Welcome Tami Knight...Hrkk! Hrkk!


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goatboy smellz

Topic Author's Original Post - May 29, 2007 - 07:13pm PT
Yes, the goddess herself is finally among us.


Bow down and show yer respect!

Everybody that reads this needs to send Tami $5 US Dollars for reading her comics here.
This will cover 92.5364% of her expenses and the rest goes to her frost backed attorneys.


Trad climber
Denver, Colorado
May 29, 2007 - 07:14pm PT
Tami, oddly enough I was just thinking about one of your cartoons today. Hah.

Hello and welcome! No doubt you appreciate Ouch's many toons here.

Sport climber
Venice, Ca
May 29, 2007 - 07:29pm PT
Tami Knight RULES the world. Always has.


Social climber
Davis, CA
May 29, 2007 - 08:06pm PT

any more of those comix? Those are hilarious!

EDIT: I don't get the hrrk hrrk! bit either?

Trad climber
Denver, Colorado
May 29, 2007 - 08:12pm PT
Hey, I think we are going to have to e-mail bomb Tami to get her to post again. She was just responding to a thread that mentioned her business associations.

The Land of the Big Stone
May 29, 2007 - 09:02pm PT
Oh Christ!, FINALLY.................WHISKI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome Tami....

Boulder climber
Salt Lake, UT
May 29, 2007 - 09:16pm PT
Avalanche poodles...

Welcome Tami.
Ed Hartouni

Trad climber
Livermore, CA
May 29, 2007 - 09:56pm PT
Welcome Tami...
...so so funny, I always wondered about my ice-climber alter ego, you said & drew it all

Social climber
The West
May 29, 2007 - 11:48pm PT
"Don't mention the scar!"

Trad climber
May 30, 2007 - 12:11am PT
I laughed soooo hard at her collection of comics back in high school! They kept me motivated to be a climber as a young know-nothing with nobody to teach me! Thank you Tami!!!

Gym climber
Otto, NC
May 30, 2007 - 10:45am PT
It wuzzint a lobotomy.
It wuz a 3,000' fall and I landed in a cactus.

the Hooterville World-Guardian
May 30, 2007 - 11:09am PT
make ya laugh even with a 30 knot tail wind up your ring in the HVCG shitter.

into th' sewer? ontologocal pinnacles? drugz & death? grander orgasms?

be careful or yull end up bein' a hiker!!!

Social climber
Vancouver, Canada
May 30, 2007 - 12:06pm PT
Many thanks, ahhhh, er......< stumble stumble>
uummmmm, right....manyhugegracious thanks to you all for your quotes & notes.

Special huge hello to Mr. Largo; heard yer into the nefarious sport of muni ( that orangutan K Holm is an amigo up here; both my kids ride unicycles )

I'm not sure from the nicknames if I know any of the rest of you bad lot. I'm suspicious Goatboy smellz ( gosh ! )works for, has worked for ,or has stolen from Mr. Neptune in BoCo.

And to stich - I haven't looked at SuperTopo at all to know Ouch's work * but sure will now U mention it ( I love other cartoonists - esp our Jer Collins )( he's also very cute )( but half my age :-)

For the poor sod who duzzn't know what "Hrrrrrk hrrk" , ahh, "means" ( there is a meaning!? ) - do this : think of something evil but funny (10 kittens in one garbage can or one kitten in ten garbage cans), channel your inner Daryl Hatten ( traddusclimberus extraordinarii subspecies Squamishensis ) and make a low growling noise in your throat. Written down, that noise is hrrk hrkkk. Get it?


Still don't get it? Well, dang. I can't help ya. Self-medicating and self-abuse won't inform you of it either - tho' they are obliGOATory snicker snicker snicker.....

Cheers again to you all; I appreciate that there are climbers out there who can and do READ
Big Cheesy Grin
goatboy smellz

Topic Author's Reply - May 30, 2007 - 04:31pm PT
Nothing to be suspicious of Tami you wouldn't know me from any other smelly climber,
just a long time fan of your work.

By the way, Gary wants one of those disposable avalanche poodles for the museum,
would go well with Malcom's big toe and Simon Yates knife, or so he says.


Social climber
The West
May 30, 2007 - 06:25pm PT
BTW, Tami, Daryl Hatten's daughter started a thread here for funny stories about her dad, that got a huge response, lots of photos, etc. You might want to add something to that. Do a forum search of Daryl Hatten's daughter, or something.

Big Wall climber
Reno NV
May 31, 2007 - 02:49am PT
another long time fan here...
thanks for all the laughs Tami!

BTW: I want one of those shirts..."I do 5.13 all the time, do you?"

too fricken funny.

Social climber
No Ut
May 31, 2007 - 02:58am PT
Just gotta get in my own hello to my all-time favorite climbus-cartoons-r-us...

Tami, g'Knight!


Mountain climber
San Diego
May 31, 2007 - 10:54am PT

Welcome to the SuperTaco campfire.

Your toons are absolutely hilarious. Some of which I have zeroxed and put onto my refrigerator. Recall the classic one with RR and Ron Kauk in The Valley, where RR is defending the virtues? Very classic.


Social climber
Vancouver, Canada
May 31, 2007 - 12:25pm PT
Hi again -
Wow. I thought my books had all been used to line bird cages & wrap fish heads; I guess only MOST of 'em have been used fer that. Coolio!

It's doubtful I'll be able to procure Gary an AvaPoo(tm). We moved the factory to an unnamed Asian country where they, ahhh, ate the poodles. Oh, dear.
We are presently exploring possibilities elswehere but we've experienced difficulties with locals stealing the poodles and rendering them for their copper and other base-metal content. The world is a sad, sad place.

I have no idea where you can get tee-shirts with my toonz on'em other then the annual thing I do for the brownie-eating beer-swillin squirrel-chasing bunch in Pocatello IdaHo. Josh at Pika Mtneering used to do shirts with my toonz but the annual sales of 13 items gave him the impression they weren't a best-seller.

I don't rememememeber drawing anything about RR and Mr. Kauk. I wonder what condition I was in when I drew it ; perhaps that has informed my memory loss. Or that part of my brain died. Or was killed. Hahahaaaaaaa.......grrrrk. I'll have to check the archives. Where are my dang archives? I knew I kept 'em in a small room 'round here somewhere. Fluuuuuuuuuuuush. Oops.

Guffaw, snort....chortle.
handsome B

Gym climber
May 31, 2007 - 12:28pm PT
Tami rocks!

that is all
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