents (DaveT)

Loud Motorcycles in Yosemite (conrad)

New Info on Japanese Deaths on the Nose, October 2004 (knighTrain)

history of the lightning bolt on midnight lightning (john hansen)

Tourist fall / Half Dome (Anguish)

remove or move half dome cables?? (Standing Strong)

El Cap Meadow Trash Can and Bear Box (Mike.)

Quadriplegic on El Cap (bradzzz)

Climbing on a Perfect Saturday at the Pie Shop (mark miller)

News Flash: “Yosemite Falls Frozen Solid: (WBraun)

What’s a good Yosemite 5.12 (Super_Star)

Wings of Steel (Gunkie)

Wings of Steel (continued) (WBraun)

WoS / PTPP, part XXVI (continued from XXV) (Russ Walling)

Wings of Steel XXVII – The Downward Spiral (Steve Grossman)

TR – Tangerine Trip El Cap - 12/07 (Gene Pool)

The Zodiac Cleanup – Photo Essay and Hole Count Chart (Minerals)

Bolts on El Cap (Free Blast) (John Hansen)

A Roger Breedlove Story (Ferretlegger)

hall of mirrors (martygarrison)

Cliffs and Climbs – Joshua Tree, Tahquitz & Suicide

Equinox FA (Josh Higgins)

Figures on a Landscape (Chiloe)

Calling all old skool JT craggers! (Watusi)

Ancient Gold, a Suicide Rock TR (graham)

Some Mt Woodson Classics (TR) (eeyonkee)

Golden Josh Years Stories and Slander (hashbro)

Please Post some pictures of Joshua Tree! (JuanDeFuce)

Josh Space Stations (BASE104)

Old Fart ; New Scanner…San Diege People (BeeHay)

11.a Yosemite cracks (Alexey)

1982-jtree (the kid)

Best Routes at Joshua Tree? (Stanley Hassinger)

Top 5 JT Off-Widths? (bachar)

Cliffs and Climbs – California (Other)

Castle Crags Photos (Jerry Dodrill)

Our Sierra Nevada Appreciation Thread (TMJesse)

Beauty of Mt. Whitney (jody)

Photo-Essay from the Palisades (Misha)

Banner Peak, East Corner (bearbnz)

Third Pillar of Dana (khanom)

Mt. Russell, Fishhook Arete (dank)

New Pinnacles Climbing Guide by Brad Young (Jody)

Cliffs and Climbs – Nevada, Utah, Arizona

Top Ten Towers to climb (Rich Sims)

A Typical Utah Weekend (handsome B)

TR – Las Vegas (Russ Walling)

Zoroaster Temple Trip Report (Zander)

Recent Ascents on the Streaked (Ammon)

Kissing Couple, Desert Season TR (Cuckawalla)

50th Anniversary of the FA of the Mace (MisterE)

Rock Climbing in Moab (pretty darn OT) (handsome B)

Reserving Zion Walls (Owlman)

4th Ascent of Beaking in Tongues, The Oracle, Fisher Towers (Jeremy)

Classic Provo Canyon on Ice by Jim Knight 1978 (Steve Grossman)

Pinnacles NM Climbing Pics, 60's and 70's (Jody)

Cliffs and Climbs – Central, Northeast, Southeast

Northeastern Edition TRs (Chiloe)

Devil’s Tower Photo TR (P Kingsbury)

First Ascent of Needle’s Eye (rgold)

Moby Grape TR (mack)

TR: City of Rocks (steelmnky)

Pre-Lycra Colorado (marty(r))

Eldo Prancers (bob d’antonio)

T Wall Climbing Pics (Dr.Kodos)

Naked Edge (scuffy b)

Willi Unsoeld on Nez Perce (Jody)

Cliffs and Climbs – Various

'TASTE THE PAINE' grade VII solo F.A. in Patagonia (DaveT.)

