Armed Militia Takes Over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge HQ


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Jon Beck

Trad climber
Topic Author's Original Post - Jan 2, 2016 - 08:48pm PT
Led by the soon to be incarcerated Ammon Bundy and other assorted nutcases who have inserted themselves into the Hammond affair in Burns Oregon.

Head cheerleader is none other than Pete Santilli, a real piece of work. The Burns Brigade will be mobilized, muster at Dennys, early dark thirty.


Mountain climber
Jan 2, 2016 - 08:49pm PT
The Feds need to put a stop to this crap. Sorry, Ron.

Sport climber
Shetville , North of Los Angeles
Jan 2, 2016 - 08:50pm PT
Big duck hunt going down...

Trad climber
Choss Creek, ID
Jan 2, 2016 - 09:12pm PT
Jon: sorry but your link took my MSN browser into orbit.

Here's an ABC News link on the subject.

I think the Bundy-nuts will find all the publicity they seek this time around-------and I can hope that the Feds don't back down.

away from the ground
Jan 2, 2016 - 09:13pm PT
The Redneck Spring perhaps?
John M

Jan 2, 2016 - 09:17pm PT
shaking head.

They are in the middle of nowhere. Put a fence around them. let them out in 5 to 10 years. Don['t need to feed them, cloth them, or give them medical care. Cheaper then prison.

away from the ground
Jan 2, 2016 - 09:21pm PT
Damn, John. That's actually a fantastic idea! I'd love to see that, rather than how I think it might play out. Just gonna have to to sit back and watch what happens to those ignorant hicks.... I hope it's not too ugly.
Jon Beck

Trad climber
Topic Author's Reply - Jan 2, 2016 - 09:33pm PT
I give them two days once power is cut off. -6 at 9 pm in Burns, by 5 am in the boonies it ought to be a toasty -15.


Boulder, CO
Jan 2, 2016 - 09:34pm PT
Good stuff. These anti-american terrorists deserve everything coming their way.

f*#king POS's

Edit: Jon sets the over/under at 2 days. Seems reasonable.
Jon Beck

Trad climber
Topic Author's Reply - Jan 2, 2016 - 09:42pm PT
All schools in Harney County have been ordered closed

Boulder, CO
Jan 2, 2016 - 09:44pm PT
good idea. no clue what these christian terrorists will do next

and I can hope that the Feds don't back down.

They won't
John M

Jan 2, 2016 - 09:48pm PT
first it was affluenza..

Now its milituenza..

over under 2 days? I'll take the over. These guys are true believers. They have a fireplace for warmth. This could last some time. After Waco the cops aren't going to want to go in their too fast.'

edit: ooh.. they have a tower.. they have the high ground. woot!

From the web..

As with the P Ranch tower at the other end of the refuge, this tower is closed and the bottom set of stairs has been removed. It sits on a bluff with a pretty nice view. Right below is the headquarters for the wildlife refuge and beyond is Malheur Lake.

Todd Eastman

Bellingham, WA
Jan 2, 2016 - 09:55pm PT
At one end of the spectrum is Burning Man...

... at the other this would be known as "Freezing Man"...

Mountain climber
The Other Monrovia- CA
Jan 2, 2016 - 09:57pm PT

"I got this."

Jan 2, 2016 - 10:08pm PT
What John says. Starve them out.

Social climber
Joshua Tree
Jan 2, 2016 - 10:13pm PT
They have a fireplace for warmth...and no trees to fuel it with. A lake for water...that's frozen.

No "fence them in and leave them", this is a widely used bird watching refuge. Why screw over the citizens?

No, you start a perimeter about 3 miles out and work inward. Cut utilities off, get drones up recording from every angle. APCs roll in with the "sound cannons" and water cannons, put rounds through all their truck tires and generators, teargas through the windows, then hose their asses down when they come out while death metal plays at 130dB. Over and done inside of a day. Then some long prison sentences, 20-life.

Meanwhile, be a good time to go snatch up Bundy senior down in Nevada with all his lunatic crew up there in Burns.

Ice climber
hartford, ct
Jan 2, 2016 - 11:05pm PT
So I gather the original conviction was arson for burning their own properties in 2001 and 2006? They both did time of 1 month for the dad and 1 year for the son. They were both released. Now... for some reason a judge has ordered them back to prison?

Not enough details but it sure sounds sketchy... Anyone have the details?

Jon Beck

Trad climber
Topic Author's Reply - Jan 2, 2016 - 11:20pm PT
They were tried and convicted and sentenced. The Feds argued for a mandatory 5 year term, judge thought that was too severe and sentenced them to a shorter term. Feds successfully appealed on the grounds that Federal sentencing was mandatory minimum 5 years. So back to jail they go.

The right wing nut jobs are trying to make this all about land rights but it is really about mandatory minimum sentencing. When it was black people getting screwed these same right wingers called it law and order, tough on crime, blah blah blah

Trad climber
Fresno CA
Jan 3, 2016 - 05:24am PT
I like John M's original idea. A self-supporting prison has great virtue. In addition, if we keep them out of the headlines, they may starve for lack of what they really crave -- a platform for their fantasies.


Trad climber
the pitch above you
Jan 3, 2016 - 05:41am PT
One redneck finger slip from a group Darwin Award for 2016.
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