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Trad climber
Less than a second shy of 49 minutes
Mar 27, 2013 - 11:08am PT
Yeah. . . what TenBee said!


Trad climber
Topic Author's Reply - Mar 27, 2013 - 02:35pm PT
Thank you for the support. Unfortunately, this sort of thing (attack on my integrity) triggers me and can really affect my ability to function. People have said "Just brush it off, Terrie" and I wish it were just that easy.

At any rate!

About the Cam in question - Yes, it IS a Kong, and the label says Slit Fit Flex 4.0. Here is an image:
Credit: happiegrrrl

Also - another piece available, a Metolious Rangefinder, Green - Asking $40, with shipping to US destination included(International shipping has recently increased quite a bit. Will ship overseas, but would need to have additional shipping fee).

Used lightly, has had no falls taken on it

Payment via PayPal, please send PM with questions or request to purchase.
Credit: happiegrrrl

More images on MountainProject at http://mountainproject.com/v/for-sale-metolious-rangefinder-cam---green/108059136

philadelphia, pa
Mar 27, 2013 - 04:13pm PT
Thanks for checking that can and posting additional pics, Happie!

Looks like we're both right... There's no mistaking the King logo, but it also says Made in Czech, which explains why it looks so much like a Rock Empire; Kong is rebranding them! And in another twist, these are the same as the old Trango Flexcams (co-developed by Trango and Rock Empire) prior to Trango moving production from Czech to Korea and making a couple changes to the design (and allowed RE to continue using the old design). This might also explain the name Slit Fit Flex...

Anyway, I'm probably the only one in the world who cares about such things, so thanks again for looking into it!


Trad climber
Topic Author's Reply - Mar 27, 2013 - 07:40pm PT
Interesting, Aric! But I am sure you aren't the only gear junkie climber out there -hahahah.

Want to mention that I have created a coupon code which people can use to save 20% on purchases of $10 and more from any of the Etsy shops(Talisman Studios, Talisman Too and Build Your Own Small Business).

Just enter the code Supertopo20 as the "Coupon Code" during checkout to get the savings. This will be valid from now through April 5th at midnight EST. Reminder - purchases must be a minimum of $10, which would exclude a small number of items in two of the shops, namely PFD file guides to social media, and the "Less Than 5 Dollars" category in Talisman Studios.

Boulder climber
Mar 27, 2013 - 11:07pm PT
I'm all for entrepreneurial anarchy - the freedom of the open road and all that, but this is a trainwreck pure and simple.

Social climber
So Cal
Mar 27, 2013 - 11:32pm PT
Train hasn't wrecked the last couple of years.


Social climber
Mar 28, 2013 - 12:21am PT
Why the hate on Terrie? I have never understood it.

Girl's just trying to get along and follow her bliss - people get all aggro on her on the other forums.

Social climber
Mar 28, 2013 - 12:37am PT
for me your living the dream, strong & free as can be.

Trad climber
Topic Author's Reply - Mar 28, 2013 - 01:05am PT
I can understand people being uncomfortable with the way I have lived. It has been on a frayed shoestring budget and a wing and a prayer.

The hatred that seems to be based on people feeling I am egotistical or whatever it is - that I don't get, especially because so far as I can tell, those people are not people I actually know.

As for the train not having wrecked in the last few years, that is true. This time is a little different though, because in the past I had either a business that was bringing in enough money to get by, or had my apartment in NYC being sublet and bringing in revenue. That ended a month ago, rather abruptly, and I opted to let the place revert back to landlord instead of putting another person in it.

So....the train does seem to have become derailed. I feel like I am still up in the air. Most people expect to see me come crashing down, hard, on my ass. It could very well happen. By the laws of physics, if they were to apply in this situation, it would probably be unavoidable.

I have told the the Universe my immediate plans(to get back to New York) and asked it to set in place the circumstances to provide that. How it will occur will be up to the Universe. For my part in it, I am doing the best I can to raise money. Will I have to sell my rack? May be. Will I have to sell the van and hitch hike back? May be. May be the Universe is getting ready to take me down. I guess I will see what happens.

But I do understand my life is uncomfortable for some people to watch. Most people need more concrete answers to their questions, when it comes to security, than I tend to.

But please don't mistake my mindset for being lazy, unwilling to work and work hard, or that I think I am "above it" in some way. It has hurt me pretty deeply to know that, because someone has put out there that I felt I was too good to work a retail job here in JT, that others would understandably believe that rumor monger was stating fact.

Gym climber
It's not rocket surgery
Mar 28, 2013 - 01:39am PT
Lots of tacos sell goods here, often with some background on their life situation included. I have. . A good wanderer could get a sale from their tale. So what. Buy or dont buy, the end.

Trad climber
Mar 28, 2013 - 01:41am PT
Why do you travel across the country back and forth? Seems easier to set up shop in one location, but you do it every year it seems. Lots of time and money to drive cross country and back, more power to you!

Mar 28, 2013 - 01:47am PT
HG -- "But I do understand my life is uncomfortable for some people to watch."