Homage to Roof Climbing (photos)

If You Are Into OW (Russ Walling)

Then Came a Climbing Photo Thread (TKingsbury)

Walleye…Tell Me a Story (Russ Walling)

Best Splitter Cracks (clustiere)

Bugaboo Pics and Words (bringmedeath)

It's time to play...Name that Route! (Rhodo-Router)

Photo Share (Climbing Related) (T Kingsbury)

The Pass (Dingus Milktoast)

The Classic 'Pumping Sandstone' by John Long (Mimi)

Blackout: A Museum Climb TR (James)

.10d Cracks (k-man)

Burly 5.9 beta survey (drc)

Best 5.9 in the universe (Andrew Klein)

Burning down the House FA (bob)

Red Dirt’s Roadtrip 2007 (reddirt)

Inverted Staircase TR (Zander)

Difficulty of Slab Climbs (Mighty Hiker)

Random TRs (Chiloe)

Bugaboos Trip in Three Parts (marty(r))

More Random TRs (Chiloe)

Chick History Thread (Melissa)

Black Wall at Mt. Evans Update (Grug)

Definitive Ballsy Solos Thread (marky)

Vision Quest: A photo TR (ct)

Fools in the Wide, Episode V (Elcapinyoazz)

tr: two fools in the wide, going nowhere (Russ Walling)

Stoking the Grovel-Lust, a TR (Ed Hartouni)

Northwest Books (TR) (bluering)

A Thread for 5.8 (Chiloe)

Be thankful of the crags, and teeth you have … TR (Prod)

An Honest to GOD Rock Climbing Trip Report. (No kidding…) (Jerry Dodrill)

Best Hand Cracks Around (Levy)

Leavittation: The OW Renaissance (marty(r))

Incentive for the 510 OW crew (Russ Walling)

The Spirit of Hartouni (TR) (Russ Walling)

Boring Bouldering Photos (Erik)

El Gran Trono Blanco (Gabe)

Top 5 Corner Pitches Ever! (Towshab)

Tales of RunOut and Treacherous Fall Potential (happiegrrrl)


EKat’s Trip to the Grand Canyon: Still Waiting!

The death of mantel topouts? (marty(r))

Why Do You Climb? (Klime)

Newsflash: sport climbing is stupid (yo)

Your FAs and What You Named ‘Em (inhisfootsteps)

Most Ripped Climber (bachar)

Museum Climbs (WBraun)

Climbing With a Pack On (Russ Walling)

Thrash Thursdays (Ed Hartouni)

Longest Fall with a Swami (John Hansen)

How Durable is the Sandstone in Zion? (Piton Ron)

Buildering: Urban bouldering (inhisfootsteps)

Top Most Polished Routes Anywhere (Rhodo-Router)

Worst Descents (Stanley Hassinger)

When is Chalk Worse than No Chalk? (TradIsGood)

How to Properly Place Bolts (Blowboarder)

Free Soloing (Tahoe climber)

Teach a newbie, SAVE OUR SPORT! (Survival)

An End to Bolt Wars (jstan)

bolting myths… (the kid)

Rock! (Ed Hartouni)

This site is boring as sh’it right now (wbraun)

What is the most unusual pitch you’ve climbed? (Tork)

Old routes disappearing into obscurity (k-man)

Tales of Karma (oli)

Retrobolting Prediction (ontheedgeandscaredtodeath)

Fear! (OT and on-topic too) (Karl Baba)

Regional Climbing Rivalries: Examples? (Rick A)

Largest overhangs in Yosemite and Nor Cal – info please (the Fet)

more random fotos (Deuce4)

‘clean’ climbing … AND low impact (Ammon)

Keeping walls as clean as Grand Canyon (Chris McNamara)

Climbing Community (anastasia)

Anyone climb Mt. Rainier (Slakkey)

Hero Shots – Post them here. (Rick A)

Campfires, Parking Lots, and good times (Mungeclimber)

Hardest Mantle in the USA? (bachar)

Graffiti (JEM)

Yosemite: Spray Paint in the Gunsight (!) (Paul)

New Scanner – Old Climbs (Chiloe)

Photo Trip Report: Straight Outta Squampton™ (Hardman Knott)

More photos: Straight Outta Squampton™ part II (Hardman Knott)

learning to climb cracks (Erik of Oakland)

