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Yet more on our route by the sea.
by David C
769 Jul 03, 2015 3
My Favorite Phoenix 5.8 - Click for details
 My Favorite Phoenix 5.8
Smokin’ the Toad - 5.8 Lower Devils Canyon - Hackberry Creek A perfect line? Maybe. For a single pitch, it doesn’t get much better in my opinion. Sure, I love ...

by myers1210
776 Apr 01, 2016 2
Siberian Misadventures In Chukotka Okrug Of Russia
by fgw
777 Sep 12, 2018 29
Snow Patch Spire - 25 Years Ago
by Crump
782 Apr 25, 2015 1
Hagerman Peak with Phil - Click for details
 Hagerman Peak with Phil
The east face of Hagerman Peak is one of the many interesting alpine faces in Colorado I had spied on some earlier bit of alpine tomfoolery that sort of just stuck in my head ...

by Nick Danger
792 Dec 12, 2017 6
Lizard Head in Winter with Charlie Pitts - Click for details
 Lizard Head in Winter with Charlie Pitts
Lizard Head Peak is the hardest summit to attain in the state according to the classic Ormes guide to the Colorado Rockies. Insofar as this refers to the summit of a peak, th...

by Nick Danger
795 Apr 10, 2017 3
And May Its Bright Spirit Be With You Tonight
by MH2
802 Jul 02, 2017 10
North East Ridge of Bugaboo Spire - 25 Years Ago
by Crump
813 Apr 21, 2015 3
The Needles (thread from 3 July 2009 repurposed as a)
by MH2
814 Apr 03, 2016 1
Lunesta Fiesta 2018 @ Courtright - Click for details
 Lunesta Fiesta 2018 @ Courtright
The Lunesta Fiesta 2018 was a great trip as usual. The Ferguson fire forced me to finally move it to another location….Courtright seemed the next best thing. We look forward t...

by DaveyTree
815 Aug 09, 2018 8
 1 new partner, 2x the fun, 3 crags, and 4 routes
Politics? Meh. Work? Ha! Errands and responsibilities at home? Blew 'em off, with the wife's blessing, naturally. It's been a while since I have been given the go-ahead f...

by jonnyrig
826 Jul 04, 2016 5
Trolls Traverse
by pedro binfa
826 Oct 11, 2016 4
My Favorite Phoenix 5.7 - Click for details
 My Favorite Phoenix 5.7
Back to the Wall - 5.7 McDowell Mountain Preserve - Morrell’s Parking Lot Wall This route is by far one of my all-time favorite 5.7’s. Not just in Arizona but...

by myers1210
830 Apr 01, 2016 4
Climbing Unknown Spain Southeast - Barranco del Fuerte - Click for details
 Climbing Unknown Spain Southeast - Barranco del Fuerte
if you look at spain you surely do not find much literature about multipitch climbing in southeast spain between Alicante and Almeria city. BUT THERE IS - so I like...

by henryx
831 Jul 24, 2016 3
Ireland's Highest free standing tower
by Donegal Sea Stacks
834 Sep 25, 2012 2
Poison Duck Tour of Denver – S. Platte River 2017 - Click for details
 Poison Duck Tour of Denver – S. Platte River 2017
Some adventures are local, but local adventures are still adventures. Against all expectations, the South Platte River, which flows through Denver and is largely dam-discharg...

by Nick Danger
834 Aug 18, 2017 7
Chulilla, Spain - Click for details
 Chulilla, Spain
I had an ace trip to Chulilla at the end of 2016, so ace that I'll be going back later this year! I've done a report here:

by jezb
835 Feb 03, 2017 2
Wetterstein Range - some "sport" routes for short days - Click for details
 Wetterstein Range - some "sport" routes for short days after a nice climbing Friday with Mario and Christian today i retu...

by stefano607518
847 Nov 15, 2014 2
2013 yosemite valley and J tree
by axeman
853 Sep 01, 2014 3
Squamish: Never Never Land (an old thread repurposed as a)
by MH2
853 Jun 16, 2016 1
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