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Social climber
Escondido CA
Sep 16, 2013 - 08:34pm PT
High Traverse - thank you for reposting that link to photos. What a great reference they are!

Cyduke - thank you for posting that link.

Will someone be contacting the photographer to see if he noticed anything unusual?
Dan Watson

Mammoth Lakes, CA
Sep 17, 2013 - 03:33pm PT
Here's an update on the Mammoth Lakes missing person investigation. I just got back after being out of town for over one week. Detective Hornbeck finally located Morales. He didn't have any valuable information, but believed that if he reviewed the missing pages, that could trigger his memory. This information has been provided to Jill and Tiffany who will follow-up with Morales.

Detective Hornbeck has been in contact with the Bethlehem Sergeant who is handling their missing person investigation. All of our reports and files have been sent to him. They will be exchanging any information they discover.

Hornbeck was also able to access Matt's work e-mails. Nothing of value was there. It was all work related.


Social climber
Los Angeles
Sep 17, 2013 - 04:06pm PT
Thanks for the update, Chief Watson! I'm glad Tiffany and Jill will be able to follow up with Morales.

It's great that your department and the Bethlehem police department will be sharing all info in their respective missing persons cases.

Regarding Matt's email accounts, I hope his Hotmail account proves more fruitful.

I also hope that details of Matt's work emails can be provided to the family. Because Matt didn't have a smartphone and apparently send all email from the Mammoth library, even the timing of the emails he sent can contribute to a detailed picture of his habits while in Mammoth and especially to an understanding of what he did in the last few days before July 17th.

Social climber
Sep 17, 2013 - 07:32pm PT
ctadlock....Thank you for all of your efforts and report! This will definitely close in the search area.

High Traverse...Thank you for the photos and deductive reasoning. I agree the family should try to contact the photographer.

Dan Watson...thank you for your follow through! Knowing that every rock has been turned over and every effort to find Matt has been made will bring peace to those who are missing him.

The community is holding a fund raiser to help in the search efforts. We haven't given up hope. Please know that all of the searchers' time, energy and knowledge of climbing and teamwork have not gone unnoticed. You all are an amazing group of people. Thank you for trying!


Social climber
Sep 17, 2013 - 09:51pm PT
Sorry I have been gone a while. I got way behind in my personal and business life.

I came across this in the mammoth mountain forum tonight and thought I would share:

I like this and the idea behind the form. We will use it I am sure.

At some point down the line maybe we can figure out a way to get the word out on this. Maybe a non profit or something?


Gym climber
Orange County, CA
Sep 18, 2013 - 03:02pm PT
Matt is very likely in the backcountry and that's where the physical search is focused. There's a collection of scenarios in this thread that place Matt elsewhere. All are agreed to be very unlikely, but added together there's a greater (but still very small) probability that Matt isn't in the backcountry.

Has family formally entered Matt onto various US and Canadian databases in case law enforcement, a hospital, or the public recognizes him? I think some are run by law enforcement and others as private websites. Now that Bethlehem PD and MLPD have missing person reports, it may be easier to obtain a database entry. Just a thought...

Social climber
Sep 18, 2013 - 06:07pm PT
Split Pants...great form! At least something good can come of Matt's disappearance.

Kenish...if we only had more of a clue as to where he was heading. It's a shame Morales' couldn't remember anything.

The school email didn't have any information, so lets hope authorities are trying to get into the Hotmail account. That is all we have left from the technology point of view.

There is a t-shirt fund raiser, along with others, to help with search and rescue efforts. Since SAR is all volunteer work, maybe the family could contact a group that would work for pay to search for Matt. Does one even exist? Time is of the essence. (Sorry if this was already discussed)


Sep 18, 2013 - 06:38pm PT

Hi SplitPants,

This forum was the first place I posted it after finishing it
but unfortunately no one noticed it and went down the list every fast.
I am hoping a Supertopo Moderator would place it somewhere on
this site so folks can access it, we have it pinned for the
moment on HST but it will be in our "Announcements" section
permanently for all members and non members to download it.
Hopefully we will be able to avoid situations like Larry's and
Matthew's in the future or at the least bring a quicker resolution
to all involved.
Please take advantage of it!


