Prow, Washington Column C2F 5.6


Yosemite Valley, California USA

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My Second Wall, My First Solo ( The Prow) - Click for details
 My Second Wall, My First Solo ( The Prow)
It had been a restless August. I spent each passing day with an increasingly feverish agitation. After graduating high school and watching my friends ship out to school ...

by Miles Fullman
5,374 May 07, 2018 31
Prow - Click for details
Hi, this little trip report might be of interest to anyone thinking of heading off to the valley for the first time, or bring back memories to others. https://www.coldm...

by David C
3,401 Jul 29, 2017 5
My first solo, aka really long navel gazing trip report - Prow - Click for details
 My first solo, aka really long navel gazing trip report - Prow
I posted this up on mountainproject during the summer, but reckoned people here might be interested. Which really is a stretch of the imagination as the damn thing is so long ...

by Jane Gallwey
8,313 May 27, 2017 56
"Disabled" Is a Stupid Word: Up and Down The Prow, Slowly - Click for details
 "Disabled" Is a Stupid Word: Up and Down The Prow, Slowly
I’m a flatlander and a vegetable farmer, and for years life had been moving away from climbing. My wife and I have a farm in Nebraska, we’ve got three young daughters, and we...

by notdisabled
7,254 Nov 21, 2016 73
Solo on the Prow - Click for details
 Solo on the Prow
I’d been itching to knock off another big (ok, medium) wall since I soloed the West Face of Leaning Tower back in March. I spent two nights on the wall, and topped out...

by The Hoosier
5,820 Feb 23, 2016 34
The Prow, Washington Column - Click for details
 The Prow, Washington Column
Dedicated to the memory of Joe Szot (1961 -- 2012), Adirondack climbing legend, hardman, friend and host to innumerable Adirondack climbers and visitors. Rest in peace...

by Andrew Barnes
9,382 Jun 12, 2015 58
The Prow Off The Couch (now with video!!!) - Click for details
 The Prow Off The Couch (now with video!!!)
Off the couch. That’s a term I have never believed in. I mean I know it sounds cool; ‘That route? Yeh I did that of the couch.’ I prefer to train for routes with lots of...

by runitout
4,167 Apr 08, 2015 21
Lessons learned for Big Walls - Click for details
 Lessons learned for Big Walls
THE IDEA It was probably the philandering BASE jumper that planted the seed… before hearing about him climbing up Lurking Fear to BASE jump off the summit for his birthday,...

by birdnerd
5,038 Dec 27, 2014 27
The Prow, my first wall 6/2012 - Click for details
 The Prow, my first wall 6/2012
July 2011 I was taking my "lead test" at Planet Granite in Sunnyvale. We were real climbers now I thought. We can lead climb. Although looking back this wasn't the major accom...

by briham89
7,242 Nov 11, 2014 39
3 days on the Prow - Click for details
 3 days on the Prow
Perfect fall weather and our pick of climbs (thanks to the Hantavirus) we set our sites on the Washington Column. This was going to be both our first trip up a big wal...

by Brian Friedrich
3,851 Nov 11, 2013 21
Prow - May 2013 - Click for details
 Prow - May 2013
I can't do one for every trip but I try to do a few TR's each year. Here's one from mid may. I finally feel better from a should injury a while back (t...

by matty
2,588 Aug 23, 2013 9
The Prow with Mickey (whitemeat) - Click for details
 The Prow with Mickey (whitemeat)
This past friday and saturday Mickey and I who met on the east buttress of middle cathedral made an attempt on the prow on washington colomn. This being my first wall made me ...

by Jaysen
4,679 Jul 10, 2013 16
Nose Bail & Prow Solo - Click for details
 Nose Bail & Prow Solo
2012 was a big year for me. I climbed el cap twice, soloed the prow and WFLT, sent SFWC and climbed half dome in a push twice. I guess you could say it all started summer of 2...

by jcory86
4,395 Mar 20, 2013 24
Washington Column-Prow (In a Day) - Click for details
 Washington Column-Prow (In a Day)
Check out the blog for MORE photos in BIGGER sizes What makes a great climb? Is it the ...

by Vitaliy M.
5,353 Jan 03, 2013 36
The Prow, June 2011 - Click for details
 The Prow, June 2011
Did this route as a team of 3 in early June 2011. Here's a link to my blog post: ...

by GHowland
3,301 Aug 12, 2011 11
Going UP and DOWN The Prow: Success and Failure
by Evdawg
4,065 Aug 02, 2010 6
Ox and Dave's Trip Up the Prow
by wallgumby
3,265 Jul 08, 2010 5
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