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Laurel Mt. Northeast Gully 9/22/10 - Click for details
 Laurel Mt. Northeast Gully 9/22/10
After a summer spent guiding at Castle Rock, playing disc golf, and sport climbing on the East Side, the urge to get up high finally manifested from deep down. With a gig lead...

by billygoat
2,229 Sep 12, 2015 19
Chips, Fingers and a Freckled Peregrine 5.11/III FA - Click for details
 Chips, Fingers and a Freckled Peregrine 5.11/III FA
Just another day in that backcountry of the Eastside. North Ruby Wall. Aug of 2007. Enjoy. ...

by The Chief
999 Sep 12, 2015 18
Climb4Life, HERA, cancer and me (OT and a PSA) - Click for details
 Climb4Life, HERA, cancer and me (OT and a PSA)
My PSA: September is ovarian cancer awareness month. Five years ago this month I was Dx with ovarian of the deadliest forms of womens' cancer. T...

by SC seagoat
588 Sep 12, 2015 27
coonyard pinnacle-first ascent sept 1960 - Click for details
 coonyard pinnacle-first ascent sept 1960
During a summer back in the States, I was able to sort and scan a number of boxes of climbing memorabilia that had been sitting idle for many years. What the rats and wate...

by guido
3,351 Sep 11, 2015 93
Zion: Two short days, Two short walls. - Click for details
 Zion: Two short days, Two short walls.
What are we going to do this weekend? Living in Salt lake gives you almost to many options for going away but I've been itching to get on a wall after spending my summer in...

by Madskates
1,009 Sep 11, 2015 15
How I Learned to Climb the NIAD in 3 Days and 2 Nights - Click for details
 How I Learned to Climb the NIAD in 3 Days and 2 Nights
Warning: zero-beta alert. In fact, there is nothing insightful about this trip report. Our accomplishment is tarnished by the fact that thousands upon thousands before us ha...

by tahoe523
10,128 Sep 11, 2015 72
First trip to the Valley! - Click for details
 First trip to the Valley!
So I know many of you are seasoned climbers and have climbed a lot in Yosemite. This was our first trip. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing this trip was for me. ...

by jmacrosoft
1,077 Sep 09, 2015 29
Denali Ski Descent 1991 - Click for details
 Denali Ski Descent 1991
With Vitaly and Hamik off on a big great adventure.. the up and coming whitemeat bearing down on the future..countless other unsung young badasses doing their thing.. It...

by climbski2
5,961 Sep 09, 2015 53
South Ridge of Gimli Peak - A Lesser-Known Canadian Classic - Click for details
 South Ridge of Gimli Peak - A Lesser-Known Canadian Classic
July 27, 2013 - The Approach As the dust settled and we emerged from our transport vessel, curious natives approached us one by one, to greet us and inquire as to how ...

by PellucidWombat
5,710 Sep 09, 2015 45
Honduran Moskitia (latest exploration) - Click for details
 Honduran Moskitia (latest exploration)
Just crawled out of the jungles of Eastern Honduras. This was more of an exploration trip vs. climbing. We heard rumors of a poacher route from the Rio Paulaya valley...

by Q- Ball
760 Sep 07, 2015 22
Obsession with an Elephant: A Summer in the Sawtooths - Click for details
 Obsession with an Elephant: A Summer in the Sawtooths
A few years ago when I was attempting a ludicrous food based challenge, a friend asked me the following question. “Hey Arthur, how do you eat an elephant?” to which...

by pazreal
1,484 Sep 04, 2015 16
Samurai Warrior on Bubbs Creek Wall - Click for details
 Samurai Warrior on Bubbs Creek Wall
As I trolled the internet for a topo I came across an old post of mine from three years earlier. Had I really been wondering about this route for that long? Luckily I’ve come ...

by cultureshock
3,459 Sep 04, 2015 37
Bubbs Creek Wall - The Emperor (FA/FFA V 5.12- or 5.11 A0)
by Vitaliy M.
2,836 Sep 03, 2015 71
The Sensei - A tale of freeing What's Up Bubb - Click for details
 The Sensei - A tale of freeing What's Up Bubb
The glow of sunset sprawled across the south face of Charlotte dome. It was a crazy and bittersweet moment. Charlotte Dome and the Bubbs Creek Wall are forgotten monsters hidd...

by cultureshock
2,007 Sep 03, 2015 23
Not your typical Trip Report, RNWF of Half Dome - Click for details
 Not your typical Trip Report, RNWF of Half Dome
[photoid=420836]So I pretty much don’t even really know where to begin. This whole event and how it unfolded for us I still can’t even quite put into words. I guess I can star...

by Bivi Brothers
20,357 Sep 03, 2015 144
Pingora (NE Face) - Click for details
 Pingora (NE Face)
Pingora reminds me of a longer, more sustained, more alpine, and overall more difficult climb than the Regular Route of Fairview Dome in California's Tuolumne Meadows. T...

by PellucidWombat
3,227 Sep 02, 2015 22
Bohemian Sandstone Towers of Czech Republic - Click for details
 Bohemian Sandstone Towers of Czech Republic
Two years ago, I watched a Sender Films video “The Sharp End”. It had a segment of Eastern European sandstone tower climbing. It showed massive runouts between ring bolts, and...

by brentbarghahn
628 Sep 02, 2015 11
TEHIPITE frickin' VALLEY - Click for details
There is Yosemite Valley, the grandest and most accessible of the typical U-shaped glacial valleys in the Sierra. For those that want easy access but less of a scene there ar...

by limpingcrab
3,246 Sep 01, 2015 71
The Road to El Capitan
by Fultonius
1,124 Aug 31, 2015 13
Mt Emerson -- Alpine fun - Click for details
 Mt Emerson -- Alpine fun
I love alpine, for me there is nothing better. I love the long days, the sketchy downclimbs, route finding, using my brain, and exhausting my body. I have been working my way ...

by Nanobody
813 Aug 31, 2015 11
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