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It's a repost, don't get excited - Click for details
 It's a repost, don't get excited
It was too dang hot, my friends, to be schleppin' around on some glacier - some glahshuh. With the nights a balmy mid 40's at 13,000 feet, Javi and I thought it best to skip t...

by Burch
606 Jul 29, 2015 3
Dome de Miage and aguille de la Berangere  - a trip in the alps with May POW - Click for details
 Dome de Miage and aguille de la Berangere - a trip in the alps with May POW Looks like winter will never end this year here in the Alps... "unfo...

by stefano607518
607 May 13, 2013 1
Pikers Peak Classic
by T Hocking
609 Jan 22, 2013 7
Smoke on the water, Fire in the sky - Click for details
 Smoke on the water, Fire in the sky
Poor air quality, high temps, and some free time spurred a day trip to stretch the legs. That doesn't look like much from here... Might as well che...

by F
611 Jul 23, 2016 18
Tahquitz Lookout after a Storm
by GDavis
614 Aug 06, 2013 3
KArwendel again - an old school classical - Click for details
 KArwendel again - an old school classical ...

by stefano607518
614 Jul 14, 2015 7
TweRPALLOTOIAD - Click for details
Pronounced Twer-pah-low-toe-ee-yad or Twenty Roped Pitches At Lovers Leap Oakland To Oakland In A Day We did not plan this, nor train for this, the concept was hatch...

by snowhazed
617 Sep 07, 2013 4
#repost - Click for details
Grazing Fees on the North Ridge of Lone Pine?! GFYS!!! "Remington Bushmasters flying out the door. Sig Sauer 308 tactical rifles, and 45, 40 and 9mm caliber hand guns by ...

by Burch
618 Aug 14, 2015 4
Climbing the East Buttress
by jromma
621 Jun 07, 2016 9
2013 yosemite valley and J tree
by axeman
622 Sep 01, 2014 3
Dawn Patrol - Click for details
 Dawn Patrol
My buddy called for a dawn bike ride last Sunday By sunrise we had done about 5 mi. to the start of the slickrock. We got miles and miles of slickrock... ...

by Reeotch
623 Dec 14, 2015 5
South Africa: A True Test of My Abilities - Click for details
 South Africa: A True Test of My Abilities
"Nothing in this world can prepare you for what you will see coming over the hill revealing Rocklands in South Africa. Thousands, upon thousands of sandstone boulders. Itís si...

by Juli
628 Dec 12, 2013 4
Tory Island, Donegal, Ireland
by Donegal Sea Stacks
632 Sep 25, 2012 2
Todd Gordon Doing The Castenada Thing. A Yaqui Way of Knowledge?
by survival
635 May 26, 2015 3
The Climbing Doctor Goes to China - Click for details
 The Climbing Doctor Goes to China
This is not your typical trip report. You are not going to find killer beta on remote climbs in China. You actually aren't going to even read about any specific routes in Chin...

by The Climbing Doctor
635 Aug 26, 2015 2
Tr\[i\]ad Wars on Chanderi
by SunnyJamshedji
636 Jun 25, 2014 10
Not another Mike M Black Hills TR! - Click for details
 Not another Mike M Black Hills TR!
OK this is not another Black Hills TR. As some of you know I have taken a job in CO. So for the last couple of months I have been working on getting employed, selling my hou...

by mike m
641 Jul 06, 2015 9
New Year's in The Valley - Click for details
 New Year's in The Valley
We Spent New Years in Yosemite! With high hopes and a minivan packed to capacity we headed up north to a rented cabin somewhere near MidPines to spend New Years in Yosemi...

by Piston Slap
643 Jan 27, 2011 5
TR 2011-04 Pinnacles scrambling with kids
by nutjob
644 Nov 03, 2012 14
ROYAL ARCHES 5-18-16 STOKE!!!! - Click for details

by RickyBobby
648 May 22, 2016 8
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