Spaceshot, Leaning Wall IV 5.6 C2 or 5.13


Zion National Park, Utah, USA

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Spaceshot Solo - Click for details
 Spaceshot Solo
Here's a brief trip report from my recent trip to Zion. I climbed Spaceshot as my first big wall solo. My first climbing day was Sunday morning. Here's a look at the bas...

by Ryans
4,905 Mar 24, 2014 19
Spaceshot - Click for details
On March 16, 2013 Tara and I climbed Spaceshot. We fixed day one and then headed to the top day two. You can check out the trip report on the below link. Li...

by JSpencerV
4,344 Nov 12, 2013 20
TR: Team Gumby Giggles Goes To Zion - Click for details
 TR: Team Gumby Giggles Goes To Zion
The essence of any wall climber is to persevere. (adapted from Seneca) "This is how it feels to be alive!" I think out loud on the shuttle bus back to camp, slu...

by Paulina
4,236 Apr 06, 2013 36
Space Shot: Summer Climbing in Zion - Click for details
 Space Shot: Summer Climbing in Zion
Last week my brother and I were planning on trying to run the Grand Traverse in a day but our plans were derailed when I badly sprained my right ankle. Deeming it untrustwort...

by AJD
4,467 Sep 11, 2012 13
1 - 4 of total 4 Trip Reports found