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The Cuba Connection Climbing in Cuba - Click for details
 The Cuba Connection Climbing in Cuba
When people typically think of Cuba images of Castro, cigars, an embargo, and a crisis more than half a century old abound - but think again. What actually exists is a stunnin...

by Rick Krause
1,430 Jan 03, 2015 7
Continental Drifting - Click for details
 Continental Drifting
Psyched after a successful ascent of Zenyatta Mondatta, Callum and I decided to try something a bit more challenging. Continental Drift was first climbed in 1997 by three hard...

by Neil Chelton
7,239 Jan 02, 2015 55
Nautical Mis-adventures, Donegal Ireland - Click for details
 Nautical Mis-adventures, Donegal Ireland
An Sho, another year in the inner and outer edges of the further in co. Donegal, Ireland. The Donegal sea stack Guidebook is a free download. Sea Stacks A se...

by Donegal Sea Stacks
830 Dec 31, 2014 19
Schools out... Going To Zion!!!!! +VIDEO!!! - Click for details
 Schools out... Going To Zion!!!!! +VIDEO!!!
So, my sending partner comes home for winter break and we have plans ready in minutes! I skip friday to drive out to Zion! I wanted to try big walls on sand stone and se...

by whitemeat
1,666 Dec 29, 2014 26
Half Dome Reggae and El Cap West Face Free In-a-Day - Click for details
 Half Dome Reggae and El Cap West Face Free In-a-Day
What a Long Strange Trip Report It’s Been: Half Dome Regular Northwest Face (the Reggae Route) and El Capitan’s West Face—Both Free in a Day This trip report tell...

by Andy Puhvel
7,756 Dec 29, 2014 67
TR from the midwest - Click for details
 TR from the midwest
What do you do in the frigid Midwest in the winter? You take a 4 hour trip to climb on a home wall and watch the Super Bowl. NOT ME! Crimpie made the trip to my party and ...

by thedogfather
1,344 Dec 29, 2014 16
The Rostrummmmmmm - Click for details
 The Rostrummmmmmm
Been s c a r e ddddd of the Rostrum for many years. For the last ten years: le_bruce, you ready for the Rostrum? This summer: le_bruce, you ready for the ...

by le_bruce
3,567 Dec 28, 2014 57
A Month in Moab, A Lifetime of Adventure - Click for details
 A Month in Moab, A Lifetime of Adventure
Like many STers, one of our favorite places is Moab, Utah. We've been heading out there every fall, and often in the spring, for many, many, and lots of years. Maybe even Li...

by SC seagoat
851 Dec 28, 2014 17
Lessons learned for Big Walls - Click for details
 Lessons learned for Big Walls
THE IDEA It was probably the philandering BASE jumper that planted the seed… before hearing about him climbing up Lurking Fear to BASE jump off the summit for his birthday,...

by birdnerd
2,816 Dec 27, 2014 27
Arco and Sarcavalley in December? - Click for details
 Arco and Sarcavalley in December?
apparently not too bad.... Very sustained overhanging route in the 7a+/b gr...

by stefano607518
584 Dec 25, 2014 10
Taking a day off - Click for details
 Taking a day off
Chiloe had emailed earlier in the year that he'd be in San Francisco in mid-December and wondered if I would have time off to go climbing. With all the usual caveats regarding...

by Ed Hartouni
1,359 Dec 24, 2014 50
The Kaukulator and the Uprising - Click for details
 The Kaukulator and the Uprising
This is a quick and dirty postscript to the other Rostrum TR from our first go on the route. The day pictured in that TR was Oct 24, perfect conditions, killer fall day....

by le_bruce
2,692 Dec 22, 2014 35
My First Wall Climb: An Exercise in Determination - Click for details
 My First Wall Climb: An Exercise in Determination
I began climbing about eight years ago in the SF Bay Area. It was not long after I began climbing that I found myself captivated by the romance of big wall climbing in Yosemit...

by Kreutzer
2,542 Dec 22, 2014 30
Ho Ho Ho - Click for details
 Ho Ho Ho
So it was 63 degrees at 6:30 this morning. It was 12/13/14 and the plan was to be at the tower at 10:11 on 12/13/14. We got there just in time.Santa needed to get to the nor...

by mike m
1,421 Dec 20, 2014 25
Tempest - October 2001 - Click for details
 Tempest - October 2001
this is a very long photographic journey... enjoy… June 1999. Two days had passed since Tom and I were back from Reticent Wall . I was tired and thi...

by Valerio
1,270 Dec 19, 2014 29
Half Dome with my daughter - Click for details
 Half Dome with my daughter
A fun time with my 12yo daughter on her first big wall (RNWF): -Jim ...

by Jim Herson
17,211 Dec 19, 2014 181
An Oddyssey to Shangri La (FA and an FFA in a little paradise)
by Vitaliy M.
4,106 Dec 18, 2014 60
Hoffman's Thumb - Mt Hoffman w/ kids (added part 2 & vid, still need to add part 3) - Click for details
 Hoffman's Thumb - Mt Hoffman w/ kids (added part 2 & vid, still need to add part 3)
I still haven't ever seen a topo of the routes, but I was captivated when I saw a report a few weeks back. It was right before Labor Day weekend with the kids, deciding where ...

by NutAgain!
1,603 Dec 17, 2014 23
Above Average Trip Report (The Meadows and Beyond) - Click for details
 Above Average Trip Report (The Meadows and Beyond)
I am an above average climber. Adam is better than me by maybe a grade or two, but together we are nothing more than an above average team. We'll never do the Eiger, we'll ...

by micronut
3,497 Dec 17, 2014 52
Castle Rock Spire With Roper and Powell  1962 - Click for details
 Castle Rock Spire With Roper and Powell 1962
CASTLE ROCK SPIRE WITH ROPER AND POWELL 1962 Ever since I first began climbing as a punk kid in Berkeley I have had a fascination with with pinnacles and spires. Seein...

by guido
1,967 Dec 16, 2014 16
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