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Speedriding 2014 - Click for details
 Speedriding 2014
Kristoffer and I had an EPIC season of speedriding. I made a short video. It includes flying off of the Eiger and Mont Blanc. Get psyched and go do some hood rat stuff with yo...

by poop_tube
105 Apr 18, 2014 2
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by jmooks
140 Apr 18, 2014 1
East Buttress of Lower Cathedral Rock - Click for details
 East Buttress of Lower Cathedral Rock
Iíve wanted to do this climb since, good grief, the Bush years. Always put it off for some reason (probably scared), finally had a chance this spring. This line seems ...

by le_bruce
262 Apr 18, 2014 10
Climb to Sekotong Lombok Indonesia
by Coslombok
269 Apr 09, 2014 4
FA of the South Duke, Taku Range - Click for details
 FA of the South Duke, Taku Range
Here's the FA of Bo Duke-It (IV WI5 M6+ 1,300') on the South Duke in the Taku Range last Saturday with Kris Williams. Likely the FA of the South Duke as well. ...

by johnkelley
275 Apr 17, 2014 15
Pequeno Alpamayo 17,618ft
by Kushrocks
295 Mar 09, 2014 6
Red Rock pt 3: Levitation 29 (III 5.11c) - Click for details
 Red Rock pt 3: Levitation 29 (III 5.11c)
When Lisa and I got back to the car after climbing Inti Watana To Resolution Arete I was psyched we didn't have to ever use headlamps. When I checked my phone and read a text ...

by Vitaliy M.
298 Apr 19, 2014 10
New Life, The Calling and Freeway in Squamish - Click for details
 New Life, The Calling and Freeway in Squamish
The familiar skyline and tiny raindrops welcome me back to Seattle. At one point Seattle was home, the place I grew up and learned to climb. Coming back to the pacific n...

by cultureshock
304 Oct 03, 2013 5
Dome de Miage and aguille de la Berangere  - a trip in the alps with May POW - Click for details
 Dome de Miage and aguille de la Berangere - a trip in the alps with May POW Looks like winter will never end this year here in the Alps... "unfo...

by stefano607518
321 May 13, 2013 1
Visiting My Old Friend Stonewall - Click for details
 Visiting My Old Friend Stonewall
The following trip report is posted in its entirety - feel free to check out my blog for more like it! I guess the earliest memory I have is sitting in the front ya...

by GDavis
330 Dec 03, 2013 3
Cooke Booke Trip Report 7/12/09 - Click for details
 Cooke Booke Trip Report 7/12/09
Cooke Booke Trip Report 7/12/09 Davidji and I headed up on Saturday night. Amazingly we found a legal campsite at Porcupine Flat. We did our part to stimulate the econ...

by Zander
334 Jul 31, 2009 34
Sand in my eyes - Click for details
 Sand in my eyes
This spring I've hit up Zion twice with 2 good buds. Trip one we were able to knock off tricks of the trade a few days before they closed it for falcon nesting, and the 2nd tr...

by Grippa
340 Apr 08, 2014 6
TR 2011-04 Pinnacles scrambling with kids
by nutjob
349 Nov 02, 2012 14
Short Video TR - Bouldering in County Park
by GDavis
351 Nov 22, 2013 8
TR 2008-12-30 Gary's Crack Menace - Click for details
 TR 2008-12-30 Gary's Crack Menace
The menace: The crew: Queen of Wyde: Ed H with injured foot (and wall of fame in foreground): Scuffy showing us how the arm...

by nutjob
356 Apr 25, 2009 15
South Africa: A True Test of My Abilities - Click for details
 South Africa: A True Test of My Abilities
"Nothing in this world can prepare you for what you will see coming over the hill revealing Rocklands in South Africa. Thousands, upon thousands of sandstone boulders. Itís si...

by Juli
357 Dec 12, 2013 4
Ireland's Highest free standing tower
by Donegal Sea Stacks
359 Sep 25, 2012 2
CANADA - West coast trail (solo) a.k.a a little italian hit the "wilderness"
by stefano607518
359 Jul 18, 2013 3
Grapevine, Grindhouse & Sally (Backwaters Bouldering, MT) - Click for details
 Grapevine, Grindhouse & Sally (Backwaters Bouldering, MT)
More fun out in the backwaters Pat on the FA of Grapevine Grape Slab The Grindhouse Project The brother ...

by TKingsbury
360 Mar 14, 2009 20
Arch Stack, Donegal, Ireland
by Donegal Sea Stacks
362 Sep 25, 2012 2
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