PS I am aware of my misspelling and that the number 2 is
missing off the Yosemite Dispatches Phone Number, but we
are having some technical difficulties which makes correcting
these not possible at this moment.

Social climber
Escondido CA
Sep 19, 2013 - 12:02am PT

How about using some of t-shirt fundraiser money to hire the retired detective from Mammoth who works with his dog, Paul Dostie......mentioned in visions and dreams thread.....

Also - I sent Find Matt Greene poster to 3 Chambers of Commerce and got this reply today:
**//Mammoth Lakes Chamber of Commerce

Yes, I will include it in our weekly email blast which reaches 1,000 people.//

I haven't received a reply from Mariposa Chamber (Yosemite) or Minden, NV.
Any other suggestions of places to send it? I mentioned that we (you) are looking for someone who may have spoken to Matt close to July 16th that might have an idea where he went on the 17th.

I contacted Harv Galic from Stanford who wrote about the Rettenbachers, a couple who died climbing Banner Mtn in the 1930s, and who were buried near by.....part of his response as follows:

Wendy, I am painfully aware of Matt's disappearance. I came back from
the Sierra yesterday, and I can tell you that the 'missing' posters
are everywhere: at trailheads, national park's enter/exit stations,
forest service ranger station, etc. Actually, I was climbing in the
Minarets (which would be an area of high interest to Matt, and close
to his last known location) in the last week of July. At that time
Matt's disappearance was not yet known, but I didn't see anything
suspicious. However, that means nothing. Even if hundreds of people
were to comb the Minarets, they could still easily miss finding any

For the sake of family and friends, I wish there is a closure to
Matthew's case, and soon. However, the first snow may come to the
Ritter Range and nearby high mountains as soon as this weekend.



Social climber
Sep 19, 2013 - 08:39pm PT
Pacarockhound...Thank you for your suggestions. Matt's family, who checks in with this forum, would need to decide how they want to spend the money. I'm sure they will see this, so thank you.

Great job sending out the flyers to everyone! The more people who know, the better! Perhaps someone else from the area could suggest other places to send the flyer. I am not from the area.

Please send Harv a big thank you for his report and words of wisdom. I realize the odds are against Matt. All we can do is pray for a miracle!

If anyone else has any other suggestions, please chime in.

Will anyone be hiking in the area this weekend?

Sep 19, 2013 - 10:02pm PT
So far ...

Still nothing. Nada, zero.

The guy vanished into thin air.

No one has a clue where he really went ultimately.

Still, .... just tons of guesses .......

Ice climber
Brujo de La Playa
Sep 19, 2013 - 11:41pm PT
Without quibbling on methodology this seems a very large number.

An astounding 2,300 Americans are reported missing every day, including both adults and children.


Ŗ ő ō T « H

Boulder climber
Sep 20, 2013 - 12:01am PT
I never tell anybody where I'm going, but I figure my car being parked in a certain place would tip them off, if I was dead or whatever nearby.

Social climber
Escondido CA
Sep 20, 2013 - 01:53am PT
Kenish and ZBrown

You now have me thinking about missing persons data bases....I hope Matt is on all of them.

Found the info about number of Missing Persons and details about searches interesting. Thanks for sharing that ZBrown.
Todd Quinn

Trad climber
Oceanside, CA
Sep 20, 2013 - 02:34am PT
Morales information/

Harv you rock, ctadlock thank you. Thank you for putting in the time on the ground. The information from the Morales suggests he is a non climber. I donít believe Matt would have gone into detail with a non climber about his route

Rather, Matt may have just shared a picture from the book of where he was going? Chapter twelve can be broken down to full page or half page photography. It is a shame the Morales didnít come forward sooner. Memories fade but in this example it was borderline criminal not to come forward sooner. Maybe they can make up time and try to further help the Greene Family.

Donít beat me up, but hypnosis can help people remember the past. Itís legit sh#t.

Hope everyone on this site is doing well.

Book: The High Sierra Peaks, Passes, Trails 3rd Edition By Secor

Social climber
Los Angeles
Sep 20, 2013 - 03:01am PT
Ctadlock, thanks to you and yours for searching and reporting.

HighTraverse, thanks for your thoughts -- I'm glad we can consider those areas searched.

