Steck Salathe, Sentinel Rock 5.9


Yosemite Valley, California USA

  • Currently 4.0/5
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Steck-Salathé photo TR, captions in 10 words or less - Click for details
 Steck-Salathť photo TR, captions in 10 words or less
Iíve thought about doing this climb since the summer of 2006, but never felt ready. Every time I thought I was, Iíd check back in with some old friends, and remember tha...

by le_bruce
8,808 Jul 29, 2016 66
TR - Steck Salathe 7/26/08 - Click for details
 TR - Steck Salathe 7/26/08
TR - Steck Salathe 7/26/08, with Scuffy B. (note: images throughout are lifted from the web, we took no camera) Late 90ís, Camp 4 Itís my first time ...

by Elcapinyoazz
4,146 Mar 12, 2014 91
Savoring and Surviving the Steck-Salathe - Click for details
 Savoring and Surviving the Steck-Salathe
Few routes get built up as much as the Steck-Salathe. I've read countless other trip reports on Supertopo that made me question if I was ready... Stories of unplanned biv...

by cultureshock
3,245 Aug 12, 2011 9
Steck-Salathe In Winter With Kor-1963
by Chris McNamara
1,778 Apr 07, 2011 1
1 - 4 of total 4 Trip Reports found