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Topic Author's Original Post - Oct 25, 2017 - 07:55pm PT
SUPERTOPO CLIMBING GOLD: 0.0 A Guide to SuperTopo Gold
SUPERTOPO CLIMBING GOLD: 2.0 Threads: Foundational Series
SUPERTOPO CLIMBING GOLD: 2.1 Threads: Individuals
SUPERTOPO CLIMBING GOLD: 2.2 Threads: Areas + Routes
SUPERTOPO CLIMBING GOLD: 2.3 Threads: Climbing Conversation

My hope is that this index of SuperTopo Climbing Gold will collect and organize the highest quality climbing related information, narrative and entertainment on the SuperTopo Climber’s Forum.

As such, the goal is not to catalog every single thread or tr, but rather to mine the best 1-3% [or so] worth of climbing related threads and posts that this forum has to offer. To add your favourite hidden and not so hidden climbing related SuperTopo gems to these index threads, just post the thread, tr, or single post that made a significant impression on you, to any of the six threads and i'll keep [in time :)] compiling and making them clickable on the first post of the applicable threads.

There are only two rules and two instructions:

Rules: 1. no self-authored nominations
..... 2. nominations need to be somewhat climbing related.

Instructions: 1. be specific regarding which threads or posts you deem worthy [ie. i need something more specific than "all of jimmy joe willicker's threads”]
..... 2. ask yourself whether it's just a personal fave or whether it rises to the level of quality that these lists generally rise to, thus far.

1.0 TRIP REPORTS [by location]

A. EARTH [ - americas]
American Cowboys in Tibet - A 1987 Cho Oyu Expedition [Ney Grant: Oct. 18, 2016]
A solid companion - first edit [Jello: Dec. 11, 2007]
Bushido (Great Trango Tower, August 2013) [Regan: Sep. 25, 2013]
Central Asia Travel Report [chick_on_ice: Sept. 27, 2014]
Climbing in the Wadi Rum Desert of Jordan - March 2012 [Sierra Ledge Rat: Mar. 30, 2012]
Donini, Lowe, Kennedy, Lowe - Latok 1 [survival + donini: Oct. 25, 2010]
Dru Couloir Direct : First Ascent 1977, Tobin Sorenson and Rick Accomazzo [Rick A: Apr. 19, 2012]
Katharsis (Troll Wall, January-February 2015). The last wall of the Big Wall Alpine Trilogy [Regan: Jan. 12, 2016]
Mainland Yemen (aka I didn't get kidnapped) [chick_on_ice: Jan. 2, 2014]
Piz Badile Via Cassin - Adventure and Tragedy in the Swiss Alps. [blindclimber: Oct. 13, 2017]

B. AMERICAS [ - can - usa]
Climb Like a Mexican [Dingus Milktoast: Sep. 21, 2017]
Compressor Route of Cerro Torre, Patagonia - February 2008 (pre-chopping) [KristofferSzilas:Nov. 25, 2015]
Patagonia bound - by the slow road... [rockermike: Jun. 12, 2013]
'TASTE THE PAINE' grade VII solo F.A. in Patagonia [DaveT.: Jan. 29, 2008]

C. CANADA [ - baffin]
Beckey -Coonyard BITD [Reilly: Feb. 12, 2009]
Climbers save their country! (Yes this is damn on-topic) [Ghost: Jan. 25, 2013]
Squamish: In A Day. An experimental journey to transcend climbing's dogmatic ideals, from Onsight to Insight. [browniephoto: Jun. 19, 2013]
The week of the Pink Moon, a Squamish TR [browniephoto: Apr. 27, 2013]
We had to climb it in order to save our country. [Tami: Nov. 23, 2009]

BAFFIN- Climbing/Skiing Trip report w/ pics [DaveT.: Jul. 8, 2009]
Superbalance (Polar Sun Spire, Baffin Island, April-May 2012) [Regan: Jun. 7, 2012]
The Reward [Regan: Nov. 16, 2012]

