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The Thailand Trip Report Thread
by Karl Baba
2,944 Jan 19, 2005 4
4 new routes at Lover's Leap near Lower Buttress
by Chris McNamara
3,319 Jun 16, 2005 65
Peter Pan
by Ed Hartouni
3,021 May 26, 2006 35
ZNP - Cosmic Egg: Trip Report - Click for details
 ZNP - Cosmic Egg: Trip Report
It was 11:30am and Chris and I were still sitting around drinking coffee. The aches and pain of the Streaked Wall still lingered with my muscles in my neck and back. The...

by Ammon
4,699 Jan 14, 2007 28
Wallflower, Lovers Leap, 9/16/07 Trip Report - Click for details
 Wallflower, Lovers Leap, 9/16/07 Trip Report
Wallflower 10a, Lovers Leap, 9/16/07 Trip Report Iíve been climbing myself back into shape since my ankle surgery in May. And also Iím trying to push myself from being a ...

by Zander
2,758 Sep 19, 2007 17
Supertopo Lost Arrow Chimney Beta - Click for details
 Supertopo Lost Arrow Chimney Beta
Howdy Rock Fans! I was prepped to do this climb a few weeks ago but the weather didnít cooperate. Looks like it will be next year. I know you're all thinkiní that a climber ...

by Zander
2,488 May 04, 2008 23
►Batholith Bouldering Photo TR (Montucky)◄ - Click for details
 ►Batholith Bouldering Photo TR (Montucky)◄
It was another beautiful weekend out here in the batholith. Sam and I headed over from the Bozone and met up with Mojede, to see what the bouldering and potential cragging aro...

by TKingsbury
2,608 Jun 03, 2008 16
EB of MC, Commitment and  Surprise TR - Click for details
 EB of MC, Commitment and Surprise TR
A couple of years after I started climbing I went to Loverís Leap with my friend Mike. He had learned to climb with stoppers and hexes mostly because the club he was in didnít...

by Zander
2,109 Jun 22, 2008 16
Unnamed 12,473' TR - Click for details
 Unnamed 12,473' TR
We made a recent trip to the Big Horn Mountains in north central Wyoming. Our original plan was foiled - but our alternate worked out just fine. This peak is at 44o 23' 41" ...

by the museum
2,225 Aug 13, 2008 8
Matthes Crest TR - LONG - July 26 2008
by BluntMan
3,075 Sep 08, 2008 24
North Peak TR - Click for details
 North Peak TR
I decided to take a few days off work for the holidays and go stretch my legs. Saturday I got an alpine start of 7am (haha) and headed up to the North Peak glacie...

by rhyang
2,697 Sep 21, 2008 26
Mt Rushmore mini TR - Click for details
 Mt Rushmore mini TR
Middle Marker 9-20-08 - Tenny Shoe Slide, Stardancer and Jupiter Fly By. And the son-in-law showed up with one of his cronies on the next blade! They did Make Believe and a...

by the museum
2,082 Sep 24, 2008 8
Mt Toll mini TR - Click for details
 Mt Toll mini TR
Mt Toll N Ridge 8- 30- 08. I took 4 pics then my trusty camera died on the approach. Some nice fellows sent some pics that they took. Thanks Fellas!! I will now say that M...

by the museum
2,057 Sep 24, 2008 3
Bourbon Boulders (photo TR) - Click for details
 Bourbon Boulders (photo TR)
On Saturday I ended up giving a tour of the Bourbon Boulders, one of the newer established bouldering areas here around Butte. Some crushers were along, so I brought them to ...

by TKingsbury
2,570 Oct 01, 2008 19
TR from an old flatlander (requested by crimpie)
by thedogfather
2,232 Oct 03, 2008 9
Batholith Bouldering, MT (Northern Bourbons part 2) - Click for details
 Batholith Bouldering, MT (Northern Bourbons part 2)
Another great day in the backwaters... ...

by TKingsbury
2,385 Nov 07, 2008 32
Backwater Bouldering (Northern Bourbons TR: installment 3)  - Click for details
 Backwater Bouldering (Northern Bourbons TR: installment 3)
Sunday turned out to be much nicer than I expected. Andrew and I went out with intentions to meet up with Hutch and map, but the weather allowed some time to boulder as well. ...

by TKingsbury
2,684 Nov 13, 2008 41
TR of my first Visit to J Tree or what I did on my vacation. - Click for details
 TR of my first Visit to J Tree or what I did on my vacation.
My first visit to Joshua Tree trip report, 3/22-3/27/07 Wendy and I arrived at Hidden Valley Campground around noon on the 22nd. We grabbed the first campsite we sa...

by Zander
2,065 Nov 19, 2008 33
El Sobrante Fortnight (Montana Bouldering photos) - Click for details
 El Sobrante Fortnight (Montana Bouldering photos)
El Sobrante Fortnight Brimming with all the hopes and desires of American youth, he set forth as a leader of sorts. Just what sorts it is impossible to say at this t...

by TKingsbury
1,974 Dec 09, 2008 18
Fat Merchant's Crack revisited - Click for details
 Fat Merchant's Crack revisited
spyork and I had another go at toproping Fat Merchant's Crack yesterday. The first time was described here:

by Trad
3,230 Feb 07, 2009 14
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