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Topic Author's Original Post - Oct 25, 2017 - 07:56pm PT
SUPERTOPO CLIMBING GOLD: 0.0 A Guide to SuperTopo Gold
SUPERTOPO CLIMBING GOLD: 2.0 Threads: Foundational Series
SUPERTOPO CLIMBING GOLD: 2.1 Threads: Individuals
SUPERTOPO CLIMBING GOLD: 2.2 Threads: Areas + Routes
SUPERTOPO CLIMBING GOLD: 2.3 Threads: Climbing Conversation

My hope is that this index of SuperTopo Climbing Gold will collect and organize the highest quality climbing related information, narrative and entertainment on the SuperTopo Climber’s Forum.

As such, the goal is not to catalog every single thread or tr, but rather to mine the best 1-3% [or so] worth of climbing related threads and posts that this forum has to offer. To add your favourite hidden and not so hidden climbing related SuperTopo gems to these index threads, just post the thread, tr, or single post that made a significant impression on you, to any of the six threads and i'll keep [in time :)] compiling and making them clickable on the first post of the applicable threads.

There are only two rules and two instructions:

Rules: 1. no self-authored nominations
..... 2. nominations need to be somewhat climbing related.

Instructions: 1. be specific regarding which threads or posts you deem worthy [ie. i need something more specific than "all of jimmy joe willicker's threads”]
..... 2. ask yourself whether it's just a personal fave or whether it rises to the level of quality that these lists generally rise to, thus far.

3.0 SINGLE POSTS [by author]

Dingus Milktoast: Bridwell and Booger along the Merced [Dingus Milktoast: Apr. 8, 2005]
..... The Pass [Dingus Milktoast: May 13, 2005]
..... If you didn't puke? It wasn't that bad. [Dingus Milktoast: Sep. 21, 2007]
..... Alter egos of internet big wallers? [Dingus Milktoast: Jun. 9, 2013]
ewto: Eric trying to burn his house down and... [ewto: Nov. 1, 2006]
James: The Trip's Not Over: A Chongo Update [James: Dec. 3, 2007]
Jim Brennan: The Higher we Got, The Freer We Became. [Jim Brennan: Feb. 7, 2013]
Karl Baba: Leaning Tower Swill Story [Karl Baba: Oct. 21, 2002]
L: Peter Croft saved me from terminal boredom [L: Mar. 31, 2008]
madbolter1: How did I feel about the WoS Route itself? [madbolter1: Aug. 25, 2011]
Pate: Letter to a brother [Pate: Feb. 25, 2009]
Peter Haan: A BRIEF WALK WITH BRIDWELL (from 2005) [Peter Haan: Jul. 21, 2009]
..... BEING AND NOTHINGNESS IN THE GULLY: 2ND ED [Peter Haan: Nov. 3, 2009]
..... Driving Miss Bridwell [Peter Haan: Dec. 2, 2008]
Pewf: Prancercise [Pewf: Oct. 25, 2017]
rgold: The Saga of the Triple Lever [rgold: Oct. 28, 2009]
..... something I learned from climbing [rgold: Dec. 23, 2014]
Roadie: Alaska Highway, free solo, TR [Roadie: Dec. 16, 2012]
..... Indian Creek- a short story [Roadie: Dec. 16, 2012]
..... Lynn Hills Underwear [Roadie: Dec. 23, 2012]
..... Beggars Buttress tr [Roadie: Dec. 6, 2014]
TGT: the primary character is Andy [TGT: Feb. 28, 2009]
The Fist: Lost Friend [The Fist: Sep. 26, 2013]
Walleye: Walleye... tell me a story [Walleye: Apr. 13, 2007]
WBraun + elcap-pics: ElCap Report "Pics Fall 07" [WBraun + elcap-pics: Oct. 29, 2007]
yo: SS Father-Son 1996? [yo: Apr. 27, 2005]

Topic Author's Reply - Nov 9, 2017 - 10:13pm PT
thanks Tarbuster... added it:

Pewf: Prancercise [Pewf: Oct. 25, 2017]
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