need help ....three man cot doesn't work.....please advise


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Lynne Leichtfuss

Social climber
valley center, ca
Topic Author's Original Post - Jul 10, 2008 - 01:36am PT
Bought cot for Facelift. Took me and two horse wrangler gals to put the dang thing together. Returned to store.

Now freaking out cause I need a tent, cot, lantern, stove et al that I can put together and operate ON MY OWN. I am not good at putting things together or reading the instructions included cause they are all written by left handed men. HELP< PLEASE

Used to have all the above, but no longer in

KNOTT joking...need equipment info pronto or the bear #46 will have his way with me. Send help soon, Lynners

L. please note, no capital letters in the Thread topic. Darn, it was hard!


Trad climber
Santa Clara, Ca.
Jul 10, 2008 - 01:39am PT
use a sleeping bag and pad if necessary, no cot required.
Mighty Hiker

Social climber
Vancouver, B.C.
Jul 10, 2008 - 01:50am PT
No need to fret.

As long as you have more or less the necessary equipment and supplies, you should be ok. You will be camping with dozens of helpful people who between them probably have several thousand person-years of camping experience, and who could probably construct a comfortable camp for you with their bare hands and odds and ends found during the FaceLift. They also really like putting things together and fooling around with gear - why do you think they're climbers? And they will have with them huge quantities of surplus equipment of most every description, to fill any remaining gaps.

It is possible to buy most camping necessities in the Valley, but not necessarily advisable.

A car has 20 times the capacity any backpack ever will, so if in doubt, you know what to do.

Perhaps some able SuperTopoan lives near to you, and can make a field trip to help you with these things.

ps A one-person cot should do, two at a pinch. I didn't know they made three-person cots. :-)
John Moosie

Beautiful California
Jul 10, 2008 - 02:01am PT
Sorry, I can't help. I'm left handed. hee hee..

but here is the trick. Hire a boyscout to set everything up. No problemo

Can't help with the cot, never owned one.
My tent is 20 years old.
Two burner camp stove is brand new and I haven't set it up yet. It should be easy, it hooks to a 3 gallon propane tank and has bush button lighting. If it works. haha

Go to local camping supply shop and get them to set everything up for you. If it looks easy and you can do it then buy it.

Mighty Hiker is correct. There will be lots of folks willing to help but it is still wise to make certain everything works before you come because if you buy it brand new and don't set it up, then it might be missing something important. I have seen this happen with stoves and lanterns.

Lynne Leichtfuss

Social climber
valley center, ca
Topic Author's Reply - Jul 10, 2008 - 02:02am PT
use a sleeping bag and pad, if necessary.....? Help, I need a book on how to survive with pine needles and branches.

Any supertopoians in my area? I really don't like looking like I don't know what I'm doing. Oh, maybe I just better check in with the bear locker....Locker...omg we sure don't need him involved.

I think the dentist gave me too much novacaine today. I'm laughing and having way to much fun and there's no one here but me. lock me up not the lock word again...

I am going to big time regret this post in the a.m. Right now I should press the delete button, but I'm still laughing.
Lynne Leichtfuss

Social climber
valley center, ca
Topic Author's Reply - Jul 10, 2008 - 02:11am PT
ok, seriously, do all men sleep on the ground? (not that it matters to me).

Secondly, I like to be in control of the equipment and not it of me. I want to know what I am doing. I will set it up at home first. Good idea.

Most tents have way to many pieces and blow over way to easily and if it rains I want total H2O proof. The tent concerns me the most. Willing to pay for a foolproof (oh be quiet fish) tent....that could do some serious camping in the snow someday.


Trad climber
Jul 10, 2008 - 02:14am PT
Two words: air mattress.

Trad climber
Jul 10, 2008 - 02:15am PT
I saw one of the woman working on my hooter crew, surveying owls.

she had this "special forces tent".

It was very cool.
It looked like one of those hooped laundry baskets that open up.

but it was a tent.

you need special friends!

Trad climber
Santa Clara, Ca.
Jul 10, 2008 - 02:15am PT
Lynne, it depends on you. I can sleep in a chair comfortably, my wife, she insists on the pad.

You'll be sooooo fuc-ed up, you'll prollly just crash in your tent. Don't worry about vots or cots, just crash.
Lynne Leichtfuss

Social climber
valley center, ca
Topic Author's Reply - Jul 10, 2008 - 02:21am PT
owlman, hi, glad to hear from you ! Glad things are good. I have alot of special friends, but I am trying to be an in de pend ant. hehe.

bluering, unlike men, if women just crash at night they don't always look so great in the early am....need to plan ahead. smiles, lrl

ok granite, got it. first on list good air mattress, lose the cot. thanks.
Mighty Hiker

Social climber
Vancouver, B.C.
Jul 10, 2008 - 02:22am PT
You are doing the right things.
1. Plan and prepare well in advance.
2. Ask questions.
3. Try things out first, before having to rely on them. (Can you camp overnight in your yard, and try everything? It would give your children and the neighbours something to talk about, too.)

Do you have neighbours or nearby friends who could help you out in terms of appropriate equipment, and how to use it? People who are experienced and have good judgment, that is.

