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The West Face Of Leaning Tower Solo - Click for details
 The West Face Of Leaning Tower Solo
It had been a year and a half since my last climb. Previously, I had spent six months in South America on a climbing rampage. I climbed difficult objectives that I once ...

by The Climbing Doctor
876 Jun 19, 2014 17
Adventures in Tokopah Valley
by Vitaliy M.
1,572 Jun 19, 2014 57
O'Neill Butte, North Face 5.0 - Click for details
 O'Neill Butte, North Face 5.0
O'Neill Butte lies a couple of miles down the South Kaibab trail just off the South Rim of Grand Canyon. The following is a May 5th, 2014 trip report of the three pitch North...

by Osprey
604 Jun 16, 2014 17
Climbers save their country! (Yes this is damn on-topic) - Click for details
 Climbers save their country! (Yes this is damn on-topic)
Werner is right. You Americans are stupid. So let this be a wakeup call. Climbing isn't just a hobby. It is the real deal. It is more important than online wanking about polit...

by Ghost
6,093 Jun 16, 2014 104
a little coolness all around us, if you look - Click for details
 a little coolness all around us, if you look
Happy Father's Day! It was a nice quiet day, had the better half's mom up for the weekend, but she left this morning. Took the kids to a new park, then the children's museum...

by jonnyrig
519 Jun 16, 2014 8
Jolly Roger Photo T.R. - Click for details
 Jolly Roger Photo T.R.
Here are some pics of an ascent of Jolly Roger I did with Erik Eriksson last month. We started with a third person but he didn't make it 'cause the wheels blew off his bus! ...

by Levy
1,387 Jun 15, 2014 113
Needles -- a photo TR - Click for details
 Needles -- a photo TR
In one of the current “You’re an stupid a$$hole” “No you are a stupid a$$hole” threads, Ed Hartouni made the radical suggestion that we should “just move on to discussing o...

by Ghost
844 Jun 15, 2014 68
Kor's West Buttress of El Capitan TR (1964)
by Ed Hartouni
1,870 Jun 14, 2014 8
Utah desert in June - Dolomite Spire; you're gonna die! - Click for details
 Utah desert in June - Dolomite Spire; you're gonna die!
My buddy and I had a couple of days to escape the Front Range, so we went to Utah. We would have liked to repeat one of the many outstanding Wingate routes in the area, but...

by wbw
642 Jun 14, 2014 7
Brassnuts and Edge's Excellent Adventure. - Click for details
 Brassnuts and Edge's Excellent Adventure.
Gotta love the Taco. I got an email from Dave (Brassnuts) asking me if I'd like to climb today as the weather looked good. Turns out our new apartment my wife & I ju...

by Edge
1,259 Jun 14, 2014 59
Wide Weekend, Joshua Tree - Click for details
 Wide Weekend, Joshua Tree
I'll post photos. The rest can tell the story. Photos by Blitzo....

by Blitzo
2,156 Jun 14, 2014 235
School's not out just yet... - Click for details
 School's not out just yet...
Elementary school "graduation" is a a big deal these days. A three-hour ceremony, custom T-shirts, speeches by students. This is only the fifth grade. But we are certai...

by Dave Kos
511 Jun 13, 2014 27
aiding around Washoe Boulders - Click for details
 aiding around Washoe Boulders
It was a bright and sunny Thursday, in the land of lollipop flowers and milk chocolate rivers that never end... or so I was dreaming when the tire guy fired his inflator canno...

by jonnyrig
349 Jun 13, 2014 8
The Old Man and The Mountain - Click for details
 The Old Man and The Mountain
My best buddy just turned 70 in dog years but just like Donini he is still going strong. His only problem is that he has started having seizures about once a month. I us...

by The Larry
1,385 Jun 13, 2014 38
Closing out Spring, Starting Summer - Donner, Tuolumne, Pine Creek, and Red Rock - Photo Intensive! - Click for details
 Closing out Spring, Starting Summer - Donner, Tuolumne, Pine Creek, and Red Rock - Photo Intensive!
[author's note: A little more verbiage from me on this one...sorry.] Anyone who has been climbing long enough can tell you this vertical dance that we take part in can...

by W.L.
1,524 Jun 12, 2014 29
Windjammer to Wind Chill - Click for details
 Windjammer to Wind Chill
It's said that good things often come from failure. There are parables about it, and this TR could qualify as one as well. We had failed two weeks earlier - here’s that TR: ht...

by le_bruce
487 Jun 11, 2014 18
Yosemite season opener!
by dkny
2,738 Jun 10, 2014 28
Middle Cathedral Rock--1974 - Click for details
 Middle Cathedral Rock--1974
Jim Shirley, Cowboy Larry Moore, Mouse. Late spring, on the East Buttress of Model California Rock. Both these guys were best men at my weddings! Larry is in an ash...

by mouse from merced
2,495 Jun 09, 2014 53
Never far... - Click for details
 Never far...
...from me...and without, I wouldn't be. [youtube=tY964r5PC6E] Reflecting on how truly fortunate I ...

by LilaBiene
1,488 Jun 09, 2014 20
More! Stoney! Point!
by mfsb
560 Jun 08, 2014 7
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