Northwest Buttress, Tenaya Peak 5.5


Tuolumne Meadows, California USA

  • Currently 4.0/5
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Hey Ladies on Tenaya Peak!  Did Yall Get Stormed On? - Click for details
 Hey Ladies on Tenaya Peak! Did Yall Get Stormed On?
We met some nice gals at the parking lot before heading up onto Tenaya Peak on Saturday. Andrea and Allison maybe? From Ventura/North Carolina? Not sure. We hiked up to th...

by micronut
2,695 Aug 24, 2012 13
2010-08 (or therebouts) Tenaya Peak - video - Click for details
 2010-08 (or therebouts) Tenaya Peak - video
My partner in crime put some nice editing effort into making a video of one of our trips from last summer... enjoy! Our plan was to do a...

by nutjob
3,568 Jun 24, 2012 7
Alpine start...I don't think so. - Click for details
 Alpine start...I don't think so.
This is an account of my second weekend in Tuolumne. The first was chronicled in Anilís (anilk) trip reports from last week when Anil and I did the Regular Route on Fa...

by nouveau
1,815 Aug 23, 2011 18
1 - 3 of total 3 Trip Reports found