Ultimately there is some inescapable personal responsibility, which can be a bit scary in a new environment. But all will turn out well.

Chances are that you will end up being over-equipped, though hopefully not a la William Boot in Scoop. It's quite common.

You need, at least:
1. Sturdy three season tent, with full complement of pegs and guy strings.
2. Sleeping bag, good to say freezing.
3. Sleeping mat, e.g. thermarest or air mattress. Insulation plus cushioning. A cot may be cold to sleep on, unless there's some non-compressible insulation between sleeping bag and cot surface.
4. Camp stove. One or two burner. Reliable. The kind that use 'disposable' cylinders are typically easier to use.
5. Cookware and utensils.
6. Clothes and rainwear and washcloth and towel.
7. Toiletries.
8. First aid kit - bug stuff, blister stuff, bandaids, sun cream, etc.
9. Sturdy, broken in, light hiking boots. (Critical!)
10. Food and drink.

I've probably forgotten things, but the essential thing is to be prepared for a modest adventure.
Lynne Leichtfuss

Social climber
valley center, ca
Topic Author's Reply - Jul 10, 2008 - 02:24am PT
Mighty Hiker, My neighbors ALREADY have too much to talk about!!
Toker Villain

Big Wall climber
Toquerville, Utah
Jul 10, 2008 - 02:27am PT
You're nuts.

A three man cot works just fine with two women,....

Jul 10, 2008 - 02:28am PT
Even though 100 ST'ers will rain on my parade for giving you bad advice, your note makes it sound like you need some. After they get through and I have been shredded, you will have a better idea.

No cot.

Don't get a tent till you know exactly what you want. Every person on ST has a closet full of unused tents. Failing your getting the loan of one from someone close to where you live, I can bring up an extra on the train. Tents are a big deal. That is why we all have a closet full.

Get a closed cell foam pad. Two if you are a princess. Thermarests, again, are a big deal.

Don't get a stove. Stoves are a big deal. You will have 30,000 friends and 30,000 available stoves in the Valley. Borrow one after they finish cooking. It will even be preheated. After looking at 30,000 stoves you will be an expert.

You need either a pack of some sort or even a pillow case for carrying everything. I have found a pillow case affords special ambiance. Anyone carrying a pillow case is assumed to know exactly what they are doing. Indeed I know of no case where a person carrying a pillow case has been hassled. I understand Piton Ron uses a pillow case, though that may not be the only reason he has not been hassled.

You need a pot, a fork, a sponge, a cup, a platypus, a toothbrush, ear plugs, a head lamp or flashlight, sleeping bag, a hat, sunglasses, two or three stuff sacks, and ten boxes of macaroni and cheese. You don't really need the cheese, but it comes with the macaroni. No choice.

In the Valley you will need a compass only if you free solo 5.15 like it was class three.

Oh yes, you also need a smile. That you give to Ken.

I was in the women's bathroom in C4 only once when I was an easterner. I was quite surprised to learn California women are not very friendly. Anyway that facility was torn out decades ago so I have no idea whether you will have access to 120 Volts. I am sure someone on ST can give you this critical information.

Lynne Leichtfuss

Social climber
valley center, ca
Topic Author's Reply - Jul 10, 2008 - 02:30am PT
Sorry Mighty Hiker, when I read that phrase I went into a convulsion of laugher....which I needed desperately since my Mom just had a stroke a couple days ago.

You are the best M.H. always,always there.

The one good thing I have going for me is broken in good comfortable H2O proof hiking shoes and some common sense...but it's been awhile and I'd like as much imput as possible on rest.

That's why I'm on many people do you know you could call and ask them how to outfit you for camping....nada most.
Lynne Leichtfuss

Social climber
valley center, ca
Topic Author's Reply - Jul 10, 2008 - 02:34am PT
Piton, your comment about commitment????? Oh, boy...... referring to the book club of course. I know joke, joke.
Mighty Hiker

Social climber
Vancouver, B.C.
Jul 10, 2008 - 02:38am PT
And don't forget a vorpal sword. Bound to be useful if #46 shows up. Or a Frumious Bandersnatch. Or a Jabberwock.
Lynne Leichtfuss

Social climber
valley center, ca
Topic Author's Reply - Jul 10, 2008 - 02:39am PT
Jstan, good specifics....But what the heck is a platypus..I thought it was a water animal in Australia....I need to bring a pet???

Just packed my compass....hehehe

Got smiles galore, you just ran into the wrong CA gals.
Lynne Leichtfuss

Social climber
valley center, ca
Topic Author's Reply - Jul 10, 2008 - 02:42am PT
Ahh, Mighty Hiker....that was that poem and haven't marched it out in years....could pro only use the vorpal sword on a grizzly...hope the petas don't get me for that.

We will plan more ca sa manana.... Lynne
Dr. Rock

Ice climber
Castle Rock
Jul 10, 2008 - 03:01am PT
As a rule, you always forget one item, remembered half way to the destination.
Just make sure it is something you can buy along the way, which is everything.
And don't forget the continental beakfast.

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