C. USA [ - ak - az - ca - ut - wy]
Elephant’s Perch, Sawtooth Range, Idaho, NR Epic: Pacydermial Pleasantries 1977 [Fritz: Feb. 25, 2010]
Homo Climbtastic's Gay/Lesbian/Trans/Whatever Climbing Convention was better than any climbing trip you will ever have, ever [Alex Rowland: Jul. 30, 2010]
I Love the Desert [joepuryear: Apr 27, 2008]
My Up And Down Life, Disaster Master [Disaster Master: Oct. 23, 2010]
Pursuit of Bluebonnet Tower and the Lost Crystal Cave, Sawtooths, Idaho. [Fritz: Feb. 24, 2010]
Spire 4 [mike m: Oct. 10, 2014]
the Black Canyon with Kor, by Pat Ament [Patrick Oliver: Apr. 26, 2013]
The First Ascent of the Needle's Eye [rgold: Jul. 27, 2007]
Willis Wall Winter Wonderland Pics [Reilly: Dec. 16, 2010]

Attempt on Moonflower Buttress, Mount Hunter [KristofferSzilas: Nov. 27, 2015]
Cathedral Spires TR - over 30 years late [rrider: Sep. 25, 2009]
Denali Ski Descent 1991 [climbski2: Jul. 30, 2013]
Mt. Huntington, West Face, Colton-Leech route [Alpinista55: Nov. 19, 2009]
Ruth Gorge Climbing: Whiteouts, Snickers and Pakistani Mangoes. [chick_on_ice: Jun. 18, 2014]
West Fork Ruth Glacier, Mt. Huntington East Ridge [Alpinista55: Nov. 19, 2009]

Drama on Baboquivari Peak (TR) [nature + drljefe: Apr. 23, 2009]
Grand Canyon Dreamin' 10/7 to 10/13/2012 [Zander: Nov. 04, 2012]
Heavens To Betsy. Climbing and healing. [drljefe: Sep. 21, 2014]
Pichcach Peak, By Fair Means [drljefe: Jan. 31, 2012]

Where have you gone, Chris McNamara? [yo: Dec. 7, 2007]
Zion, 1971 [Jello: Oct. 19, 2006]

Cowboys and Aliens in the American Elysium - A Wyoming Tale [Tvash: Feb. 18, 2014]
Grand Teton Unroped [Unlucky: Jul. 15, 2013]
Teton Grand Slam: 8 Classic Routes and Some Traverses Done Over a 9 Day Climbing Marathon [PellucidWombat: Sep. 20, 2012]
The Lama Wrangler, the Cook, the Guidebook Author, Boston, the Luxumberger and his son, Harvard, the Counselor, and the Lizard. [mike m: Aug. 18, 2011]
Wind Rivers. 1969 [Jello: Oct. 12, 2006]

D. CALIFORNIA [ - yos - evo]
Playing Hooky from Work: A Solo Ascent of Geochronology Wall (I, C2, cl.3) [PellucidWombat: Sep. 7, 2011]
Mt Russell, Mithral Dihedral (III, 5.10, 7P) Car-to-Car via a Unique Approach (Photo TR) [PellucidWombat: Jun. 4, 2013]
Crisis in Yosemite - My fall of a lifetime [TBair: Nov. 14, 2011]
No Country For Old Men: Wanderlust in Parched Land [Micronut: Oct. 16, 2014]
Silk Road to the Karakoram Highway, a Cal Domes mega-classic!!! [Salamanizer: Oct. 28, 2012]
The Idiots Guide to Descending Lone Pine Peak [drc: Mar. 23, 2009]
Tram Bouldering [RtM: May 21, 2012]

Ben Horne Memorial Climb - Evolution Traverse (Car to Car) [Vitaliy M.: Sep. 4, 2013]
Evolution Traverse: How I Owe it All to an Apple [noriko nakagawa: Aug. 30, 2011]
Evolution Traverse, Car-to-Car, Sub 24hrs [The Dak: Jun. 25, 2014]
Time for an Evolution [Jerry Dodrill: Sep. 16, 2013]

