Monkeyfinger, Temple of Sinewava IV 5.12b


Zion National Park, Utah, USA

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Monkeyfinger, Zion NP, March 2012 - Click for details
 Monkeyfinger, Zion NP, March 2012
As I stemmed, jammed, smeared, and oozed my way up the sustained corner, my mind and body began to drift apart. Sweat poured out of my helmet, soaking the fleece vest I forgo...

by GNARbarian Climbing
2,219 Oct 20, 2014 15
Shune’s Buttress and Monkeyfinger in Zion - Click for details
 Shune’s Buttress and Monkeyfinger in Zion
I haven't posted any TR's in a while so here is a throwback to earlier in the year. Make sure to click through at the end for the full TR. Zion is a magical and adv...

by cultureshock
1,235 Nov 01, 2013 9
1 - 2 of total 2 Trip Reports found

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