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My Finest Trip Report (Three Days, Some Cables and a Dome with my Kid)
Monday November 7, 2011 8:42pm
I know, TR videos are only cool if you like videos, but in my opinion this past adventure, and the film that came from it, was one of a kind.
Some of you know I kinda dig doing TRs. I've tried to dress up my alpine mediocrity with fun trip reports over the years, from crashing an airplane near Matterhorn Peak, to getting nighted on Royal arches wearing mullets,
to rednecks on Nutcracker,
to The Grack and Back to Nepal with Love,
to Slaying Dragons in Tuolumne to nearly dying of dehydration on Snake Dike to gettin' Steezy on Da Regula Root in Da Meadowz
(prior to this one, I'd say my video of Tuolumne Days and Mobile Nights was my best memory in The High Country)

But this one is kinda sentimental. My Opus if you will.

Credit: micronut
A girl in The Spooky Tree.   <br/>
Quote:  "Dad, wouldn't it be awesome if...
A girl in The Spooky Tree.
Quote: "Dad, wouldn't it be awesome if there was a five pitch route up a really cool tree?"
Credit: micronut
First two on the cables that morning.  We would eventually do it twice...
First two on the cables that morning. We would eventually do it twice to assist a lady who "froze-up" just past the sub dome. We coaxed her, hand in hand to the summit. She was from Texas and was climbing for her dying son. Heavy stuff.
Credit: micronut
I've been climbing for 20 years and have had some fun adventures hither and yon, but this summer's weekend trip up the cables on Half Dome with my now teenage daughter (sniff sniff....they grow up so fast), was an eye opening experience.

I had never truly enjoyed the mountains as much as this. Twenty years of routes, storms, bivys, runouts and great summits with amazing friends paled in comparison to three days, "alone" with my kid on the most travelled trail on the continent.

We bouldered in Camp IV the first day and she asked..."Dad, can you imagine being the first guy to do Midnight Lightning...."
She climbed barefoot in the trees and watched wide eyed as big wall rats prepared for battle in the parking lot. Seeing her pump her own water, pack her own pack, and assist, hand in hand, a woman up the cables who was truly paralyzed with fear (And this was my kid's first time on the dome), brought my entire alpine timeline into focus.


If you have kids, you'll know what I mean.

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About the Author
micronut is a trad climber from fresno, ca.

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dirt claud

Social climber
san diego,ca
  Nov 7, 2011 - 08:46pm PT
Great vid. Glad you had a great time with your kid. I'm sure many more good times to come.

  Nov 7, 2011 - 09:21pm PT
No reason to think twice or mullet over - absolutely your finest TR! Brings back fond memories. Your kid is a beauty. The stick-cam is a nice touch.

Thanks, MN!


Trad climber
Ouray, Colorado
  Nov 7, 2011 - 08:59pm PT
Nice! Savor every moment, I lost my son when he was 20.

Big Wall climber
Terrapin Station
  Nov 7, 2011 - 09:01pm PT
Really great Micro!!

Yeah man, I've had big adventures in many parts of the world, but certain things with your kids just can't be beat.


Trad climber
Erik O. Auburn, CA
  Nov 7, 2011 - 09:02pm PT
Nice! Thanks for sharing. Great music!
mike m

Trad climber
black hills
  Nov 7, 2011 - 09:03pm PT
Micronut, that was a great video. It is so fun doing things with your kids. Where did you get the killer stick-cam, does REI sell those?
Mark Hudon

Trad climber
On the road.
  Nov 7, 2011 - 09:52pm PT
Real nice, Scott!

Sport climber
Boulder, Colorado!
  Nov 7, 2011 - 09:55pm PT
Very fun. Your TRs are always top-notch!

Trad climber
Twain Harte, California
  Nov 7, 2011 - 09:58pm PT
Loved the trip report; memories you'll never forget and time you'll never regret spending.

I have to admit though that I then felt Jim's simple reply directly in my heart. I can't even imagine what that must have been like.

Trad climber
Station Wagon, USA
  Nov 7, 2011 - 10:05pm PT
Didn't think you could outdo the fabulous grack TR, but you did. The best! If not now or even through her adolescent years, I assure you, one day she will truly understand how lucky she is to have such a cool and loving dad like you.
Dos XX

Trad climber
Los Angeles, CA
  Nov 7, 2011 - 10:15pm PT
Fabulous video! Really well put together. Was this done with a GoPro?

