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El Sobrante Fortnight (Montana Bouldering photos) - Click for details
 El Sobrante Fortnight (Montana Bouldering photos)
El Sobrante Fortnight Brimming with all the hopes and desires of American youth, he set forth as a leader of sorts. Just what sorts it is impossible to say at this t...

by TKingsbury
439 Dec 09, 2008 18
North Duke Taku Range - Click for details
 North Duke Taku Range
Here's a short TR from what may be the FA of North Duke Peak. North Duke Peak. The North Ridge follows the left hand skyline. I was pretty lucky to get flown in. ...

by johnkelley
443 Jul 24, 2014 14
Palisade Crest N-S Traverse (IV, 5.8) - Click for details
 Palisade Crest N-S Traverse (IV, 5.8)
Similar to Carl Heller, this is a semi-obscure climb that, while not on any major lists, is definitely one of my all time favorite routes in the High Sierra. Frankly, a...

by PellucidWombat
446 Jul 22, 2014 16
→→→→ Boulder Batholith - Winter Cragging & Bouldering(Fe - Click for details
 →→→→ Boulder Batholith - Winter Cragging & Bouldering(Fe
The adventure continues in the northern latitudes...earlier in the week, the brother and I went to explore and do some bouldering... Looks like Plum Line...a bit...

by TKingsbury
449 Feb 11, 2009 16
Tuolumne TR: Coyote Rocks, Dozier Dome, DAFF area - Click for details
 Tuolumne TR: Coyote Rocks, Dozier Dome, DAFF area
Thursday night I and my friend Mike Z headed up 120 west, bound for Tuolumne. There was a roadblock preventing folks from entering the Valley. I'd read about the fire on the...

by rhyang
451 Sep 14, 2009 27
Little Switzerland-Le Pomme D'Or-Croatia-Patagonia [TR] - Click for details
 Little Switzerland-Le Pomme D'Or-Croatia-Patagonia [TR]
Sometimes you get the weather you want, sometimes you dont. Fortunately for me, I have great friends who have taught me the importance of laughing while waiting for conditi...

by Jay Hack
457 Jun 27, 2014 9
TR:  the NEW Hueco TR - Click for details
 TR: the NEW Hueco TR
ok.... I know it is a lot to ask.... but for those of you that watched the 1st slideshow..... try this one: ...

by Russ Walling
460 Oct 04, 2009 19
Bridalveil East - Aqua var. Trip Report 10/25/08 - Click for details
 Bridalveil East - Aqua var. Trip Report 10/25/08
Bridalveil East - Aqua var. - 10/25/08 , with Ken Duncan I'd been wanting to try this climb, ever since Peter Haan described it as a cool old 5.8 to do in low/no water. ...

by Clint Cummins
465 Nov 01, 2011 31
TR: September Matthes Crest backpacking trip - Click for details
 TR: September Matthes Crest backpacking trip
Note: If you are more into the slideshow presentation style video and less about the words, just give my Youtube Matthes Video a look see. I Guarantee you'll enjoy it....

by tadhunt
465 Sep 29, 2009 1
Devils Tower TR - Click for details
 Devils Tower TR
Nov 1 2008 Some pitches on the SW Shoulder...Sunny and 64 and no wind. Captions on top people.. Top tope on the 5.8 left of Direct SW Top r...

by the museum
470 Aug 30, 2009 15
Mont Blanc and TDF Trip Report - Click for details
 Mont Blanc and TDF Trip Report
With my time in Italia is getting shorter and shorter and the list of things to do getting longer and longer, I wanted to nail down some dates to climb the 3 Monts route on Mo...

by ThomasKeefer
474 Jul 24, 2009 23
July of 2014 Car to car - Click for details
 July of 2014 Car to car
I didn't climb this route, but my friends did! I f...

by kevin hansen
476 Jul 18, 2014 3
In Celebration of 100 Flying Adventures - Click for details
 In Celebration of 100 Flying Adventures
This is a 5 minute compilation of adventures from 15 years of flying to cool places to do stuff. Outdoor stuff. ...

by Ney Grant
479 May 22, 2013 11
Devils Tower mini TR - Click for details
 Devils Tower mini TR
McCarthy N Face Pitch one and Everlasting pitch one. Plus some nice folks on Mystic. ...

by the museum
486 Mar 12, 2014 10
Just a walk in the park TR (not Yosemite) - Click for details
 Just a walk in the park TR (not Yosemite)
It's about the other park. Thought you Sierra folks would like to see what up north looks like. A weekend walk in Glacier Nat. Park, 20 mile through hike, 3,300 feet climbed, ...

by xtrmecat
487 Nov 17, 2011 33
Windjammer to Wind Chill - Click for details
 Windjammer to Wind Chill
It's said that good things often come from failure. There are parables about it, and this TR could qualify as one as well. We had failed two weeks earlier - here’s that TR: ht...

by le_bruce
487 Jun 11, 2014 18
There's something special about Indian Creek - Click for details
 There's something special about Indian Creek
Please see my blog the pictures won't be horizontal there. Love Travis...

by Travis Haussener
488 Nov 12, 2013 4
Colayo..The Hidden Valley - Click for details
 Colayo..The Hidden Valley
Hi all, Just new to the group, I am from the UK, living in the Philippines and recently back from a trip in the north to Kalinga province and found a magnificant place...

by Steve Clark
491 Oct 05, 2012 2
Boulder Canyon Boogie Daze. - Click for details
 Boulder Canyon Boogie Daze.
I went climbing at Avalon in Boulder Canyon recently. With my roommate Carol Her friend Simon visiting from the Phillipines And Goldie Girl it was ladies day ...

by philo
494 Jul 08, 2012 1
Little Nuggets (has rocks, but mostly OT) - Click for details
 Little Nuggets (has rocks, but mostly OT)
Daybreak at camp. Up en at em! "Are we rock climbing today dad?" "Maybe a little latter, afterwards" "How far is it?" "It's up the hill a w...

by Dave Kos
496 Jun 11, 2013 7
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