Northeast Couloir, North Peak AI 2 4th Class


High Sierra, California USA

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North Peak Couloir scouting pictures - Click for details
 North Peak Couloir scouting pictures
This is a quick report of ice conditions on the North Peak couloir (right). I was hiking in the "20 Lakes Basin" over the week-end and decided to hike up the couloir's...

by sleparc
3,730 Sep 24, 2016 23
North Couloir(Right), North Peak, Mono County - Click for details
 North Couloir(Right), North Peak, Mono County
One pitch was beautiful alpine blue ice, the top and steeper part was becoming rotten and interesting fast. Get it while its good, watch for projectiles....

by 0ri0n
1,835 Jul 27, 2014 5
North Peak Northeast (right) Couloir AI2 - Click for details
 North Peak Northeast (right) Couloir AI2
The original plan was to climb North Peak, however after an extremely tough week at work, all I wanted to do was relax and lie low. My new plan was yoga and lots of it. By a...

by Brian Biancardi
2,887 Oct 06, 2013 5
(Right) North Couloir of North Peak (AI2) (Photo TR) - Click for details
 (Right) North Couloir of North Peak (AI2) (Photo TR)
Seeing as this route is in the new SuperTopo guide, where I felt not enough emphasis was given to the fact that what makes this route a great (ice) climb are tim...

by PellucidWombat
5,080 Aug 20, 2013 13
1 - 4 of total 4 Trip Reports found