U Notch Couloir, North Palisade III AI 2 5.2


High Sierra, California USA

  • Currently 4.0/5
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U-Notch to North Palisade (almost) - Click for details
 U-Notch to North Palisade (almost)
I've wanted to climb the U-Notch to North Palisade for a long time, but most of my friends and partners had already done it. This year I thought seriously of soloing it, but ...

by rhyang
4,355 Jun 29, 2012 15
North Peak, Dana, and U Notch couloirs - Click for details
 North Peak, Dana, and U Notch couloirs
Repost of: my 1st stab at a trip report. Did a bit of hiking earlier this month... rightmost of the North Peak couloirs on Wednesday (8/3/10 - rest day #1), Dana ...

by BMcC
6,027 Apr 11, 2011 9
1 - 2 of total 2 Trip Reports found

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