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Topic Author's Original Post - Oct 25, 2017 - 07:53pm PT
SUPERTOPO CLIMBING GOLD: 0.0 A Guide to SuperTopo Gold
SUPERTOPO CLIMBING GOLD: 2.0 Threads: Foundational Series
SUPERTOPO CLIMBING GOLD: 2.1 Threads: Individuals
SUPERTOPO CLIMBING GOLD: 2.2 Threads: Areas + Routes
SUPERTOPO CLIMBING GOLD: 2.3 Threads: Climbing Conversation

SUPERTOPO CLIMBING GOLD: 0.0 A Guide to SuperTopo Gold
[by nah000]


The SuperTopo Climber’s Forum is a place primarily driven by both climbing and OT [off-topic] conversation and banter. While some don’t like the term "online campfire", it is in some regards aptly suited. As with conversations at a campfire, the conversations inside particular forum threads range from the serious and climbing related to the equivalent of drunken fist fights over whose presidential candidate is better. Between these two ends, all combinations are and everything in between is, in time, duly represented. Unlike a campfire conversation, if you don’t view or contribute to a thread, the conversation happening inside, effectively doesn’t exist. As such this place is entirely reflective of the posts that are made and if you aren’t a big fan of the fist fights, or the off topic, instead of complaining about them, start or contribute to climbing content!

Because the SuperTopo forum uses an anarchy encouraging most-recent-post-to-the-top-of-the-page structure, there are thousands of threads filled with climbing related gold that while not entirely lost to the sands of history, have at least become more difficult to find. Unless you’ve been logging into this forum everyday since Sep. 5, 2001 there’s a lot more to this place than what appears on the first [or even first ten or one hundred] pages[s] of the forum. The real heart of SuperTopo as a narrative based climbing information resource is not found primarily on the front page, but is rather distributed throughout its conversational history.

This index of SuperTopo Climbing Gold is an attempt to collect and organize the best of the climbing related information embedded within the matrix of conversation that has occurred here. This is done with three intents:
1. create a continually expanding index of the high quality climbing related information, narrative and entertainment unique to SuperTopo, for all users to employ.
2. encourage new and non-regular users to enjoy and add to the higher quality conversations that have already occurred.
3. provide feedback to high quality thread initiators and trip report creators that their contributions are noticed and appreciated.

Because feedback on this forum is based only on posts, if you find a thread or tr that you particularly enjoy, please add to it! And if it’s not on the index, and meets the high quality that this index has so far maintained then please post to any of the six index threads and suggest it!

As the zen koan says:

If a high quality thread in the forest is not being posted to, does it have any views?


As stated above this index is intended to collect and organize the highest quality climbing related information, narrative and entertainment on the SuperTopo Climber’s Forum. As such, the goal is not to catalog every single thread or tr, but rather to mine the best 1-3% [or so] worth of climbing related threads and posts that this forum has to offer.

The information is divided into the following three primary categories, all of which can be reached by clicking the links at the top of this page:

1. Trip Reports
2. Threads
3. Single Posts

The primary categories are further divided into the following sub-categories:

1.0 Trip Reports [organized by location]
….. [g. route, f. peak, e. area, d. state, c. country, b. continent, a. planet]
….. A. Earth [ - americas]
….. B. Americas [ - usa - can]
….. C. Canada [ - baffin]
….. E. Baffin Island
….. C. USA [ - ak - az - ca - ut - wy]
….. D. Arizona
….. D. Wyoming
….. D. Alaska
….. D. Utah
….. D. California [ - yos - evo]
….. G. Evolution Traverse
….. E. Yosemite [ - am - ec - hd - bc]
….. G. Astroman
….. G. Basketcase
….. F. Half Dome
….. F. El Capitan [ - zodiac - the nose]
….. G. Zodiac
….. G. The Nose

