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Gabel/Dignes  Mosstrum/Supernova Wall  Yosemite - Click for details
 Gabel/Dignes Mosstrum/Supernova Wall Yosemite
Gabel/Dignes Coming to Yosemite on the 140 brings people in front of Elephant Rock, The Rostrum, and a cache of other fine cliffs that are pleasing to most viewers eye...

by bob
978 Aug 11, 2014 23
Rockbound Lake and an Unnamed 12,000' Peak
by this just in
612 Aug 11, 2014 27
Whitemeat is back... Sorta... - Click for details
 Whitemeat is back... Sorta...
Well, as many of you know, I broke my ankle on my first day of summer. It was the first day of my season of climbing in yosemite that I had been waiting for for 180 school day...

by whitemeat
1,525 Aug 11, 2014 31
Castle Dome - FA of the Southeast Arête (IV, 5.10) WARNING: Many photos - Click for details
 Castle Dome - FA of the Southeast Aręte (IV, 5.10) WARNING: Many photos
Castle Domes have been on my list of places to visit for quite a while. Per Secor and the AAJ the only recorded climb in the area was done in the late 1970s by Jack Roberts an...

by Vitaliy M.
3,122 Aug 11, 2014 57
The Crags of Summer: A TR - Click for details
 The Crags of Summer: A TR
Dearest Supertopians: I've been threatening to post a TR for some time, and I think posting one is part of being a legit Taco. So I hereby make good on that threat. Not a l...

by Bad Climber
578 Aug 11, 2014 12
First weekend of August's storm, how it looked from Lamarck/Darwin Bench - Click for details
 First weekend of August's storm, how it looked from Lamarck/Darwin Bench
Very basic, short vid. We'd hoped to do the Evolution - not to be. But hook is set. What a beautiful, beautiful region. Never got of...

by le_bruce
558 Aug 08, 2014 8
Time for an Evolution - Click for details
 Time for an Evolution
My interest in the Evo Traverse started in 1997 when I rolled into a stocked camp at Evolution Lake and Galen handed me a glass of wine. Peter was sitting there next to the...

by Jerry Dodrill
2,448 Aug 05, 2014 41
Arctic Dreams - Click for details
 Arctic Dreams
Longyearben is the capitol of Svalbard. It is also the only settlement on the entire archipelago. Getting this far was easy enough; relatively inexpensive too, if you're...

by KabalaArch
663 Aug 05, 2014 11
Photo-essay from the Palisades - Click for details
 Photo-essay from the Palisades
We spent a week in Dusy Basin on the western side of the Palisades in the High Sierra. The highlight of the trip was an ascent of West Arete on Mt. Winchell. That route was pu...

by Misha
1,020 Aug 05, 2014 67
Two Seniors And A Stalwart Youth, Slaying The Dragon - Click for details
 Two Seniors And A Stalwart Youth, Slaying The Dragon
First things first. The mighty Lepton showed up for Fathers Day. (Yaaay me!) He was helping out with a massive landscaping project, wherein I...

by survival
2,202 Aug 04, 2014 56
The Incredible Hulk - Sunspot Dihedral (IV 5.11b) C2C
by Vitaliy M.
2,729 Aug 04, 2014 41
Banff Canmore Short Sweet
by MH2
559 Aug 04, 2014 20
Snake Dike, July 2014 - Click for details
 Snake Dike, July 2014
SNAKE DIKE 2014 Reed and Kirt had attempted Snake Dike in 2013, but followed two other climbers up the wrong route 100 feet to the left (probably Blondike), to...

by Reed101
669 Aug 04, 2014 8
Big Mike Goes to Shuteye - Click for details
 Big Mike Goes to Shuteye
Warning: Meeting people on the Internet is inherently dangerous. Especially Canadians, but us climbers need to feel alive and since it is no longer the all or nothing days,...

by this just in
915 Aug 04, 2014 32
Missing piton distress!
by duckdodger
672 Aug 02, 2014 14
Fontainebleau with The Nipper...... - Click for details
 Fontainebleau with The Nipper......
If you're not a kids type person look away now because all this is is a bit of a self indulgent, proud dad short trip report. Dads like Jim Herson and his daughter Kara are ...

by Enty
749 Aug 02, 2014 18
The First Vedauwoo Sushifest - Click for details
 The First Vedauwoo Sushifest
D'oh put this in the wrong place first..... The Vedauwoo Sushifest; -A Firemonkey’s journey east, to the Wild West. I was out, it was grim, then things began...

by Jaybro
2,055 Aug 02, 2014 26
South Face of Charlotte Dome (III, 5.8) (Photo TR) - Click for details
 South Face of Charlotte Dome (III, 5.8) (Photo TR)
I'm surprised to see the beta post that said this route was not very good. I've climbed a lot of declared 'classics' the past couple of years in California, and I figured yeah...

by PellucidWombat
3,007 Aug 01, 2014 31
There but for the grace of God go us.... - Click for details
 There but for the grace of God go us....
Not sure how to start this but I guess a bit of back story is in order. About a decade ago I moved to the east side of Vermont and started spending more time climbing in NH. T...

by tradmanclimbs
2,550 Aug 01, 2014 44
This is what you get when you let me plan your bachelor party-Shuteye Ridge adventure - Click for details
 This is what you get when you let me plan your bachelor party-Shuteye Ridge adventure
Fans of Vegas and strippers need not apply. [Side note: I promised the bride that there would be no female strippers, but considering who was coming I couldn't make the same p...

by looks easy from here
2,453 Jul 31, 2014 19
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