Sun Ribbon Arete, Temple Crag 5.10a


High Sierra, California USA

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TR Pics Vid - Sun Ribbon Arete 2008-09-21 - Click for details
 TR Pics Vid - Sun Ribbon Arete 2008-09-21
From the base of the rappel at the highest point of Contact Pass, follow the climbers' trail north down sandy switchbacks into talus. Here it is crucial to stay right (awa...

by nutjob
2,416 Nov 12, 2014 39
Backpacking Sun Ribbon Arete - Click for details
 Backpacking Sun Ribbon Arete
July 28-29, 2012 Jared and I hoped to take 3 days R-T to do a traverse to Gayley or Mt Sill, starting with the Sun Ribbon Arete on Temple Crag. This was to be my first...

by PellucidWombat
4,959 Apr 01, 2014 24
Sun Ribbon: micro TR - Click for details
 Sun Ribbon: micro TR
This micro TR is a gateway and a calling out, to motivate my partner Scott to deliver on his solemn oath to write up the day on Sun Ribbon Arete. Wake up, climb a ...

by le_bruce
2,092 Dec 03, 2011 15
Sun Ribbon Arete
by Les
2,607 Jul 26, 2010 6
1 - 4 of total 4 Trip Reports found