Southeast Buttress, Cathedral Peak 5.6


Tuolumne Meadows, California USA

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TR - Needles, Courtright Reservoir & Tuolumne Meadows... - Click for details
 TR - Needles, Courtright Reservoir & Tuolumne Meadows...
Our initial plans were to head to Tuolumne Meadows (in Yosemite National Park) to climb, then head to the wine country to meet to supertopoians and road bike. Followin...

by Crimpergirl
7,679 Apr 11, 2017 58
Cathedral Peak- The hard way - Click for details
 Cathedral Peak- The hard way
I decided to climb Cathedral Peak's easiest route (4th) class the hardest way I could think of: As I drove away from my home in Mammoth Lakes the sun was just sta...

by Mtbphoto
7,080 Oct 17, 2016 28
Nightime Summit of Cathedral Peak - Click for details
 Nightime Summit of Cathedral Peak
Reed and Kirt climbed Cathedral Peak on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend 2016. Driving up was even slower than expected with holiday traffic. We parked at the Cathed...

by Kirt
3,521 Sep 20, 2016 18
Cathedrals Travers
by Clarke Brogger
2,952 Oct 30, 2014 5
Braving the Crowds - Click for details
 Braving the Crowds
Braving the crowds of Cathedral peak on a June Saturday. I don't know if we are nuts or just weekend warriors that won't let anything stop us. This is not recommended, find a ...

by squishy
4,351 Jun 23, 2013 14
A Yosemite First Timer + a Tuolumne ascent - Click for details
 A Yosemite First Timer + a Tuolumne ascent
This journey begins in the foggy town of Marina CA, where climbers Mike and Griffin spend evenings flipping through guidebooks eying infinite potential of California alpine cl...

by Griffin
4,794 Jun 16, 2013 19
An Epic of Minor Proportions - Click for details
 An Epic of Minor Proportions
The radio in my breast pocket squawks at me again, “Dude, unless you're 15 feet from the top, we gotta rap down. It's getting dark.” I fumble with the talk button through my s...

by Captain Triage
4,728 Nov 23, 2011 41
Cathedral Concert - Click for details
 Cathedral Concert
(Note: there are videos and more photos on my blog) Almost 142 years ago to the day John Muir completed the first documented ascent of Cathedral Peak in Tuolumne....

by surfnclimb
3,103 Sep 19, 2011 10
Updated and Now Complete: An Almost Cathedral Traverse - Click for details
 Updated and Now Complete: An Almost Cathedral Traverse
Pics are all below if that’s what you are here for! And sorry for typos- The beginning of this summer started with some very exciting news. It was my last summer of colleg...

by Sonic
6,443 Sep 01, 2011 14
Beautiful Tuolumne Day - Cathedral Peak - Click for details
 Beautiful Tuolumne Day - Cathedral Peak
"Beep beep beep" - the alarm in the tent next to us is going off. "Beep beep beep" - now there's an alarm in our tent going off as well. It's 4am. It's cold. It's tim...

by sclaussen
5,810 Aug 23, 2011 15
In the footsteps of Muir - Click for details
 In the footsteps of Muir
June turns to July and life finds me tense and emotionally disjointed. I find myself with a free day. My choices are to either stay home and stew or get out and live. ...

by karodrinker
3,600 Aug 04, 2010 22
Cathedral Peak TR - Click for details
 Cathedral Peak TR
I'd only done Cathedral Peak's SE Buttress once before, in August 2006. My intent was to do it again in 2007, but instead I wrecked my car on the way up (late night + dee...

by rhyang
3,574 Jun 29, 2009 22
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