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Sportbikeville & Yucca brevifolia
Nov 15, 2012 - 09:09pm PT
Credit: pud

Trad climber
Placerville, California
Nov 15, 2012 - 09:16pm PT
pud it's not my troll.
patrick started this exact thread,
got about six deep
and then he pulled the o.p.

so's i liked it so's i stared up it again.

the other day i was in the park with
my kids and dog.

this big asse dog charges my border collie
and begins to kill her slowly with
a death grip to the throat.
i up off the teeter totter and
boot the beast upside the head,
again. the thing aint release.

so i lower my shoulder and
lay into the cituation with all that i was
that day
and the villian lets out a swirling scream
and lets go of my baby.
i kick it again and it runs back
to it's wide-eyed owner.

"put that f*#ker on a leash," i utter to
nowon in particular.

guns? guns? we don't need no stickeen glaciers.

Trad climber
June Lake, California....via the Damascus Road
Nov 15, 2012 - 09:19pm PT
Weeg, a dog?

You are my hero.

You should really erase this has no place even near the thread of Ian Gill.....whom was lost to us today.
Jimmy Russells

Nov 15, 2012 - 09:21pm PT
I am a vegan who owns an assault rifle. Wrap your head around that one.

Trad climber
Toshi's Station, picking up power converters.
Nov 15, 2012 - 09:24pm PT
There's nothing like sitting with ma deuce between your legs putting rounds downrange.

Trad climber
Cali Hodad, surfing the galactic plane
Nov 15, 2012 - 09:26pm PT
Michelle, i gotta say, ya got a way with words, girl (puts a whole new light on the subject)! ;)

Social climber
Nov 15, 2012 - 09:26pm PT
Well, Weeg, yr pretty innertaining and I ain't about sticking guns in vaginas, I mean, where's the fun? Butt wind a fellow came and took my daughter cuz he was the birth father and my wife but a mother, eye to eye took a gun to be sure he understood it was my way or the underside of rocks.

Waste of the world need a dicktionary to understand sometime. Haights it.
Kofi Donny Annan

darkest of africa
Nov 15, 2012 - 09:31pm PT
and this pertains to climbing????????????????????????

more climbing threads. less non climbing threads.
Jimmy Russells

Nov 15, 2012 - 09:50pm PT
Shut the f*#k up, Donny.
Matt Sarad

Nov 15, 2012 - 10:48pm PT
One of our Hashers wore his sidearm to our summer Hash retreat two years ago.
We named him Glock Sucker.

Social climber
Nov 15, 2012 - 10:49pm PT
climbers talking here donny. fuk ov. don't clik/doan poast.

Trad climber
reno, nv
Nov 15, 2012 - 11:10pm PT
I prefer my little guns and my big... biner ?
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Just remember, it's how you use it. Don't shoot the bear... shoot your partner in the foot.
ha ha ha ha ha

Social climber
Nov 15, 2012 - 11:17pm PT


Rib stickers...


Boulder climber
Nov 15, 2012 - 11:42pm PT
My landlord talks about the mexicans with their dialed/ pimped-out pick-ups as showing off what a big dick they have, and if it's a woman behind the wheel, what a big fertile pussy.

Trad climber
Toshi's Station, picking up power converters.
Nov 16, 2012 - 12:12am PT
Just sayin' it like it is.

Social climber
Nov 16, 2012 - 12:32am PT
Good to have a woman's input amongst all this trigger twitching testosterone.

Trad climber
reno, nv
Nov 16, 2012 - 12:41am PT
oooh... even better!
now you can have it all.

Trad climber
Nov 16, 2012 - 08:38am PT
I agree with Norwegian.

I grew up in the country and plenty of people hunted deer/birds and most of my uncles had rifles. I had a single pump Daisy BB gun but always switched with one of my buddies as kids and carried his compound bow. Never actually hit anything with it. I can respect hunting as long as you are going to eat what you kill, and use the rest of the animal. Taking as much meat as you can carry is B.S. take the whole animal or let it live.

People who carry guns for self protection are part of the problem in my book. I don't see more guns as more safe I see it as more likely that someone gets shot and I think we will see an increase in people shot wrongly (not in self defense) by other citizens in our future.

Sport climber
Nov 16, 2012 - 09:11am PT
You can get a lot farther with a kind word and a gun than a kind word alone.
Al Capone
Charlie D.

Trad climber
Western Slope, Tahoe Sierra
Nov 16, 2012 - 09:39am PT
Just read something about gun and ammo sales going up as a result of the election. Interesting reaction having citizens arming themselves, I'm at a loss as to what the heck they are so afraid of? Citizens that are largely unarmed? They think in our gun obsessed society someone is going to take their rights away? Sure seems to me the NRA is one great group of marketers for the sale of arms. Too bad they're using fear as a driver because the worse thing you can loose in any relationship is trust. For a society to make any progress we need trust.

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