1.1 Trip Reports [organized by all star gold producing authors]

2.0 Threads: Foundational Series [organized by date]
….. A. Wings of Steel Snafu
..... B. Peter Haan's Photographs, Hallucinations, and Reminiscences
….. C. Stonemaster Stories
….. D. Tarbuster's Campfire Conversation Curation
….. E. Steve Grossman’s Climbing History Threads
..... F. Oli's Tales
….. G. Squamish Climbers and Their Stories
….. H. Guido’s Golden Age of Yosemite
..... I. Don Lauria's Climbing Lore
..... J. Marlow's European Connection
..... K. Roadie's Trip "Reportage"
..... L. Avery's All Known Ascents
….. M. Serial Threads Disguised as Single Threads [aka HoF Threads with a 1000+ posts]

2.1 Threads: Individuals [organized by subject]
..... A. Americans
..... B. Canadians
..... C. Europeans [ - austrians - british - french]
..... D. Austrians
..... E. British
..... F. French

2.2 Threads: Areas + Routes [organized by subject]
….. A. Areas + Routes: Yosemite
….. B. Areas + Routes: Earth [ - yosemite]

2.3 Threads: Climbing Conversation [organized by subject]
….. A. Ethics + Style
….. B. Gear, Catalogs + Techniques
….. C. Typologies
….. D. Stories
….. E. Climbers
….. F. Women
….. G. Mags + Topos

3.0 Single Posts [organized by author]


This index is by no means complete. With 72000+ threads and another 2100+ [formal] trip reports there remains much that still needs to be mined for climbing gold.

To add your favourite hidden and not so hidden climbing related SuperTopo gems to these index threads, just post the thread, tr, or single post that made a significant impression on you, to any of the four threads and i'll keep [in time :)] compiling and making them clickable on the first post of the applicable threads.

There are only two rules and two instructions:

Rules: 1. no self-authored nominations
….. 2. nominations need to be somewhat climbing related.

Instructions: 1. be specific regarding which threads or posts you deem worthy [ie. i need something more specific than "all of jimmy joe willicker's threads”]
….. 2. ask yourself whether it's just a personal fave or whether it rises to the level of quality that these lists generally rise to, thus far.

Thanks to all that have contributed both the original content and the suggestions, so far... [especially to Mick K and mike m for starting their SuperTaco Climbing Hall of Fame and Best Supertopo posts threads that this Index’s predecessor the SuperTopo Climbing Hall of Fame Compilation thread was initially primarily compiled from and to RyanD, Hardly Visible and Tarbuster who have been the most prolific miners of climbing gold thus far]


If you are new to this forum here are ten of my favourite climbing related threads and tr's [organized by date] that will hopefully help to give a sampling of some of what can make this board both compelling and unique:

Ten of my favourite Threads:
The Chick History Thread [Melissa: Jan. 10, 2005]
Daryl Hatten [AP: Mar. 18, 2006]
Frank Sacherer -- 1940 - 1978 [Ed Hartouni: Oct. 19, 2006]
Climbing 1957-style [Jello: Dec. 10, 2006]
Classic Ice Primer- Chouinard Catalog 1968 [Steve Grossman: May 19, 2007]
El Gran Trono Blanco [Gabe: Dec. 10, 2007]
North Twin- North Face G.Lowe & C.Jones Ascent 75-76 [Steve Grossman: Jun 27, 2009]
Paul Preuss, Our Founding Father Of Style. [Survival: Nov. 2, 2009]
Riding the Rails [Dick Erb: Nov. 13, 2009]
first big wall... solo, Wired Bliss and other memories [Steve Byrne: Feb. 13, 2012]

Ten of my favourite TR's:
2nd Free Ascent of Basketcase: a story [Peter Haan: Jul 29, 2006]
Where have you gone, Chris McNamara? [yo: Dec. 7, 2007]
My Up And Down Life, Disaster Master [Disaster Master: Oct. 23, 2010]
Half Dome cables with an autistic boy--er, young man [Damn this looks high: Aug. 16, 2011]
Evolution Traverse: How I Owe it All to an Apple [noriko nakagawa: Aug. 30, 2011]
Dru Couloir Direct : First Ascent 1977, Tobin Sorenson and Rick Accomazzo [Rick A: Apr. 19, 2012]
Lurking Fear solo - My first time up the Captain [Jane Gallwey: May 22, 2012]
Climbers save their country! (Yes this is damn on-topic) [Ghost: Jan. 25, 2013]
Denali Ski Descent 1991 [climbski2: Jul. 30, 2013]
Mainland Yemen (aka I didn't get kidnapped) [chick_on_ice: Jan. 2, 2014]


Here are a few ways to aid productive searching of the +2 100 000 posts that have been made to date.

