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Into the Gaping Maw, a tale of Basket Case, the Astroman of Offwidth. - Click for details
 Into the Gaping Maw, a tale of Basket Case, the Astroman of Offwidth.
I've learned over the years, that the best adventures you'll ever find yourself getting into, the ones that end up pushing you the furthest beyond your personal expectations, ...

by Salamanizer
5,478 Feb 25, 2016 64
Cosumnes River Moss - Click for details
 Cosumnes River Moss
This is a cool route but it is really dirty at spots and a little wet. Had to down climb to get to the last rap anchor with a 70m. Probably would not repeat in spring again. ...

by Highgloss
918 Feb 25, 2016 18
Carson Peak Winter Ascent - Click for details
 Carson Peak Winter Ascent
I climbed Carson Peak over the weekend, reaching the summit on February 6th, 2016 at 2pm. Carson Peak, elevation 10909 ft, and located in June Lake, CA, overlooks the la...

by Nathaniel Weber
1,835 Feb 24, 2016 16
Solo on the Prow - Click for details
 Solo on the Prow
Id been itching to knock off another big (ok, medium) wall since I soloed the West Face of Leaning Tower back in March. I spent two nights on the wall, and topped out...

by The Hoosier
2,857 Feb 23, 2016 34
Rowell Tower - First Ascent of Full Nelson (IV - 1,200 ft, 5.10+ R) - Click for details
 Rowell Tower - First Ascent of Full Nelson (IV - 1,200 ft, 5.10+ R)
Largest of the Hamilton Towers, I suspect it was the one described as the most difficult and climbed by Greg Henzie, Chris Jones and Galen Rowell in 1970 (R.J. Secor's Hig...

by Vitaliy M.
1,751 Feb 23, 2016 16
South Eagle Beak: A Tail of Two FAs - Click for details
 South Eagle Beak: A Tail of Two FAs
Eagle Beaks is my favorite area. I've spent days up there exploring caves, walls, and the evidence of the Monos who roamed throughout the area, hundreds of years before us....

by this just in
1,686 Feb 22, 2016 35
2016-02 Yosemite - Badger Pass w/ Kids
by NutAgain!
652 Feb 22, 2016 15
Patagonia 2015-2016: The Journey is the Destination - Click for details
 Patagonia 2015-2016: The Journey is the Destination
After three flights, a restless night in Buenos Aires, and a shuttle ride from the El Calafate airport, my partner and I arrived, deliriously tired, at our modest hos...

by yosguns
2,902 Feb 21, 2016 28
FA: Psychedelic Wall, Sentinel Rock, 1966 - Click for details
 FA: Psychedelic Wall, Sentinel Rock, 1966
Thanks go to Ed Hartouni for kindly scanning the slides from which these images are taken. Also, thanks to LileBiene for transcribing this and other stories from the UCLA Brui...

by BooDawg
2,448 Feb 20, 2016 55
Drama on Baboquivari Peak - Click for details
 Drama on Baboquivari Peak
Baboquivari Peak - 4/19/09 Jefe and I tag-teamed this Trip Report. Commentary works as follows: (n) = nature (j) = drljefe (n) The trip ...

by nature
3,020 Feb 19, 2016 112
Paradise Alley (Shortoff, Linville Gorge) - Click for details
 Paradise Alley (Shortoff, Linville Gorge)
Last weekend, I had such a blast being introduced to Shortoff in Linville Gorge, Vic and I headed back for the day today. Shortoff is really cool; about an hour or so from th...

by yosguns
2,609 Feb 17, 2016 24
The distant north west - Click for details
 The distant north west
An sho, once more unto the beach, It has been an outstanding year with a shade over 300 days of play out in County Donegal in the distant north west in the Republic of I...

by Donegal Sea Stacks
1,060 Feb 16, 2016 12
(TR) I Love the Desert - Click for details
 (TR) I Love the Desert
This spring I was fortunate to make a really fun desert Southwest tour with my wife Michelle and a few other friends. We visited Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. During ...

by joepuryear
4,826 Feb 16, 2016 92
Moonage Daydream (Round 2) + Video
by Vitaliy M.
1,802 Feb 16, 2016 21
SKI WAX!!! - Click for details
Ok ok, there has been a lot of back and forth and forth and back and hearsay and anecdotal evidence on here recently:

by limpingcrab
1,732 Feb 16, 2016 58
Spire 4 - Click for details
 Spire 4
I am showing my son how to post a TR. We will work on it for the next couple of days. We went to far up the wrong way, but we still stopped to look at the Gill arrow. This ...

by mike m
9,944 Feb 15, 2016 135
The Cocktower - Click for details
 The Cocktower
This might not be the most worthwhile trip to report on, but the more climbing content on this forum the better, eh? I first saw this little spire a couple years ago, loc...

by Nudge Nudge
491 Feb 13, 2016 3
Book of Saturday, Notch Peak....spice and solitude - Click for details
 Book of Saturday, Notch Peak....spice and solitude
Brad McMillon and I nudged my van up the last rugged mile of dirt road ending our 8 hour drive from Ouray. We were now at the mouth of Sawtooth Canyon and just below iconic No...

by donini
4,635 Feb 13, 2016 70
Salathe and Nose Link-up in 22 Hours - Click for details
 Salathe and Nose Link-up in 22 Hours
June 2012 Our trip started out after Tim gave an inspiring graduation speech at his high school. He puts in 60-80 hr weeks teaching and managing the Palmdale High School ...

by J Wells
6,936 Feb 12, 2016 67
Aborted Solo on Mediterraneo: 1 Bathook, 45' of Whip and 12 Years of Regret - Click for details
 Aborted Solo on Mediterraneo: 1 Bathook, 45' of Whip and 12 Years of Regret
Mediterraneo is a proud looking line with a vague and not so proud history. It starts between the Salathe Wall and Magic Mushroom, goes up 5 pitches to kiss the Salathe at Tri...

by SammyHammy
3,384 Feb 12, 2016 27
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