We have a daughter named Sierra, also -- it's a great club to be in :-) Ironically, she's the least inclined of our kids to want to spend time outdoors, though she has dragged her butt up the Half Dome cables, once; there's still hope for her.

  Nov 7, 2011 - 10:19pm PT
Great Stuff! Thanks.

The tallest redwood is, what, 375 feet? That is eight fifty foot pitches right there. Report back when you go.

Trad climber
Northern California
  Nov 7, 2011 - 10:51pm PT
This was just so great. It brought tears to my eyes. She loves her dad and her dad loves her and this film was filled with that love. Thanks for making and posting it.

Trad climber
Fresno/Clovis, ca
Author's Reply  Nov 7, 2011 - 11:37pm PT
Thank you. I will. I do. I cannot imagine your loss. Thinking about you losing your son, though you and I have never met, brings me deep sorrow and a desire to love and guide and enjoy my children even more than I do now. Thank you for the advice.
Climb On,
The user formerly known as stzzo

  Nov 8, 2011 - 12:33am PT



TFPU! (I think that's the first time I've said that)

Trad climber
East Wenatchee, WA
  Nov 8, 2011 - 12:33am PT
That is one of the coolest videos I have ever seen! My baby girl went to college this year; doing awesome, but damn I miss her! What camera did you use for that?

Trad climber
  Nov 8, 2011 - 12:46am PT
Fan-TASTIC!! Thanks for the post, Mr. Micro.

Social climber
chica de chico, I don't claim to be a daisy.
  Nov 8, 2011 - 01:57am PT


Trad climber
Fresno/Clovis, ca
Author's Reply  Nov 8, 2011 - 03:20pm PT
Thanks yall,
Hummerchine, I use a Canon t3i SLR camera and a GoPro helmet cam...sometimes taped to a stick for hardcore "stick-cam" footage. Glad yall enjoyed it.

Trad climber
El Dorado Hills, CA
  Nov 8, 2011 - 03:32pm PT
the Fet

  Nov 8, 2011 - 03:55pm PT

Every "remove the cables" thread should point to this TR.
Vitaliy M.

Mountain climber
San Francisco
  Nov 8, 2011 - 04:20pm PT
Very nice TR. Children is something that I do not think I will have but after reading does not seem like that bad of an idea. I bet this trip will stay with both of you forever.

  Nov 8, 2011 - 04:22pm PT
These are the moments that define us. As Muir said 'oh those mountain days'. With a 5 and 2 year old, this is a good reminder of what is important amidst the seemingly chaos of other demands. I thank you for that.

Social climber
Mill Valley, CA
  Nov 8, 2011 - 05:24pm PT
Awesome Scott, I did the exact same thing with my daughter as her "just turned 13" adventure. I gave her the choice of Climbing Shasta, doing the cables, or the bailout of riding our bikes around Lake Tahoe and then explained how having extraordinary experiences vs ordinary ones would make her life that much richer. Hard sell to a 13 year old but to my surprise she bit and took the HD option.

We left Curry at 4:30am on the dot and made it back to the Pizza deck at 2:30. She went from full on sit down, I'm not going up there to helping people as she descended OUTSIDE the cables. Despite her insistence that she was going to die, her legs were going to fall off, and that she couldn't possibly walk another step, she survived and now (a year later) still says it was one of the coolest things she's ever done.

Funny, I recently ran into Jim Herson on Royal Arches sharing a day on the rock with his 8 year old, like you, passing it on.

Good on you and everyone else that shares the spirit of adventure with their kids.

Halfway to Pizza!
Halfway to Pizza!
Credit: Mikemcee

Andrzej Citkowicz far away from Poland
  Nov 9, 2011 - 01:07am PT
Micro, very, very nice.

This is what I had to do to get my daughter up the trail to Half Dome:
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One year later:
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But it is all good now:
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Boulder climber
  Nov 9, 2011 - 02:43am PT
Uplifting video. Thanks.

Trad climber
Central Valley, CA
  Nov 9, 2011 - 03:38am PT
Dude, Scott.....seriously......that was an awesome video!! Very touching!

The videography was killer man...very impressive! I wish I had the patience to do all that editing. What resolution setting were you shooting with? I've been looking into getting one.

And LMAO at the part when you were holding the stick cam out the car window!!!
Aunty Glen

Trad climber
  Nov 9, 2011 - 05:50am PT

Great concept, great video. I have been doing similar trips with my kids.


