Moonlight Buttress, Moonlight Buttress Area 5.12d or 5.9 C1


Zion National Park, Utah, USA

  • Currently 5.0/5
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Moonlight Buttress in November - Click for details
 Moonlight Buttress in November
YO In September my partner Nat and I decided to meet up in Zion in October to do Moonlight Buttress (her 1st big wall climb) and -as luck would have it- THE DAY I...

by mfsb
1,795 Dec 24, 2013 5
Moonlight Buttkick - Click for details
 Moonlight Buttkick
I used my hard earned college loan money to buy the portaledge for Ryan on his birthday when we were dating a few years back so for all intents and purposes, I should have bee...

by Stephanie Bergner
4,059 Apr 18, 2012 41
Moonlight Buttress Rope Solo Winter Ascent February 4-6 2012 - Click for details
 Moonlight Buttress Rope Solo Winter Ascent February 4-6 2012
Below is a blog entry of my Moonlight Buttress Rope Solo in February: Special tha...

by JSpencerV
5,303 Mar 26, 2012 26
Winter Solo of Moonlight In A Day - Click for details
 Winter Solo of Moonlight In A Day
Went back to Zion this February to make another ascent of Moonlight. This time I left the partner and the haulbag on the ground. Enjoy. Sorry for not posting to ST but it's ea...

by GHowland
1,896 Mar 14, 2012 4
TR: Moonlight Buttress, winter ascent - Click for details
 TR: Moonlight Buttress, winter ascent
Tara and I had "attemped" Moonlight Buttress once in the past. We had driven through the night on a Friday night planning to sleep an hour or two and start up the route early...

by nscherneck
1,854 Feb 23, 2012 7
To Zion and Back
by nic Lazzareschi
1,391 May 03, 2011 6
Moonlight Buttress
by GHowland
3,324 Apr 13, 2011 6
Moonlight Buttress Free Attempt - Click for details
 Moonlight Buttress Free Attempt
Last Easter I headed out to Zion to give Moonlight Buttress a whirl. If you'd like to read the TR, click HERE I hope you enjoy! Josh...

by Josh Higgins
2,693 Jul 07, 2010 3
1 - 8 of total 8 Trip Reports found