Rancher +Militia vs BLM,trouble on the range.(OT)


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Social climber
Choss Creek, ID
Jan 18, 2018 - 09:47pm PT
Backcountry Hunters & Anglers sent out this email to members today.

Cliven Bundy regards himself as a patriot. We’re here to tell you he’s stolen from the American people. When you don’t pay your federal grazing fees, you benefit unfairly from our public lands. He’ll be in Montana this weekend to talk about “Freedom & Property”.
We’ll be there to remind those that would take our public lands into their own hands that the freedom of the 640 million acres we collectively own is for *every* red-blooded American. The many, not the few. Join us if you can

As I've mentioned, they are a mainstream conservation group that is well worth joining, since they are very effective at working with Congress & state legislators.


Trad climber
Portland, Oregon
Jan 18, 2018 - 09:54pm PT
Regardless of anything else - they still owe the feds a ton of money and if their cattle put a hoof over the line they're going to get f*#ked all over again. This isn't remotely over.

The Good Places
Mar 22, 2018 - 11:51pm PT
feral starving welfare beef bump.

this was one of three dead and rotting, meters away from communal water

mostly a malnourished lot, them.


Mountain climber
Karkoekstan, Former USSR
Mar 23, 2018 - 07:57am PT
Feds always win

Toker Villain

Big Wall climber
Toquerville, Utah
Mar 23, 2018 - 09:33am PT
Well the mothers of the earth are farting up a methane storm thats gonna kill us.

(well, all of us except Werner)

Social climber
Choss Creek, ID
May 21, 2018 - 08:38pm PT
A long series of neutral articles on the whole Bundy clan:


Ice climber
May 22, 2018 - 06:13pm PT
Well I read some of it.

This commentmaypomptmetofinish

Also it prompted me to see that elcap....

Is deactivated

Ice climber
Jul 10, 2018 - 04:12pm PT

Trad climber
Ouray, Colorado
Jul 10, 2018 - 04:29pm PT
I don’t care if you find the highest cottonwood for those a-holes...any cottonwood will do

Social climber
Lida Junction
Dec 7, 2018 - 11:11am PT
Interesting, if he is being honest.

Dec 7, 2018 - 11:30am PT
You know your president is a dipshit when Ammon Bundy seems sensible in comparison.

Social climber
Choss Creek, ID
Dec 7, 2018 - 11:34am PT
10b4me! Thanks for sharing that Ammon Bundy link. There was a local TV spot about him criticizing Trump for his anti-immigration policies about a week ago, but otherwise nothing in his new home state.
Jon Beck

Trad climber
Jan 24, 2019 - 07:53pm PT
So when is Deadbeat Bundy going to pay his grazing fees?
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