Pacarockhound, thanks for sending the flyer to those Chambers of Commerce and for contacting Harv Galic.

SplitPants, welcome back! I appreciate all the work, skill, and good sense you've brought to this search.

Supermama, thanks for your efforts -- good to hear about the fundraiser.

And thanks to everyone else for your effort and ideas! I hope we have a break in this case soon, or at least can get a little more info from the emails, Morales family, etc....

Social climber
Northampton, PA
Sep 20, 2013 - 06:20am PT
Interesting missing persons info.

Morales has access to the scanned missing chaper of the books hanks o SplitPants and jeg and her husband have been working with him over the phone to see what he remembers.

I need to touch base with the PA detective to see if he received case files and is willing to start pulling the records requested.

I'm not opposed to some of the SAR methods proposed. I will gladly look into Paul Dostie more if someone can scrounge up a way to get a hold of him. I've found little, though admittedly haven't tried social media because I access a lot from my work PC.
Dan Watson

Mammoth Lakes, CA
Sep 20, 2013 - 10:57am PT
Paul Dostie has been retired for several years and his dog, Buster, is a cadaver dog. He will have the same problem as SAR. Without a specific location to search, he won't know where to go. But, I will try to get hold of him today and refer him to this site to see if he can help.

Gym climber
Orange County, CA
Sep 20, 2013 - 11:55am PT
It is a shame the Morales didnít come forward sooner. Memories fade but in this example it was borderline criminal not to come forward sooner. Maybe they can make up time and try to further help the Greene Family.

With all due respect, that's a pretty harsh judgment of Morales. They are probably not climbers as you commented. He learned of Matt's disappearance via a relative (Silva) who saw the FB page. FYI, I didn't hear about Matt until mid-August, via the Mammoth Times website in preparation for a trip to the area. Nobody else in our group of 8 were aware of it. A few LA news stations carried the story in late August as a 30-second blurb. It was lucky that Morales knew about it at all.

Morales voluntarily came forward in late August. Factually, the first 3-4 weeks of the delay were caused by Matt not being missed, then SAR and law enforcement being unable to mobilize due to lack of information. It is a shame Morales couldn't come forward sooner but it wasn't an unwillingness.

My $.02 worth.

Social climber
Los Angeles
Sep 20, 2013 - 01:25pm PT
Tiffany, Iím glad Jill and John are working with Arnold Morales, his family, and the book!

Jill and John -- you probably know about this, but I have a few suggestions based on cognitive psychology (my field). Caveat: I'm not a professional interviewer or investigator;the police may also have suggestions. Here goes anyway...

Of course, it's helpful to establish a rapport -- you probably have already done so. Discussing Mr. Morales's camping trip, what family members were present, and how he met Matt can help both establish rapport and provide retrieval cues for the information we're trying to get. Your caring for Matt can help you connect.

Maybe it will all come back to him when he sees the pages -- maybe it already has. If not, it may help memory to recreate as much as possible the conditions under which Matt showed Arnold the book and to bring to mind what was going on then. If you could be there in person, for instance, and if Matt showed Arnold the book while they were sitting at a picnic table, one could sit at a table with Arnold and as many as possible of any family members who were present that day in July. One could ask Arnold where Mattís campsite was in relation to the table, and about when he showed Matt the book Ė what day was it, what time, where did Matt sit, etc. Then you could ask him what Matt did when he presented the book (or the pages? were the pages already removed from the book?) and ask him to remember the conversation and actions in detail.

In all of us, memory isnít just playback Ė it involves reconstruction and can be influenced by suggestion. So to get accurate info itís important to avoid asking "leading" questions that imply a particular answer -- open-ended questions are good, especially at first.

Given that youíre doing this over the phone (and depending on how much time Arnold has, of course), you could ask him to talk about how he met Matt, where were their campsites, who in the family spoke with him, did they hang out together and what did they do (did they share any food, etc.). And then you could do what I suggested above, except through verbal descriptions on the phone instead of in person. In doing so, if you notice that Mr. Morales tends to think of things in a particular way -- for instance, visually, spatially, or verbally -- it might be good to go with that. (This last point is no big deal -- most people think of things in a variety of ways -- it's just that he might happen to focus on different things than you do.)
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