E. YOSEMITE [ - am - bc - ec - hd]
Above Average Trip Report (The Meadows and Beyond) [Micronut: Oct. 14, 2008]
Ain't Skeerd: A Halloween TR on The Nutscracker [Micronut: Oct. 30, 2011]
Angel Wings - First Ascent on The Golden Pillar! (V 5.11+ C2) [Vitaliy M.: Oct. 8, 2015]
Bubbs Creek Wall - The Emperor (FA/FFA V 5.12- or 5.11 A0) [Vitaliy M.: Jul. 13, 2015]
An Oddyssey to Shangri La (FA and an FFA in a little paradise) [Vitaliy M. (+ DMT): Nov. 17, 2014]
coonyard pinnacle-first ascent sept 1960 [guido: Nov. 2, 2008]
Coonyard Pinnacle- 50 Years Later [guido: May 12, 2011]
Crisis in Yosemite - My fall of a lifetime [TBair: Nov. 14, 2011]
FA: Psychedelic Wall, Sentinel Rock, 1966 [BooDawg: Dec. 12, 2015]
FA Sentinel Falls [chappy: Apr. 1, 2007]
Fairview Dome-Regular Route 2nd Ascent 1962 Foott and Guido [guido: Feb. 26, 2010]
Freewheeling: La Direttissima per Ora Dove, in b/w, Oct 1973 [Roger Breedlove: Mar. 11, 2011]
If you like finger cracks, you need to climb the Crucifix. [tahoe 523: Jun. 20, 2011]
Into the womb of the Crack of Doom. [Salamanizer: Dec. 16, 2012]
Lost Arrow Chimney (TR) [Salamanizer: May 13, 2008]
MODERN FAs in the SUPER SECRET AREA (THE X FILES) [Vitaliy M.: Oct. 20, 2015]
New Route near Washington Column (A Trip Report) [Micronut: Oct. 1, 2009]
No Rescue: the Bob Locke Accident on Mt. Watkins [Rick A: Sep. 8, 2007]
North Buttress, Merriam peak & Royce lakes [RyanD: Feb. 9, 2012]
"Scrambles in the Range of Light" [Tarbuster: Jul. 23, 2006]
Steck-Salathe In Winter With Kor-1963 [guido: Apr. 7, 2011]
The Bachar-Yerian: A Three Year Obsession Comes to a Close [Jon Clark: Sep. 30, 2013]
The Birth of Wheat Thin [Peter Haan: Sep. 24, 2006]
The making of another Yosemite Valley Obscurity [Ed Hartouni: Jun. 11, 2006]
Trip Report -- Skull Queen in Winter [Brutus of Wyde: May 5, 2006]

A Laywoman's Account of Astroman [tahoe523: May 16, 2011]
A Very OT Astroman Report [Mei: May 19, 2016]

"Up rope I'm not moving!" First ascent of Basketcase [donini: Apr. 2, 2009]
2nd Free Ascent of Basketcase: a story [Peter Haan: Jul 29, 2006]
Into the Gaping Maw, a tale of Basket Case, the Astroman of Offwidth. [Salamanizer: Nov. 16, 2013]
Losing Our Marbles on Obscure Yosemite Offwidth: The Way Kim and I Survived Basketcase [christinafreschi: Oct. 2, 2013]

Half Dome cables with an autistic boy--er, young man [Damn this looks high: Aug. 16, 2011]
Half Dome Like You're Never Seen it Before [Pellucid Wombat: Apr. 16, 2014]
Half Dome Unroped [MtnSavior: Jul. 17, 2013]
Half Dome with my daughter [Jim Herson: Jul. 14, 2011]
Half Dome with 3 kids, Steck-Salathe with 4 kids [Jim Herson: Aug. 15, 2017]
Hey Coz, Sure would like to hear the story of Southern Belle [Prod: Apr. 1, 2008]

F. EL CAPITAN [ - zodiac - the nose]
A Laywoman's Account of a Not Too Soggy Siege on the Salathe with Some Spaniards [tahoe523: Jun. 15, 2011]
Grape Race-Tribal Rite, Solo. 6/10, Trip Report [Mark Hudon: Aug. 25, 2010]
Jolly Roger Photo T.R. [Levi: Oct. 27, 2007]
Lurking Fear solo - My first time up the Captain [Jane Gallwey: May 22, 2012]
My visit to the Canoe [yo: Aug. 14, 2006]
PIXEL-PUSHER GEEKS SCALE EL CAP [stratfordnyc: Mar. 12, 2010]
Second Ascent of the North American Wall [Don Lauria: Sep. 19, 2017]
Tempest - October, 2001 [Valerio: Jun. 30, 2014]
The Shield, 10/10, A Trip Report by John Fine and Mark Hudon [Mark Hudon + John Fine: Feb. 18, 2011]
Zenyatta Mondatta-Solo, June 2011 [Mark Hudon: Jul. 27, 2011]

