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“Rock Athlete" and the First Free Ascent of “Carnage” at Malham Cove, UK
by Rick A
1,350 Feb 06, 2013 8
Zoroaster Temple Trip Report, 10/2/07 - Click for details
 Zoroaster Temple Trip Report, 10/2/07
Zoroaster Temple Trip Report, 10/2/07 There’s some kind of magic in the Canyon. Especially, if you get below the rim and start wandering around. You’ve got to come back. ...

by Zander
3,412 Apr 21, 2013 64
Zodiac- June 2012 TR
by Lambone
1,525 Jul 27, 2012 17
Zodiac, The Good, The Bad, and The Wet - Click for details
 Zodiac, The Good, The Bad, and The Wet
Cube life with kids in Portland is not very conducive to training for Spring walls, so we pretty much didn't. We got in the Valley on a Thursday afternoon and hiked...

by Moof
1,910 May 15, 2013 24
Zodiac with Chris Mac - Click for details
 Zodiac with Chris Mac
First trip report, so here goes nothing. A while ago I bid enough to win a day of climbing with Chris McNamara. This was an incredibly exciting prospect, as I was just crawlin...

by yo-so-mighty
2,330 Mar 12, 2014 30
Zodiac in a day and a bit with a blind dude - Click for details
 Zodiac in a day and a bit with a blind dude
Been quite an up and down week here in the valley. We arrived as just as they lifted a dead British climber from El Cap, and people are quite down due to another fatality on e...

by Andy KP
1,977 Jun 18, 2013 18
Zodiac in 110 Hours, Couch-to-Couch, April 11-15, 2013 - Click for details
 Zodiac in 110 Hours, Couch-to-Couch, April 11-15, 2013
Climbers, This is a report of a new speed ascent on the Zodiac. No one has ever climbed the route in this time, starting from, and finishing on, my couch. Here's ou...

by fat-n-sassy
2,961 Apr 25, 2013 38
Zodiac 2011 - Click for details
 Zodiac 2011
So this trip report is a bit out of order. I did a TR of my trip up Mescalito in 2012 before I put up these pictures from the Zodiac but its winter and I’m jonesin for some w...

by Spanky
1,311 May 11, 2013 15
Zodiac 2007
by ricardo-sf
2,133 Jul 08, 2010 2
ZNP - Cosmic Egg: Trip Report - Click for details
 ZNP - Cosmic Egg: Trip Report
It was 11:30am and Chris and I were still sitting around drinking coffee. The aches and pain of the Streaked Wall still lingered with my muscles in my neck and back. The...

by Ammon
2,055 Jan 14, 2007 28
Zionism and the Sanctuary of Exposure 4/6 - 4/11/14 - Click for details
 Zionism and the Sanctuary of Exposure 4/6 - 4/11/14
Trip: Zionism and the Sanctuary of Exposure - Desert Shield, Touchstone Wall Date: 4/6/2014 Trip Report: “I slept with a cactus last night.” I could jus...

by Tvash
1,705 May 18, 2014 35
Zion, 1971 - Click for details
 Zion, 1971
This story first appeared in the 1972 issue of Ascent. I'm going to include it as one of two stories in the book I'm working on, illustrating the experience of the classic ol...

by Jello
2,980 May 22, 2014 42
Zion Climbing TR - Touchstone Wall - Click for details
 Zion Climbing TR - Touchstone Wall
So I wrangled up a couple days off around the first weekend in March and made plans to go to Zion and get my first big wall under my belt. I had been trying to get a climbing ...

by crossman04
3,114 Jul 08, 2010 6
Zenyatta Mondatta. November, 2010. - Click for details
 Zenyatta Mondatta. November, 2010.
My brother and I just finished Zenyatta Mondatta a few days ago. Started 11/15. Finished 11/18. Three nights on the wall. Perfect weather. Wonderful route. Good times. I ...

by Stanley Hassinger
2,073 Nov 23, 2010 23
Zenyatta Mondatta-Solo, June 2011 - Click for details
 Zenyatta Mondatta-Solo, June 2011
I need to thank John Fine and Mike O. for a bit of proofreading and both suggesting that I work harder and make the story more compelling. My life for the last year has been p...

by Mark Hudon
7,945 Oct 29, 2012 84
Zenyatta Mondatta, El Capitan - Winter Ascent - Click for details
 Zenyatta Mondatta, El Capitan - Winter Ascent Enjoy! If you can't pay attention long enough, you can just watch the video he...

by Cheyne
3,854 Jan 31, 2011 33
Zenyatta Mondatta Photo TR -10/08 - Click for details
 Zenyatta Mondatta Photo TR -10/08
Yo, so although our ascent of ZM is nothing remarkable compared to a lot of reports on this was significant achievement on a personal level for my partner Brian and ...

by Lambone
2,869 Nov 09, 2009 46
young, dumb, and full of cum
by freerider
3,773 Nov 23, 2010 20
Young Lakes and Ragged Peak (aka Conness Attempt) - Click for details
 Young Lakes and Ragged Peak (aka Conness Attempt)
Around this time of year, I start getting restless for Tuolumne even if I haven’t spent enough time in the Valley to justify the itch. Fortunately, Tioga Pass opened last Satu...

by yosguns
2,063 May 18, 2013 29
You Want Climbing Lore - I'll Give You Climbing Lore
by Don Lauria
2,536 Mar 15, 2012 75
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