12 million Americans believe Lizard People Run Our Country!


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Trad climber
Choss Creek, ID
Topic Author's Original Post - Apr 3, 2013 - 08:18pm PT
I don't remember the "conspiracy believers" discussing and over-discusing that topic on ST as of yet.

However most every other conspiracy mentioned below has been discussed on ST. Here's the link to the original article:


**12 Million Americans Believe Lizard People Run Our Country
By Philip Bump | The Atlantic Wire 20 hrs ago.**

..About 90 million Americans believe aliens exist. Some 66 million of us think aliens landed at Roswell in 1948. These are the things you learn when there's a lull in political news and pollsters get to ask whatever questions they want.

Public Policy Polling has raised weird polls to an art form. During last year's presidential campaign, the firm earned a bit of a reputation for its unorthodox questions; for example, "If God exists, do you approve of its handling of natural disasters?"

Today PPP released the results of a national survey looking at common conspiracy theories. Broken down by topic and cross-referenced by political preference, the results will not inspire a lot of patriotism. If you need to defend your fellow countrymen, be sure to note that the margin of error is 2.8 percent.

We took the findings and arranged them from most- to least-believed. And, just to inspire additional shame, figured out how many actual Americans that meant must believe in things like the danger of fluoride in water. (28 million, if you're wondering.)

Conspiracy Percent believing Number of Americans believing:

JFK was killed by conspiracy 51 percent 160,096,160
Bush intentionally misled on Iraq WMDs 44 percent 138,122,178
Global warming is a hoax 37 percent 116,148,195
Aliens exist 29 percent 91,035,072
New World Order 28 percent 87,895,931
Hussein was involved in 9/11 28 percent 87,895,931
A UFO crashed at Roswell 21 percent 65,921,948
Vaccines are linked to autism 20 percent 62,782,808
The government controls minds with TV 15 percent 47,087,106
Medical industry invents diseases 15 percent 47,087,106
CIA developed crack 14 percent 43,947,966
Bigfoot exists 14 percent 43,947,966
Obama is the Antichrist 13 percent 40,808,825
The government allowed 9/11 11 percent 34,530,544
Fluoride is dangerous 9 percent 28,252,264
The moon landing was faked 7 percent 21,973,983
Bin Laden is alive 6 percent 18,834,842
Airplane contrails are sinister chemicals 5 percent 15,695,702
McCartney died in 1966 5 percent 15,695,702
Lizard people control politics 4 percent 12,556,562

Just to further inspire conversation, PPP broke down belief in each theory by whom the respondent supported in the 2012 election. This yielded some genuinely interesting results.

For example, only two conspiracies were more commonly believed by Obama supporters: that Bush intentionally misled America about Iraq's WMDs (a massive 69 percent of his supporters believe that one) and that the moon landing was faked. There two theories with equal support among Obama and Romney supporters: that aliens exist and theone about fluoridation. Everything else, from lizard people to vaccines and autism to global warming being a hoax? Believed by more Romney supporters.

No conspiracy was less commonly believed than one suggesting that the government is populated by lizard people. But that's mostly because only 2 percent of Obama supporters believe the theory while 5 percent of Romney supporters do.


Trad climber
lost, far away from Poland
Apr 3, 2013 - 08:24pm PT
What is your point Fritz? Those are FACTS! Just ask Tony ;)

Social climber
the Wastelands
Apr 3, 2013 - 08:35pm PT
New World Order 28 percent 87,895,931

well, New World Order2, you got plenty of sheep to keep you company


Mountain climber
The Other Monrovia- CA
Apr 3, 2013 - 08:39pm PT
Geez, Werner had better change his tune cause there's a lot of
not-so-stoopid Americans that have got it figgered out!

Apr 3, 2013 - 08:42pm PT
Reptilian minds think alike.

Apr 3, 2013 - 08:43pm PT
Lizards are great climbers

Apr 3, 2013 - 08:45pm PT
12 million Americans believe Lizard People Run Our Country!

What was your question?


Trad climber
4 Corners Area
Apr 3, 2013 - 08:53pm PT
C'mon! Everybody knows the reptilians are in charge.

Where've you been?

Trad climber
Choss Creek, ID
Topic Author's Reply - Apr 3, 2013 - 08:54pm PT
Unfortunately-----or fortunately, the polling folks did not ask Americans if they believe in Klimmers favorite conspiracy:


I'm betting far more Americans believe Lizard People run our country.

Trad climber
Auburn, CA
Apr 3, 2013 - 08:57pm PT
If "lizard people" ran our country they would do a better job.....

So I don't believe it.......

Trad climber
Ouray, Colorado
Apr 3, 2013 - 08:58pm PT
No surprises there to me, i've already indicted a considerable percentage of Americans as complete morons.

Trad climber
4 Corners Area
Apr 3, 2013 - 08:59pm PT
Republicans - reptilians - same difference . . .

Either way we're screwed.

At least we have the Pliedians on our side:

All is not lost!
new world order2

Apr 3, 2013 - 09:02pm PT
New World Order 28 percent 87,895,931

well, New World Order2, you got plenty of sheep to keep you company

Indeed I do, Norton. Indeed I do. Bah-ah-ah-ah...

Would you like your RFID implanted in your head, hand, or adze?

photo not found
Missing photo ID#269454
Toker Villain

Big Wall climber
Toquerville, Utah
Apr 3, 2013 - 09:31pm PT
Beth isn't that dangerous if she doesn't have a gun.

And,.. define "lizard people". I might be one.

Trad climber
4 Corners Area
Apr 3, 2013 - 09:46pm PT
I knew it! ^^^^

They've even infiltrated supertopo.

I will neutralized them with my Pliedian Love beam

A long way from where I started
Apr 3, 2013 - 09:50pm PT
Two words: Dick Cheney

Sport climber
mammoth lakes ca
Apr 3, 2013 - 11:08pm PT
I believe a Lizard runs my life and pursuit of happiness...

Apr 4, 2013 - 10:52am PT
Credit: troutbreath

Mountain climber
Apr 4, 2013 - 11:01am PT
People also worship a magical sky wizard every sunday in church, is this really a surprise?

Trad climber
Oaksterdam, CA
Apr 4, 2013 - 11:05am PT
BTW fluoride has been recently linked to learning disorders in children

So if one of the things on the op list is true they must all be true!!
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