A lass solo on Zodiac [magda_o: Nov. 21, 2016]
A rookie’s solo ascent of the Zodiac - Oct 2012 [yellow mzungu: Oct. 21, 2012]

A jumarless Nose with my Daughter. [Jim Herson: Jun. 11, 2013]
How I Learned to Climb the NIAD in 3 Days and 2 Nights [tahoe523: Jul. 6, 2011]
The night I topped out on the nose [gonamok: Aug. 16, 2014]
The Nose In A Day [Mark Hudon: Nov. 7, 2009]

1.1 TRIP REPORTS [by all star gold producing authors]

Alpinista55 [4]
chick_on_ice [8]
Jello [3]
Jim Herson [9]
KristofferSzilas [10+]
Mark Hudon [8]
Micronut [30+]
PellucidWombat [60+]
Regan [8]
tahoe523 [4]
Vitaliyi M. [80+]
yo [2]

Social climber
Oct 25, 2017 - 09:11pm PT
hey there, say, WOW naah000, thanks!

lots of trouble, it must have been...

i was already to see a neat trip, from callie? think it was,
and sadly, those 'photo shop alerts' were there, :(

*i read about that already, :(
wamted to see the neat pics :)

wow, thank you so much, though, can't wait to take
some time and see all the links that you
grouped together...

lots of work!!! again, that you!

Boulder, CO
Oct 26, 2017 - 08:04am PT
rubber chickens first on the list for AZ. but I think you'll want this one since the images are mostly gone from the forum post

Social climber
great white north
Oct 26, 2017 - 01:52pm PT
What a great service -thanks!

Topic Author's Reply - Oct 26, 2017 - 11:12pm PT

in case you skimmed: As such, the goal is not to catalog every single thread or tr, but rather to mine the best 1-3% [or so] worth of climbing related threads and posts that this forum has to offer.

if you got that, you did miss this: 1. be specific regarding which threads or posts you deem worthy [ie. i need something more specific than "all of jimmy joe willicker's threads”]

but for sure: mr. szilas has killed it around here with his trs. he's actually on a list residing in my head of trip report creators who basically never produce anything but gold. someday i'll compile that... :)

in the mean time if there is a specific trip report of his that you want to add, just suggest it. cheers.

Topic Author's Reply - Nov 9, 2017 - 10:17pm PT
nature: fixed it. thanks.

and speaking of the above, the whole loss of photos around here, as neebee also mentions, is a bummer. while i didn't check all of the threads, i know of a few that have basically been lost due to their photos being completely lost, mostly due to photofUckit's attempt at an old fashioned stick up. so for the time being i'm going to delist a few that are basically useless at the moment. it's also encouragement, if the o.p's still mosey around in these parts to fix 'em. ie. while most posts aren't editable after a certain amount of time, trip reports and first posts on a thread are editable indefinitely. so take a cue from nature [if you have the time and see this] and fix up the links and i'll relist...

for the time being, i've delisted the following due to either dead links or being heavily reliant on photos that are no longer:

A quick visit to the Valley - Trip Report [Crimpergirl: Sep. 19, 2006]
BrassNuts and Eeeyonkeee Do the Desert – TR – MANY PHOTOS! [Crimpergirl: Apr. 16, 2009]
Hairline perhaps Tahoes hardest 1 pitch aid climb tr [Ron Anderson: Jun. 7, 2013]
Historical Ascent in Pinnacles NM [maculated: Dec. 5, 2005]
The Sum of Bouldering=100+ Pictures [this just in: Feb. 22, 2014]
This Monkeys Gone to Heaven [bringmedeath: Sep. 14, 2005]

as mentioned, i didn't go through all of them, so there are probably others, that should get the same treatment, for the time being. ie. if you see threads that are basically dead at this point due to being dependent on dead links, post up below...

