Moonlight Buttress, Moonlight Buttress Area 5.12d or 5.9 C1


Zion National Park, Utah, USA

  • Currently 5.0/5
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A scorching July 4th climb up Moonlight Buttress - Click for details
 A scorching July 4th climb up Moonlight Buttress
On our journey to become big wall masters, my partner Andrew and I swing by Zion for a hot second to climb Moonlight Buttress:

by Owen
1,684 Jul 23, 2017 12
Fall in the Desert
by Vitaliy M.
2,572 Jan 16, 2017 26
Spaceshot and Moonlight Buttress - Click for details
 Spaceshot and Moonlight Buttress
I’m heading home on Sunday, pretty much on the go for the last six weeks - six weeks that feels like twelve. Going away is always good, but sometimes going home is better, th...

by Andy KP
2,467 Apr 22, 2016 14
 Moonlight Buttress in November
YO In September my partner Nat and I decided to meet up in Zion in October to do Moonlight Buttress (her 1st big wall climb) and -as luck would have it- THE DAY I...

by mfsb
2,862 Dec 24, 2013 5
Moonlight Buttkick - Click for details
 Moonlight Buttkick
I used my hard earned college loan money to buy the portaledge for Ryan on his birthday when we were dating a few years back so for all intents and purposes, I should have bee...

by Stephanie Bergner
4,794 Apr 18, 2012 41
Moonlight Buttress Rope Solo Winter Ascent February 4-6 2012 - Click for details
 Moonlight Buttress Rope Solo Winter Ascent February 4-6 2012
Below is a blog entry of my Moonlight Buttress Rope Solo in February: Special tha...

by JSpencerV
6,728 Mar 26, 2012 26
Winter Solo of Moonlight In A Day - Click for details
 Winter Solo of Moonlight In A Day
Went back to Zion this February to make another ascent of Moonlight. This time I left the partner and the haulbag on the ground. Enjoy. Sorry for not posting to ST but it's ea...

by GHowland
2,976 Mar 14, 2012 4
TR: Moonlight Buttress, winter ascent - Click for details
 TR: Moonlight Buttress, winter ascent
Tara and I had "attemped" Moonlight Buttress once in the past. We had driven through the night on a Friday night planning to sleep an hour or two and start up the route early...

by nscherneck
2,713 Feb 23, 2012 7
To Zion and Back
by nic Lazzareschi
1,874 May 03, 2011 6
Moonlight Buttress
by GHowland
3,796 Apr 13, 2011 6
Moonlight Buttress Free Attempt - Click for details
 Moonlight Buttress Free Attempt
Last Easter I headed out to Zion to give Moonlight Buttress a whirl. If you'd like to read the TR, click HERE I hope you enjoy! Josh...

by Josh Higgins
3,314 Jul 07, 2010 3
1 - 11 of total 11 Trip Reports found