Humour & Oddities

Sheridan Anderson Appreeshiashin Thread (Tami)

Name this route #1 (Russ Walling)

Climbing myths, golf and El Capitan (Mighty Hiker)

A Happy Thread Please (Crimpergirl)

A Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Day (OT)

Bic in the Fire!!! (can’t say)

Fine Art of Screwing the Second (dirtineye)

ST Etiquette Committee Report (Mighty Hiker)

Yosemite Fires Half Dome (Wild Bill)

Tipping Guides (Ola Girl)

Agent Idiosyncratic Orangutan Reports (Mighty Hiker)

How many ways to measure building height with a dead cat?*** (TradIsGood)

How to Make a Rope Rug (Crag Q)

Tales of a “Hoopsnake” Wrangler (Shack)

Worst Thing You’ve Done in the Valley? (Rokjox)

1977 Airplane Crash in Yosemite (Licky)

Name This Classic Scene (Largo)

Decoy Developments and Trolls (Mighty Hiker)

What is an Environmentalist? (Minerals)

What are the ten commandments for SuperTopo? (Piton Ron)

Ropes @ Speed of Sound (Mighty Hiker)

Ever thrown a Bigwall hissy fit? (Owlman)

In Search of Standing Strong (OT – Poetry Related) (Mighty Hiker)

what song are you listening to right now? (Standing Strong)

Hollywood murders climbing: your nominations please. (Piton Ron)

Funny Climbing Sayings (climbrunride)

How did you come up with your SuperTopo name? (Tahoe climber)

What did they call you in school? (Totally OT) (Crimpergirl)

Have you seen the people of Stolby doing their thing? (Dingus Milktoast)

would you have sex in church? (Standing Strong)

Best thing you ever found on the road (Majid_S)

First big trip after high school……. (susan peplow)

old age example for yo, by the way, welcome to enfeeblement (Ed Hartouni)

Wall Water Ethics (Karl Baba)

It was Forty Years Ago Today… (Mighty Hiker)

Disneyland climbers (oldtopangalizard)

A Gaggle of Climbers? What’s in a Name? (Mighty Hiker)

Wings of Plywood (Festus)

Marmelade – TR (OT) (Mighty Hiker)

Kids, Critters & Flowers

Let’s See Your Bitches (Spencer Adkinsson)

Meet Nora (susan peplow)

Squirrel Lovers Club (Crimpergirl)

Another Dog Photo Thread (Euroford)

More Wildflowers (bob d’antonio)

Kid Pictures (Never Surfaced)

Dirty Little Hippie Kid (MisterE)

Flower Pictures (blackbird)

Let’s See Your Garden (Jerry Dodrill)

By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them (Oli)

mystery raptor over Yosemite Valley (Ed Hartouni)

Autumn Colours (Chiloe)

More Odd Photos (Chiloe)

Even more odd photos (Indianclimber)

Reflections (john hansen)

Shadows (T2)

Patterns in your photos (Mungeclimber)

Gimme your best silhouettes (matty)

Your recent sunset photos (Mungeclimber)

Gotta a bunch of old slides scanned (DonC)

THE most beautiful thing (Crimpergirl)

Snake encounters (Sketch)

Flower time again! (dirtineye)

Bear Pictures (yosguns)

Tower Pix (10b4me)


Dr. Piton’s Ultimate Russian Aider Thread (‘Pass the Pitons’ Pete)

Gear Collection Worthy of Museum (HalHammer)

Strongest Bolt Anchors (bachar)

Oldest Climbing Tee Shirt (zip)

Hilti vs. Bosch (bachar)

What Are B.A.T. Hammocks Worth? (Mighty Hiker)

Berkeley Ski Hut (Jerry Dodrill)

Original Stove Legs (Scared Silly)

Pink Tri-Cam Website (Mighty Hiker)

Why are people rhapsodic about the pink tri-cam? (marky)

“equalette” versus “cordelette” (marky)

Your Gear or Mine – Lotta Damn Gall (Dingus Milktoast)

The Gentle Art of Cleaning Stuck Cams (stich)

ALIEN FAILURE, 5/15/07 (Russ Walling)