1. Use the search function to the upper right hand of the forum entering in the search term you are looking for and then from the pull down menu select either “forum” or “trip reports”. Yes, this is as obvious and as simple as it seems!

2. In order to find all threads started by a particular avatar configure the forum search as follows:

3. In order to see what threads died on the board at a particular point in history, just select the url below and then change the f= number [in the url below f=1] to something between 1 and 72360 [as of Jan. 1, 2015]:

As of Jan. 1, 2015, the following entries for f will take a person back to the following years:
10000 = mid 2013
20000 = end 2011
30000 = mid 2010
40000 = mid 2009
50000 = mid 2008
60000 = end 2006
70000 = mid 2004
72000 = mid 2002
72360 = mid 2001

As of Jan. 1, 2015 there were 72363 threads remaining in existence. This is equivalent to 2413 front styled pages of 30 threads each.

The first post still on record, from Sep. 6, 2001, is located here:

4. Check out these other best of and list threads organized by date:

SuperTaco Climbing Hall of Fame [Mick K: Oct. 5, 2006]
2008s Best Post [10b4me: Dec. 14, 2008]
List Of Links To Steve Grossman Historical Climbing Threads [Pate: Nov. 28, 2009]
List Of Links To Historical Threads [Pate: Nov. 30, 2009]
supertopo best trip report of the year [?: Nov. 3, 2011]
Almost at 1000 Trip Reports... vote for your favorite [Chris McNamara: Nov. 11, 2011]
Best TR of 2012....... [?: Jan. 7, 2013]
The Great Enduring Non-Acrimonious Threads of Supertopo? [Dingus Milktoast: Dec. 5, 2013]
¡best trip reports of 2013! [nah000: Jan. 9, 2014]
Best Supertopo posts. [mike m: Sep. 3, 2014]

Topic Author's Reply - Oct 25, 2017 - 07:55pm PT

i'm finally completing the [what will hopefully be the last] name change and major reorganization, that i started back this summer...

so apologies for the front page flooding that is about to occur.

finally don't worry about a few of the links that won't work at the top of each page. they'll be fixed in the next half hour or so as i get all of these pages up and running.

And I'm searchin' for waterspouts...
Oct 25, 2017 - 08:09pm PT
Jeez Nah000, impressive amount of work!

Thank you!

Trad climber
Oct 25, 2017 - 10:25pm PT
[Click to View YouTube Video]

Trad climber
South Pasadena, CA
Oct 25, 2017 - 10:43pm PT
This would be an awesome school project for trying to train an AI system... let it watch examples of how people categorize stuff and then cut it loose to start making its own decisions. It might be interesting to see what additional categories or tags it would generate based on the existing ones.
Gnome Ofthe Diabase

Out Of Bed
Oct 26, 2017 - 05:07am PT



right here, right now
Jul 19, 2018 - 10:30am PT
Check this one out, gold, gold, GOLD!

Everest, 1986.
Steve McKinney, Kim Schmitz, Craig Calonica, Kim Carpenter, Jim Bridwell, Rennie Jackson, Catherine Freer, Marty Hoey, Jim Wickwire, Mary Kay Brewster, Sue Giller, Catherine Cullinane, Larry Tudor, Bob Carter, Pete Athans.

Most importantly, footage of Steve McKinney hang gliding off the flanks of Mount Everest's West Ridge, produced by George Bell and Dave Breashears:

Social climber
Dec 29, 2018 - 09:49pm PT
hey there say, nah00... been a bit, since we seen this (i think) ...

was just reminded of all these...
here is a bump...

mouse from merced

Trad climber
The finger of fate, my friends, is fickle.
Feb 6, 2019 - 06:45pm PT
A solid bump for a real "solid."

I you thank!

Monterey, Ca
May 13, 2019 - 12:00pm PT
Bump in light of recent news of Supertopo's (likely) demise.

Hopefully this can survive.

Monterey, Ca
May 31, 2019 - 11:23pm PT
Another bump.
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