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Lover's Leap obscurity adventure TR: Between the Lines - Click for details
 Lover's Leap obscurity adventure TR: Between the Lines
There are a lot of routes at Lover's Leap that apparently don't get climbed much and sometimes I wonder if I'm missing out on something fun up there. (There was actually a...

by Trad
1,458 Oct 01, 2009 2
Climbing the Harding Route on Mt Conness and Pratt’s Crack
by cultureshock
2,984 Sep 06, 2010 2
Cosmic Trauma Zion National Park - Click for details
 Cosmic Trauma Zion National Park
Cosmic trauma Day 3 in Zion. At 10:00 we met up in the coffee shop but couldn’t figure out what to climb. Everyone recommended Cosmic Egg but we were done climbing north ...

by Chris McNamara
1,722 Mar 12, 2014 2
TR: 8 days in Tuolumne with the kids Aug 2009 - Click for details
 TR: 8 days in Tuolumne with the kids Aug 2009
Here's a link to the original post, with fewer pics: ...

by nutjob
507 Sep 30, 2009 2
TR: Dantes Inferno?, Yosemite Valley, Ca. - Click for details
 TR: Dantes Inferno?, Yosemite Valley, Ca.
Here is a link to a trip report of some bad weather and broken dreams by Don.

by Russ Walling
774 Oct 05, 2009 2
Schultz's Ridge October 2009
by Amicus
591 Dec 01, 2009 2
Mt. Russell, East Ridge (October 2009) - Click for details
 Mt. Russell, East Ridge (October 2009)
Sure, Mt. Whitney is the highest mountain in the contiguous United States, but after climbing it twice (or even twice in one day), one begins to look around for ...

by Sam Page
2,483 Dec 12, 2009 2
Piuma Pinnacles
by Gonzo
1,056 Jan 13, 2010 2
Pt. Dume
by Gonzo
675 Jan 12, 2010 2
Jefe Meets The Brave Little Toaster, Face To Face - Click for details
 Jefe Meets The Brave Little Toaster, Face To Face
See Forum section. Sunset on the Sheepshead. Beginning Pitch...

by survival
947 Nov 02, 2011 2
Paradox Valley, Co. Charlie is out there.
by Cuckawalla
1,312 Mar 25, 2010 2
Yosemite Valley TR March 20-21 - Click for details
 Yosemite Valley TR March 20-21
After much fruitless searching for a partner here and on rockclimbing.n00b, Chad (salamanizer on both sites) stepped up to the plate and we decided to meet up and see ...

by climbinginchico
1,470 Mar 29, 2010 2
A big cave getting bolted on Malta by Stevie Haston
by LaurenceGH
833 Mar 14, 2012 2
text of the letter to the AAJ for Kali Yuga - Click for details
 text of the letter to the AAJ for Kali Yuga
H. Adams Carter 361 Center St. Milton, MA 02186 May 10, 1990 Dear Mr. Carter; Below is a brief description of the new route I climbed with Walt Shipley las...

by deuce4
813 Jul 07, 2010 2
First Free Ascent History by Tommy Caldwell
by Chris McNamara
2,207 Jul 08, 2010 2
Zodiac 2007
by ricardo-sf
1,941 Jul 08, 2010 2
Castle Rock Spire
by Mungeclimber
562 Jun 22, 2010 2
Triplemint North Buttress, Alaska
by elliott.will
741 Jan 30, 2011 2
Big Pine - Mt Sill - Memories from my climb in 1968 and return in 1992 - updated
by JedHiker
1,181 Aug 04, 2010 2
Cathedral Peak
by dougs510
622 Oct 01, 2010 2
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