Diamond C Ice Gear at Neptunes (Raydog)

What’s the oldest piece of gear on your rack? (k-man)

Lowe Family Inventiveness (Jello) (burp)

Verm weighs in at 2,000 lbs, breaks webbing (crunch)

Steve Grossman

First Ascent of the Heart Route 1970 – Kroger and Davis

Bruce Carson's hammerless solo of Sentinel West Face,1974

Shawangunks – Cornerstone of Eastern Traditional Climbing

First All Female Ascent and First Female Solo of El Cap

Dihedral Wall – FA + Extras (Steve Grossman)

John Salathe Yosemite Climber

Royal Robbins El Cap Commentary

Norman Clyde of the Sierra Nevada

Royal Arches Apron Faceclimbing

First Ascent of the Prow

Pumping Cracks with Dale

Joseph Healy

A Dolt Piton – A Real Beauty!

Bob Van Belle Appreciation

Ken Yager

All this for 800 Bucks (Jumping for movies)

How many times has the Nose been climbed?

Tom Frost Says Hello!

What is Trad?

Early Grotto photos

Karma done again!

Dexter Canyon photos

Guess the route?

Zodiac photos 1977

Harding’s Wit

Gathering herbs and more letters.

Buttermilk Bouldering in the 1980’s?

More Buttermilk photos early 80’s

More Dear John letters

Earlier Salathe letter

Salathe letter

Three More Salathe Photos

Harding letter and notes from the Nose

Underhill Letter


Rotten Log

Hammock bivies.

Dolt pics.

Classic Bivy Shot

Salathe Wall Summit Photo

Starr Guide

Largo as per your request!

Eichorn Photo.

Harding on top of the Nose.

Uno mas, por favor. (Stoveleg Pitons)

Harding letter.

Father of U.S. roped climbing letter.

More Higher Spire stuff

Lower Spire Notebook

Some more goodies.

70 year old guidebook


Stonemaster stories

Stonemaster Stories (Part II)

StoneMaster Stories (Part III) continued onward

StoneMaster Stories (Part 4) continued onward farther

StoneMaster Stories (Part 5) the epic continues

StoneMaster Stories (Part 6) the epic continues

Stonemaster Stories; Part 7-More of the same, only different

Stonemaster Stories, Part 8; More Tales from the Crypt

Stonemaster Stories, IX – The Eternal brotherhood

Stonemaster Stories; Part X--What? Still more!?

Identify persons in Stonemaster photo (CF)

Stonemaster Stories and Pictures Needed (Largo)

Stonemaster Credo (Largo)

“Valley Boys” Hitting the Wayback Machine (can’t say)

Peter Haan

Photos of the Hourglass Left

Birth of Wheat Thin

Night Climbers of Cambridge

2nd Free Ascent of Basketcase

First Solo Ascent of the Salathe Wall (AAC Journal:1972)

Crackjacks from 1964

Todd Gordon

Chimneys; Not for Everyone

Climber/School Teacher

Huge Climbing Yard Sale

Summit Photo: Devil’s Tower

Aid Practice at Joshua Tree

Woodson Shindig April 28th

How Many El Cap Routes Have You Done?

How About 1000 FA’s?



Cams before Friends, LURPs before ledges

Wind Rivers, 1969

A Solid Companion

Zion, 1971

More Offwidth Stuff

It Takes Balls to Use Nuts

Hey Jello, Are You a Real Climber? (Aya)

What’s Wrong With This Story?

Isn’t It About Time for Some Ice?

Tarbuster – Women Rock!