  Nov 9, 2011 - 08:10am PT
Made my frikken morning!



  Nov 9, 2011 - 11:06am PT
You're not quite right in the head, are you? Thank goodness your daughter's there to keep you out of trouble.

What a wonderful time you two must have had.
Time spent with my kid doing things we both love is joyous, precious, and immeasurable.
Thank you for a beautiful video.
lele honu

Trad climber
  Nov 9, 2011 - 11:29am PT
Way cool TR. Hope I get to spend time like this with my daughter at the right time, she's now 5, loves camping/being outdoors, we're headed in the right direction so far. Question: what program/software are you using for your slideshow? Thanks for posting! Joel
Doug Robinson

Trad climber
Santa Cruz
  Nov 9, 2011 - 02:03pm PT
So, I resisted clicking cuz your headline was so braggety-brag.

But...I loved it! Great video of such a cool trip.

Just visited my 16 year old daughter, even though it took a 1500-mile roadtrip. Worth every minute!

Here's Kyra a few years ago.
Dinkey Dome anyone? There's actually cool unclimbed stuff up this cree...
Dinkey Dome anyone? There's actually cool unclimbed stuff up this creek...
Credit: Doug Robinson

can't wait for someone to chime in and say that stick-camming, like stick-clipping is cheating...

Trad climber
  Nov 9, 2011 - 02:25pm PT
Nice work.

Ezra Ellis

Trad climber
North wet, and Da souf
  Nov 10, 2011 - 10:36pm PT
Great TR, Thanks!

Trad climber
  Dec 7, 2011 - 06:30pm PT
Absolutely loved it! My girls are 14 and 17 now, and I love having adventures with them. They have surpassed me in their climbing ability too, although they don't want to trad lead. Sie really reminds me of my 17 year old - and even looks like her a little... skinny, dark hair in the ponytail, confident, great company, and sometimes has little patience for her mother's silly escapades (like getting around the tree in the trail).

Enjoyed the camera-on-a-stick technique too! I'd love to try that but how did you attach it securely to a stick without putting gooey duct tape or something like that on it.

Just starting up my own blog based on my experience as a climbing mommy and hope to link to your video as a fun example of adventures with the kids.


Trad climber
Santa Clara, CA
  Dec 7, 2011 - 07:21pm PT
Good times, Scott!!!

Trad climber
CA Central Coast
  Dec 8, 2011 - 05:13pm PT
that was an awesome TR. absolutely awesome.

what memories!
mike m

Trad climber
black hills
  Dec 8, 2011 - 05:48pm PT
What would be the ratings of the cables route if there were no cables or other man made changes?

Trad climber
Fresno/Clovis, ca
Author's Reply  Dec 8, 2011 - 07:12pm PT
I dunno...maybe 5.6. Maybe easier? Maybe way harder. Kinda slick up there. Here's a shot lookin' down after climbing Snake Dike in October. Cables were down and I thought it was pretty darn steep. This was the first time I had laid eyes on the thing, and coming down them was fairly sketchy after a long day in the cold.

Credit: micronut

Trad climber
Fresno/Clovis, ca
Author's Reply  Oct 30, 2012 - 08:23pm PT
Its been a year since I looked at this thing. So I guess this is a bit of a self bump, but seeing Limpingcrab's awesome video of Snake Dike brought me back some memories of my time with my kid last year.

Trad climber
  Oct 30, 2012 - 08:40pm PT
awesome micro, watched it with mak, she loved it and said your a great photographer/video guy

Trad climber
Oaksterdam, CA
  Oct 30, 2012 - 09:27pm PT
love that shot of the cables- I've come down them 4 times, never seen 'em up!

Trad climber
Elk Creek, Idaho
  Oct 30, 2012 - 09:45pm PT
Outstanding video Micronut!

  Oct 31, 2012 - 02:44am PT
No idea how I missed this one, but really glad it was bumped.

This is my new favorite of your outstanding reports, Micronut. I'm away from home for a couple weeks and this really made me miss my girls = kids rock.

Here's to you, Sierra, and the rest of your gang. A big thanks for sharing the adventure!

Trad climber
Oaksterdam, CA
  Nov 5, 2012 - 08:10pm PT
Scott is my hero!!
Andy Fielding

Trad climber
  Dec 2, 2012 - 08:00pm PT
Brilliant. Love the stick especially hanging out of your car at the end.
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