now onto additions:

thanks Tarbuster, while you suggested stories and it's a fine line i'm going to stick with the original delineation that DMT posted it under... but either way this is, imo, one of the finest pieces of writing i've seen on here, so thanks to DMT for writing it and to you for nominating it:

Climb Like a Mexican [Dingus Milktoast: Sep. 21, 2017]

and Hardly Visible... while this one could be in about four places, it seems most at home as a [very incredible] trip report:

Second Ascent of the North American Wall [Don Lauria: Sep. 19, 2017]

here are a couple more that stood out to me and, based on the comments, a lot of others, over the last bit:

a story that'll blow your mind: Piz Badile Via Cassin - Adventure and Tragedy in the Swiss Alps. [blindclimber: Oct. 13, 2017]

and another one from Herson that suggests he [or at least his kids] might be living on another plane from the rest of us: Half Dome with 3 kids, Steck-Salathe with 4 kids [Jim Herson: Aug. 15, 2017]

as always, i'm sure there are a bunch more that have been missed. so post up with the ones that blew your mind...

and also as always, thanks to every.single.person who posts up with a trip report. to me they are the life blood of this place... i'm pretty sure people argue in politard threads, as something to bide the time, before another sweet trip report shows up.

Social climber
Nov 10, 2017 - 12:19am PT
hey there say, nah000... you are most welcome...

us, that you have thanks, as a group... really DO appreciate what you have done...

and, of course, we understand about the bad-oops, that photoshop
has created... :(

keep up the great work... and happy good eve, to you...

Grizzlyville, WY
Nov 10, 2017 - 01:43pm PT
I submit "Spire 4" for consideration:

I personally find watching young Jack grow from a tag along to a young man, leading his own forays, to be a fine trip.

Trad climber
Truckee, CA
Nov 10, 2017 - 07:12pm PT
For capturing the mood of what had to have been an all-life epic few hours, there is no El Cap or Nose TR that comes anywhere near this one

I've read it again and again and every word is absolute.. forget about gold, this one is pure diamond. There's a Jeff Lowe story or two that's right up there too. One about Pumori, or Nuptse. I'll find the links and put them on the correct GOLD thread. "Up Rope I'm Not Moving" is in the diamond class too.

Topic Author's Reply - Nov 22, 2017 - 09:06pm PT
WyoRockMan: no need for consideration... as long as folks think it's as golden as the other nominations on the list i post it... well, i suppose hypothetically there are standards: like a working link... ha! but seriously, that thread is gold for sure... one of those threads that makes supertopo unique relative to most other places climbers tell each other stories... thanks for the contribution:

USA: Spire 4 [mike m: Oct. 10, 2014]

mongrel: and this is one of the reasons i do this. i'd never seen that tr and 'twas a great read! thanks... as per the jeff lowe story, i believe you're thinking of A Solid Companion. both it and donini's "Uprope I'm Not Moving" stories are already on the list... thanks.

the nose: The night I topped out on the nose [gonamok: Aug. 16, 2014]

finally, I've threatened to do the following a few times, as there are a bunch of authors who, over the years, have been nominated based on "everything by so and so".

and so both to curb that tide in the future and also to give a shout out to those who have in the past produced consistently high quality offerings [as noted by their peers]... i've added a 1.1 TRIP REPORTS [by all star gold producing authors] category at the bottom of the above page...

Vitaliyi M. and PellucidWombat were already included as their own categories within the main list, but I'm taking them out of the main list along with adding a bunch of the people that have had the "everything by __" nomination made, over the years... basically you can't go wrong checking out pretty much any of the trip reports these folks have posted:

Alpinista55 [4]
chick_on_ice [8]
Jello [3]
Jim Herson [9]
KristofferSzilas [10+]
Mark Hudon [8]
Micronut [30+]
PellucidWombat [60+]
Regan [8]
tahoe523 [4]
Vitaliyi M. [80+]
yo [2]
Messages 1 - 10 of total 10 in this topic
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