Women Rock! : Time to Celebrate

Women Totally Rock! : (Pix of Chix round 2)

Women Rock On! : (Viva Grrrl Power, round 3)

Women Rock! : Keep That Majik Alive ...(round 4)

Women Rock! : Dance On... (round, 5)

Women Rock! : Steppin' Up With Style ...(round 6)

Women Rock! : Finesse = Fantastique …(magical round 7)

Women Rock! : 2,4,6,8, Who Do We Appreciate? .. (Round 8)

Women Rock! : " You Know It's Thah Truth" ... ( Round 9)

Tarbuster – Scrambles Amongst the Rockies

Scrambles Amongst the Rockies

Rocky Mountain High (scrambles part deux)

Bootin' Up in The Rocky Rockies (Scrambles Part 3)

Rumble in the Rockies . . . (Scrambles Part 4)

Prime Time in the Rockies" ....(Scrambles Part 5)

Scrambling in these Rockiest of Rockies (Part VI)

Scrambles Amongst the Rockies: Kickin’ Rubble (part 6)

Blown Out Climber Series: Ramblin’ the Rubblicious Rockies

Blown Out Climber Series: Routine Sunday Ski & Rubble Ogle

Blown Out Climber Series: Floundering in the Flatirons

A Very Ament’s Slab

Tarbuster – Mussy Nebula

Deep Space Time Machine From The Mussy Nebula

The Madness Continues

A Public Outrage

The Insult Continues

Feelin' the Luv Babee

It's a Tribal Thing, Bra

Goofiness, a Studied Elegance

No Turnin' Back!

All the Way Down the Bunny Hole

Slack in the Day

Beyond the Mussy Dome

Down N Dirty

A Warped Trip to Mussypotamia

BVB's Fade Away

Mussy Nebula: Further Down the Spiral (marty(r))

Tarbuster - Miscellaneous

Scrambles in the Range of Light

Scrambles in the Range of Light II

Tuolumne Meadows Appreciation

Hip and Sassy Bouldrin’ Thread

A Meteora Rockclimbing Experience

A Day in Eldo!

All Time Fave 70's Mag Covers

70's Gear Catalogs/Mags

share your personal climbing writings here

Name Your Favorite Mag Based Climbing Lit Pieces and Why

More Black Canyon Stories

Climbing at Cathedral & Whitehorse + Flying Kites at Cape Cod

When is Climbing Considered Art?

Celebrating the Mountain Lifestyle

Memorial Threads

John Bachar – In Memory of a Great Man (1957 – 2009)

My dad, a great man.....will be missed.

Very bad free solo accident at Dike Wall

John Bachar Memorial Fund, For Tyrus.

Is there a gathering planned for John Bachar yet?

John Bachar timeline 1957-2009

Thank You, Friends of John Bachar

In Loving Memory, R.I.P. 2006 (Jerry Dodrill)

2007 Climbers Memorial (Jerry Dodrill)

Ed Hillary Leaves Us (Ghost)

Todd Skinner Dies on Leaning Tower (John Galt)

In Memoriam – Walt Rosenthal (Blinny)

Mugs (Conrad)

For the Yabo Fans… (Jorge)

Yabo (Chicken Skinner)

looking for DARYL HATTENS his daughter (Janelle Hatten)

In memory of Steve McKinney… (captain chaos)

Pete Absolon killed in Wind River accident (Terri Watson)


Frank Sacherer – 1940 – 78 (Ed Hartouni)

Mike Strassman – Bad News (Justin Black)

Sad News About Steve Karafa and John Bachar (graham)

Raleigh Collins RIP (can’t say)

Tribute to Gaston Rebuffat (Erik)

Michael Reardon MIA???? (Salamanizer)

Charlie Fowler Missing In Tibet (Sewellymon)

Memories/Stories of Mike Borghoff? (MisterE)

Mark Wilford (jello)

Pete Steres, R.I.P. (Rick A)

Chuck Kroger (Bequita)

RIP Tom Burke (rlf)

People (Birthdays Mostly Omitted)

A Charlie Porter Apparition (O.D.)

