Touchstone Wall, Cerberus Gendarme IV/V 5.10 C1 or 5.13b


Zion National Park, Utah, USA

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Schools out... Going To Zion!!!!! +VIDEO!!! - Click for details
 Schools out... Going To Zion!!!!! +VIDEO!!!
So, my sending partner comes home for winter break and we have plans ready in minutes! I skip friday to drive out to Zion! I wanted to try big walls on sand stone and se...

by whitemeat
4,488 Dec 29, 2014 26
Touchstone - 4/11/2014 - Click for details
 Touchstone - 4/11/2014
I finally got around to knocking another route off my ToDo list and did Touchstone over the weekend. Zion walls were quite for us, and despite seeing a backpack and climbing ...

by drapnea
2,385 Apr 14, 2014 5
TR: Touchstone Wall, Zion NP - Click for details
 TR: Touchstone Wall, Zion NP
This is a TR of my second big wall. We did this route back in March of this year. My partner and I had never been on the route before and it took us just under 7 hours to reac...

by GHowland
3,909 Aug 15, 2011 7
Zion Climbing TR - Touchstone Wall - Click for details
 Zion Climbing TR - Touchstone Wall
So I wrangled up a couple days off around the first weekend in March and made plans to go to Zion and get my first big wall under my belt. I had been trying to get a climbing ...

by crossman04
6,026 Jul 08, 2010 6
1 - 4 of total 4 Trip Reports found