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Video: Ice climbing in Rjukan - Click for details
 Video: Ice climbing in Rjukan
[youtube=Jk15aG30qno] Rjukan is one of the very best places to go ice climbing in the Europe and stands equal to places such as Ouray, Colorado or Valdez, Alaska to peers...

by Cragcloud
817 Mar 16, 2018 5
Oldsmobile 442 - Click for details
 Oldsmobile 442
Went up I70 to hit some ice. The Oldsmobile 4-4-2 (also known as the 442) is a muscle car produced by Oldsmobile between the 1964 and 1980 model years. Introduc...

by mike m
2,448 Mar 09, 2018 27
The Best Day of Climbing Ever - Click for details
 The Best Day of Climbing Ever
For a couple of seasons of ice and rock climbing Mike Carr had been my go-to guy and we had developed a really solid, fast-moving climbing partnership. Our typical winter out...

by Nick Danger
2,210 Mar 05, 2018 25
Piedra Parada - Click for details
 Piedra Parada
Ever since the Petzl RocTrip in 2012, Piedra Parada has become the place to clip bolts in Argentina (bring a few pieces of gear if you want to summit the Piedra)...

by yanqui
1,558 Mar 02, 2018 27
Taking The Chise - Click for details
 Taking The Chise
A first time trip to Cochise Stronghold This dramatic sunset represents the general state of the weather last week at Cochise Stronghold, unsettled, rainy, mixed cl...

by Ed Hartouni
1,392 Feb 28, 2018 22
The Junk Show Takes On Red Rocks - Video
by Brooks Ryan
543 Feb 28, 2018 3
Play by the rules. Follow the laws. Getting screwed in Nepal - Click for details
 Play by the rules. Follow the laws. Getting screwed in Nepal
The title pretty much says it all. I had a permit for Mt. Pashwou in Tsum Valley from the ministry of Tourism in Kathmandu. I followed all of their ridiculous rules. I employe...

by johnkelley
1,908 Feb 26, 2018 28
Wadi Rum, Jordan - Click for details
 Wadi Rum, Jordan
Trip report on climbing in a place that I think makes for one of the best trad holidays possible, and a place that needs the support of climbers and trekkers to get its econom...

by David C
1,326 Feb 26, 2018 17
2018-01 Pat and Jack Pinnacles via Superslacker Highway
by NutAgain!
1,679 Feb 21, 2018 26
Supermoon in Yosemite - Click for details
 Supermoon in Yosemite
Took a ton of supermoon photos, photos of people climbing and of a few scenic spots. Click the link to see all. Don't have the time to re-post all of them here, unfortunate or...

by Vitaliy M.
1,650 Feb 20, 2018 19
Omi Tso Go - Click for details
 Omi Tso Go
Couldnít quite make the summit. Bailed off 150 meters below the top in super strong winds. Ended up having to wait around six hours for the wind to let up. It was blowing so h...

by johnkelley
1,624 Feb 12, 2018 38
TR:  A quick and bad one... but it's free (New Jack City) - Click for details
 TR: A quick and bad one... but it's free (New Jack City)
Really quick and really bad TR.... we went to New Jack City for the day. The usual crew, me, Will and Sooze. There may be a 50/50 ratio of broken glass to sand at the base o...

by Russ Walling
4,738 Feb 10, 2018 85
TR: Roseanne, Tuolumne, with Mike Waugh - Click for details
 TR: Roseanne, Tuolumne, with Mike Waugh
Mini TR about Roseanne, with Waugh overtones: So me and the Sooze are in the meadows for a few days and hook up with the squatters in "Camp Waugh". No id...

by Russ Walling
2,473 Feb 09, 2018 24
Mike and Doug do the Designator. - Click for details
 Mike and Doug do the Designator.
My friend Doug and I have been talking about doing some ice climbing for the last couple of months. We have done exactly one climb together which was the full pull on the 3rd...

by mike m
1,696 Feb 08, 2018 28
Thanksgiving 2012 TR - Click for details
 Thanksgiving 2012 TR
This is a sorta trip report. Things were done and it was sorta a trip, but nothing worthy of a "report". This is more like a standard few days out of the house, a different ...

by Russ Walling
3,660 Feb 07, 2018 55
Roseanne (Fairview Dome): "Excellent, but runout" - Click for details
 Roseanne (Fairview Dome): "Excellent, but runout"
Roseanne: "Excellent but runout" says Reid and Falkenstein (4th ed). This is not the first Roseanne TR on Supertopo. I thought it was going to be, but then I di...

by Trad
3,184 Feb 07, 2018 23
TR:  Hueco Tanks, Texas, 10/07 - Click for details
 TR: Hueco Tanks, Texas, 10/07
Hey ya, Kind-of a new format for this TR.... Try out this link and let me know if it works, are sized right, pic quality etc. Trying some new software out....

by Russ Walling
2,745 Feb 07, 2018 62
In Aysen Patagonia the trick is getting to the climb - Click for details
 In Aysen Patagonia the trick is getting to the climb
Chileís Aysen Patagonia is bordered on the west by the vast North Patagonia ice cap and on the east by the Patagonian desert....fourth largest in the world. It is a wondrous a...

by donini
3,557 Feb 06, 2018 58
"The Tortoise and the Hare" : Six Days on The Nose - Click for details
 "The Tortoise and the Hare" : Six Days on The Nose
(this is a long TR. I've linked my video at the end. Thanks guys!) I still remember the first time my parents took me to Yosemite and sticking my head out of the...

by Miles Fullman
2,272 Feb 06, 2018 26
Luna Nascente - Val di Mello - Italy - Euro Granite as good as it gets - Click for details
 Luna Nascente - Val di Mello - Italy - Euro Granite as good as it gets
Supertopian friends! After a far too long break Iím back with a trip report from across the big pond to hopefully please you and live up to the high standards of this site. ...

by monti
1,428 Feb 03, 2018 18
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