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Downclimbing Slesse: An Epic (of sorts) - Click for details
 Downclimbing Slesse: An Epic (of sorts)
It all started May 2014. I had been working in Kelowna for a month with a friend from Squamish, and we were on our way back to Vancouver. As we passed through Chilliwack, he t...

by TheSoloClimber
835 Aug 03, 2015 24
Not your typical Trip Report, RNWF of Half Dome - Click for details
 Not your typical Trip Report, RNWF of Half Dome
[photoid=420836]So I pretty much don’t even really know where to begin. This whole event and how it unfolded for us I still can’t even quite put into words. I guess I can star...

by Bivi Brothers
12,791 Aug 03, 2015 102
Bubbs Creek Wall - The Emperor (FA/FFA V 5.12- or 5.11 A0)
by Vitaliy M.
2,079 Aug 01, 2015 67
Ho Chi Minh Trail: Your Substitute RNWF Experience Awaits - Click for details
 Ho Chi Minh Trail: Your Substitute RNWF Experience Awaits
A ripped climber is standing in the Curry parking lot. Perhaps in the same spot you yourself have stood, reader. She may have been born in Charleston, Puebla, Liverpool, ...

by le_bruce
1,828 Jul 31, 2015 34
Time for an Evolution - Click for details
 Time for an Evolution
My interest in the Evo Traverse started in 1997 when I rolled into a stocked camp at Evolution Lake and Galen handed me a glass of wine. Peter was sitting there next to the...

by Jerry Dodrill
3,297 Jul 31, 2015 48
SE Asia Ongoing Trip: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Brunei Down - Singapore Next!
by Prezwoodz
3,445 Jul 31, 2015 74
The hidden granite of the Exploradores Valley....It's waiting. - Click for details
 The hidden granite of the Exploradores Valley....It's waiting.
In the last few years a dirt road has been gradually pushed to the sea thru the virgin rain forests of the magnificent Exploradores Valley in Chilean Patagonia. I first visite...

by donini
3,235 Jul 30, 2015 57
Four days in Capilla del Monte - Click for details
 Four days in Capilla del Monte
Capilla del Monte is the place for winter climbing in Argentina. That is, if your idea of winter climbing is warm, dry days, spent climbing on easily accessed, sunkissed grani...

by yanqui
762 Jul 30, 2015 14
Days around Rock Creek - Click for details
 Days around Rock Creek
One of my friends suggested I should travel more often. “You been in US for more than three years now, why not visit a different place? You had a lot of fun in Asia, Mid...

by Vitaliy M.
3,896 Jul 30, 2015 43
Matterhorn Peak - North Arete - Click for details
 Matterhorn Peak - North Arete
Matterhorn Peak's North Arete was next on my list of Sierra alpine classics, and Justin sounded interested. We headed out early from San Jose on Thursday morning and reached ...

by rhyang
4,853 Jul 30, 2015 30
margaret lake, kirkwood lake, shealor lakes (and the rocks nearby)
by i'm gumby dammit
1,419 Jul 29, 2015 32
It's a repost, don't get excited - Click for details
 It's a repost, don't get excited
It was too dang hot, my friends, to be schleppin' around on some glacier - some glahshuh. With the nights a balmy mid 40's at 13,000 feet, Javi and I thought it best to skip t...

by Burch
286 Jul 29, 2015 3
A n00bs guide to Tahoe - Click for details
 A n00bs guide to Tahoe
Last year my lovely lady made a trip out to Kings Beach to hang with some girl friends. She came back a stoked on the area, but had some crappy weather derail her plans for cl...

by Grippa
502 Jul 29, 2015 14
The Sensei - A tale of freeing What's Up Bubb - Click for details
 The Sensei - A tale of freeing What's Up Bubb
The glow of sunset sprawled across the south face of Charlotte dome. It was a crazy and bittersweet moment. Charlotte Dome and the Bubbs Creek Wall are forgotten monsters hidd...

by cultureshock
1,232 Jul 28, 2015 21
Yosemite Pie and Beer Day
by Travis Haussener
395 Jul 28, 2015 5
Spring Spray-A-Thon Part II - Yosemite Valley - Click for details
 Spring Spray-A-Thon Part II - Yosemite Valley

by W.L.
813 Jul 27, 2015 15
Team 105 goes to The Ditch - lots of pics - Click for details
 Team 105 goes to The Ditch - lots of pics
The plot was hatched late last fall, neither Mark nor I had climbed in the Valley for a number of years so a trip was due before we had to wear depends instead of a wall ha...

by BrassNuts
2,741 Jul 27, 2015 80
"Hands Off" Joshua Tree - 12/13/2005 (TR) - Click for details
 "Hands Off" Joshua Tree - 12/13/2005 (TR)
 Intrepid Chappists Alpinfox and MisterE set a formidable task for ourselves this day: Climb the sustained crack towering in the distant horizon of our shiver-bivvy, seen...

by MisterE
561 Jul 27, 2015 10
3 Days in CO - Click for details
 3 Days in CO
Booked out to CO to climb with ct, the man who introduced me to the trad game. Last time I was out there was '08 and we climbed moderates at Lumpy, Hallet, and the Spearhead. ...

by snowhazed
2,118 Jul 27, 2015 35
The Obelisk : Handle With Care / SE Buttress - Click for details
 The Obelisk : Handle With Care / SE Buttress
The Obelisk (9705') is a chunk of knobby granite which marks the westernmost point of Kings Canyon National Park. Secor lists numerous climbing routes on its north, w...

by rhyang
3,147 Jul 26, 2015 40
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