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2010-02 Geek Tower Center Route (partial) - Click for details
 2010-02 Geek Tower Center Route (partial)
I just posted this buried in another thread: But I want to be able to find the trip report later so reposti...

by nutjob
2,330 Jun 10, 2016 13
2010-08 (or therebouts) Tenaya Peak - video - Click for details
 2010-08 (or therebouts) Tenaya Peak - video
My partner in crime put some nice editing effort into making a video of one of our trips from last summer... enjoy! Our plan was to do a...

by nutjob
4,758 Jun 24, 2012 7
2011 High Sierra TR - Click for details
 2011 High Sierra TR
My first TR on Supertopo and my first climbing video. I hope you enjoy.!/video/video.php?v=581498909636 Our ticklist: Travelerís Buttres...

by RolonRolon
2,852 Oct 19, 2011 6
2011 Sierra Challenge - Click for details
 2011 Sierra Challenge
Ok, so this might be more summitpost than supertopo, but it is still hiking and scrambling in the Sierras, so not completely off topic. In any case I decided to particip...

by MisterT
1,686 Sep 08, 2011 7
2011-01 El Cap Base, breaking in a newbie - Click for details
 2011-01 El Cap Base, breaking in a newbie
Folks, no major adventures here, but some impressive showing for a dude on his 1st ever day climbing cracks and 2nd time ever climbing outside! It all began late one nigh...

by nutjob
2,614 Jan 14, 2015 36
2011-02-25 a lazy day in Muir Woods (sorta TR)
by nutjob
1,880 May 25, 2011 31
2012 Highpoints - Click for details
 2012 Highpoints
Yep. Another TR for all of 2012. Could do a TR from an individual trip, but at this point some of the details are all a little fuzzy, so I'll just slop it all together. I like...

by mhay
1,194 Jan 23, 2013 27
2012-07 Sierra Eastside Family Vacation
by nutjob
904 Mar 06, 2012 7
2012_06 Arroyo Seco River Adventure - Hiking/Scrambling/Swimming with Kids - Click for details
 2012_06 Arroyo Seco River Adventure - Hiking/Scrambling/Swimming with Kids
Any good car camping trip in our family must include a substantial serving of Chicken Apple Sausages cooked over the campfire: Thank goodness the kids are big enough t...

by nutjob
3,203 May 22, 2016 16
2012_06_09 Higher Cathedral Spire + Braille Book linkup
by nutjob
1,640 Dec 04, 2015 19
2013 yosemite valley and J tree
by axeman
615 Sep 01, 2014 3
2013 Yosemite/Patagonia Trip Report - Click for details
 2013 Yosemite/Patagonia Trip Report
Lucky Monkey is a short film that illustrates a the vibrant events throughout the past year of my life spent in Patagonia and Yosemite National Park. I tried my absolute harde...

by Cheyne
3,471 Jan 20, 2014 46
2015-04 first trip to Saline Valley (updated with photos round 2) - Click for details
 2015-04 first trip to Saline Valley (updated with photos round 2)
Ok kids, I learned about Saline Valley from seeing pics right here on this forum: I really enjoyed my fi...

by NutAgain!
1,449 Apr 19, 2015 12
2015-09-25 Finding Adventure After Work in Los Angeles - Click for details
 2015-09-25 Finding Adventure After Work in Los Angeles
Yesterday tramping around in the bushes and scrambling across crumbly summits in search of a crazy looking overhanging offwidth was the most Yoesmite-ish I've felt around here...

by NutAgain!
1,092 Sep 27, 2015 22
2015_07 Desert Southwest Roadtrip - Family Style (3 of 5 sections complete)
by NutAgain!
1,888 Jul 20, 2015 18
2016-02 Yosemite - Badger Pass w/ Kids
by NutAgain!
739 Feb 22, 2016 15
2016-04 Yosemite daytrippin' with kids - Click for details
 2016-04 Yosemite daytrippin' with kids
Don't get your hopes up, mellow trip here but wanted to share somewhere and couldn't think of which thread to stuff this into. So.... Saturday 5am start from SF Bay Area ...

by NutAgain!
620 Apr 06, 2016 9
2016-05 Red Rocks - Bird Hunter Buttress - Click for details
 2016-05 Red Rocks - Bird Hunter Buttress
We could have started an hour earlier to avoid some epicness later on. That is 100% on me! Leaving the trailhead around 7am: Even on big days you can't tota...

by NutAgain!
511 Jun 26, 2016 6
2016-05 Red Rocks - Day 1
by NutAgain!
642 Jun 03, 2016 19
2016-05 Red Rocks - Supplemental (Day 2)
by NutAgain!
290 Jun 06, 2016 8
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