Lurking Fear, El Capitan C2F 5.7


Yosemite Valley, California USA

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Banishing the fear that lurks - Click for details
 Banishing the fear that lurks
Author's Note: This trip report is long, with lots of text and photos. Hopefully it will help fuel the dreams of some other new climbers, just as the many trip reports I have...

by aliebling
4,805 Jun 10, 2016 23
Lurking Fear solo - My first time up the Captain - Click for details
 Lurking Fear solo - My first time up the Captain
Seems like everyone’s in the Valley right now, which made me both jealous and psyched. Which led to finally managing to write up my trip report from last year. Better late tha...

by Jane Gallwey
19,780 Mar 23, 2016 140
Lurking fear in the rain
by David C
1,444 Feb 01, 2015 7
First Big Wall: El Cap, Lurking Fear - Click for details
 First Big Wall: El Cap, Lurking Fear
My Complete Blog Post Day 2: Monday, Sep 24, 2012 A bit before noon we headed over to El Cap Meadow for lunch and to stare at El Cap. Becca, Wizard and I split u...

by Vanishing Spy
4,291 Jan 15, 2015 10
Lurking Fear The Fun Way!!! - Click for details
 Lurking Fear The Fun Way!!!
Fun was the name of the game on this trip! We were hoping to climb the salethe wall, so on friday we climbed freeblast thinking we would haul to mammoth and blast the next day...

by whitemeat
4,725 Nov 17, 2014 26
Furking Lear - Click for details
 Furking Lear
Wes Goulding and I Furked up the Lear during an October scorch. We weren't fast but we enjoyed our perch. Here is link to the video documentary on You Tube. The original tr...

by wallgumby
3,583 Oct 16, 2014 11
El Capitan- Winter Ascent of Lurking Fear - Click for details
 El Capitan- Winter Ascent of Lurking Fear
Granite walls of El Capitan make a huge impression on any tourist visiting Yosemite. On my first trip to Yosemite Valley in the fall of 2010, as an aspiring mountaineer I was ...

by Vitaliy M.
5,896 Nov 11, 2013 56
Great times on Lurking Fear!! September 2013 - Click for details
 Great times on Lurking Fear!! September 2013

by Brian Friedrich
3,053 Oct 28, 2013 14
Two gumbies crawl up Lurking Fear (Oct. 2012) - Click for details
 Two gumbies crawl up Lurking Fear (Oct. 2012)
After many years of wanting to climb the Big Stone, my friend Scott and I finally ticked off our first El Cap route, Lurking Fear: In October 2010, we made an attem...

by jfailing
3,718 Oct 22, 2012 26
Lurking Fear -El Capitan - Click for details
 Lurking Fear -El Capitan
Lea and I climbed Lurking Fear on El Capitan September 21 to September 26 2012. It was a fun route. Check out the report.

by JSpencerV
3,894 Sep 30, 2012 17
Lurking Fear TR - Click for details
 Lurking Fear TR
Just a few pics of a trip up Lurking Fear last fall. Juli leading the 2nd pitch. Juli leading the 13th pitch. Juli on Thanksgiving Ledge 1 hour after accidentally ...

by Rudyj2
5,925 May 25, 2012 44
Lurking Fear in a day - Click for details
 Lurking Fear in a day
More photos in my blog. The first winter storm normally hits the valley sometime around October, this year it happened on the 5th. With snow on Half Dome there wouldn't be a...

by Andyfin
4,329 Oct 31, 2011 8
Suffering alone in the vertical desert - Click for details
 Suffering alone in the vertical desert
After reading Andy Kirkpatricks book 'Psychovertical' i decided that maybe i could also solo El Cap. He had soloed one of the hardest routes up there, so surely i could do the...

by Neil Chelton
7,193 May 14, 2011 50
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