News about Mead Hargis (Anne-Marie Rizzi)

George Lowe at 62 (Grug)

Pat Ament, Amazing Interview! (bryceman)

Welcome to Doug Robinson! (Maysho)

Welcome to Kevin Worrall! (Roger Breedlove)

How About That Dave Evans? (Todd Gordon)

Mighty Hiker Appreciation Thread (Jennie)

Official Gabe McNeely Appreciation Thread (maui_mark)

Who the Hell are You People? (Longest single thread) (COT)

Who the hell are you? – Supertopo People, Part 2 and PDF (deuce 4)

Welcome to Mark Chapman (Roger Breedlove)

Hey Everyone, Post Your Self-Portrait (Blitzo)

Medium Sooze Appreciation Thread (MisterE)

News About Mead Hargis (Anne-Marie Rizzi)

Mike Graham Appreciation Thread (Sewellymon)

WHAT IS YOUR BEST CHONGO STORY? (pimp daddy wayne)

(Paulina introduces self) (paulina)

Crimpergirl Appreciation Thread (Dropline)

One More Year Above Ground (Oli)

Welcome Tami Knight…Hrk!Hrk! (goatboy smellz)

Welcome to John Gill! (Mighty Hiker)

Living History Here at SuperTopo (bob d’antonio)

Welcome John Stannard to ST (Roger Breedlove)

GEORGE MEYERS? Welcome to the TacoStand! (Blinny)

Bobby Model Seriously Injured (Mees)

Big Al Bartlett Appreciation (scuffy b)

Historical Pictures (john hansen)

Bill Price Appreciation Thread (doughnutnational)

Happy Birthday Werner! (Russ Walling)

Let’s Hear it For Fred Beckey! (Chico)

Brutus of Wyde and Nurse Ratchet Wedding Reception (Karl Baba)

Gunks Climbers Reunion (rgold)

Piton Ron Appreciation/Depreciation Thread (Truethy)

Poway Mountain Boys (Leroy)

Jello Appreciation Thread (Ouch!)

Mark Klemens: where he at? (bachar)

Dick Dorworth AND Craig Calonica – right here – (Blinny)

Welcome to Mark Hudon (Roger Breedlove)

Dave Diegelman: Welcome to Supertypo (tarbuster)

Facelift 2007

Speaking of FaceLift (Paulina)

FaceLift 08 (Prod)

FaceLift’s 1951 Hudson (jstan)

Another FaceLift TR (Crimpergirl)

FaceLift FollowUp – Finally (Mighty Hiker)

FaceLift on TV (MisterE)

ChickieMan on ABC News (Blinny)

Tee-shirts (Chicken Skinner)

Yosemite FaceLift (TR) (bluering)

Latest Gossip from FaceLift (fattrad)

ANOTHER FaceLift Thread (Mighty Hiker)

Yosemite FaceLift – A Modest Proposal (Part III – Pancakes!) (Mighty Hiker)

Yosemite FaceLift – A Modest Proposal (Part II) (Mighty Hiker)

Yosemite FaceLift – A Modest Proposal (Mighty Hiker)

Yosemite FaceLift – Sushi RSVPs Required (nature)

Friggin FaceLift? (Chicken Skinner)

Supreme Ruler of Raw Fish (nature)

Crimpie is Attending the FaceLift! (Chicken Skinner)

FaceLift in Two Weeks (Chicken Skinner)

Ken Yager Receives Yosemite Fund Award (A. Crowley)

FaceLift 2008

FaceLift…group meals.

SushiFest 2007 – T shirts

Spiritual Readings at Facelift

Yosemite FaceLift – Dirty Job or Not

Yosemite FaceLift (TR – 2007)

need help ....three man cot doesn't work.....please advise

Yosemite Facelift 2008 (3 months away) 9/24 - 9/28

Yosemite FaceLift 2008 - Six Months to go!

TacoNight at the Ahwahnee? ? ? ? ? (FaceLift)

The Wine Is Gone. (Museum Climbing Exhibit)

Social climber
May 31, 2019 - 11:38pm PT
hey there, say, mighty hiker... wow, what LOT OF WORK...


Monterey, Ca
May 31, 2019 - 11:38pm PT
Lynne Leichtfuss

Sport climber
moving thru
May 31, 2019 - 11:41pm PT
Thanks Sir! So glad for Facelift and all you do there to make it happen. Getting together in the real, well nothing beats it. Cheers!
Mighty Hiker

Outside the Asylum
Topic Author's Reply - May 31, 2019 - 11:59pm PT
Possibly the longest ever single post to SuperTopo - 37 pages. I'd almost forgotten about this - it took quite a lot of work.
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