You seem perfectly normal to me.

People that are uncomfortable with you are not normal.

They're just plain out there floating around in outer space .....

Trad climber
Topic Author's Reply - Mar 28, 2013 - 02:03am PT
Why do you travel across the country back and forth?

The first traverse was in 2009/10, when I had met someone who I adored and who had suggested I come out west for the winter and travel around with them. To which I readily agreed. When I had planned it, I was running a healthy business in companion animal care. I decided to sublet my apartment, sell the business, and come west for winter.

The sale was designed to bring passive income for six months going forward. That plan partially failed, both the business sale and the adored partner - hahah.

But any way, the die was cast. I had also been living near the Gunks, as a caretaker on a nature preserve, bartering the caretaking for a rustic residence. Alas, it would be pretty uncomforatbale in winter(no real heat but a propane Mr Heater, no electricity, no plumbing and grounds not maintained which would mean if I did stay there, i would have to shovel out a parking space if it snowed, and a path about 100 yards to the cabin.

Repeating the coming west in winter, east in summer, though expensive in gas, was just "what I did" since I had no decent living alternative in the east(and it is damned cold there in winter!) Habit, I guess. And also not as expensive as having a rent payment to make for the 6 months.

Besides that, I like Joshua Tree and the southwest.

Social climber
Mar 28, 2013 - 02:24am PT
WB thinks you're normal so all's well.
Captain...or Skully

Mar 28, 2013 - 08:52am PT
For what it's worth, Terri, I groove on the Wanderers. I've lived it myself, and loved it a lot. I miss it now.
Normal is boring.

Trad climber
Less than a second shy of 49 minutes
Mar 28, 2013 - 09:31am PT
Hap's about as normal as a frikken THREE DOLLAR BILL!

No offense, WonderBrawn. . . but. . . really?

She's got balls o' steel. . . picked up on the outdoor life thing faster than anybody I've ever known. . . We met at the first SushiFest, but it took until we paired up at the '08 FaceLift for me to get the true picture.



Funny story. . . as I pulled into the Valley on that trip, I looked through one of the tunnels on 120 and said, OUT LOUD TO MYOWNSELF. . . while shaking my head, "F*#K, I'm back in the Valley!"

Then, just about as soon as I got set up in camp. . . here comes Hap. . . in a little red rental car. . . she hops out, fires over to us (I think it was MisterE, TheReverendPaganMonkeyBoy and me) and she does this little monologue about pulling through those same tunnels. . . she was orgasmic over the deal. . . breathing hard, gasping for air, glassy eyed. . . and her words? "F*#K, I'm in the Valley!"

Made me kinda rethink my love/hate relationship with the place. . . seeing it through a first timer's eyes.

She's one in a billion. . . and that's far from normal!



Mountain climber
Anchorage AK, Reno NV
Mar 28, 2013 - 09:35am PT
Life is too short to not pursue your dreams until you have every duck lined up just perfectly.
Fish Finder

Social climber
Mar 28, 2013 - 10:49am PT


here is the conundrum

"One thing I also do is business consulting, with a niche in social media."

If your so good at it that you can help others succeed , why are you having such a difficult financial time with the several ventures that you have?

t-shirts , jewlery, hair products , chalk bags ,consulting ?

If your that good at it you should be charging the going rate and not discounting your services.

Most consumers are leery that you get what you pay for.

I think your efforts are great , but scattered.

Follow your passion and focus.

Good Luck your tenacity is valiant

Trad climber
Topic Author's Reply - Mar 28, 2013 - 11:02am PT
Well, I guess that if ever the word to describe me was 'normal,' I'd know my spirit had been broken.

In the last few years, that spirit has gotten a pretty good rear-kicking, on a fairly consistent basis, but the small flame that it had been dwindled too stubbornly refused to flicker out. I am still here, when at times I felt like to be any place but here would be preferable. So, either I am so blind to reality as to have it be a mental disturbance, or else the invisible carrot in front of my eyes which goads me forward is a carrot unlike that which compels most people.

I dunno...I've been told numerous times that some small thing I did or said, things I don't even remember doing or saying, were THE thing that made all the difference to that person.From "decided to live" to"still in business because of it" to "I believe you are an angel that was sent to me to tell me those words" to "You just changed the entire trajectory of my day from bad to great".... All those things since I stopped racing along the dollar chasing professional career path and having the attitude that accompanies it. That has got to be worth something. It can't be measured in dollars, can't be worn on display. But it seems almost to be a ministry calling. Yes...may be it's just delusion....

Anyway -IF anyone is thinking "I wish her well, but I don't need any of those things she is offering," may be they could take a look at the various Facebook pages for my ventures, and IF they think any of them might be something people they know might have some interest in, they could Share them.... To do that, you go to the page, click that cog wheel icon on the rich, and in the drop down menu there is a "Share" option. Then, a window pops up that allows you to write a comment to go along with it. What comment one makes is up to them, but comments do help their network understand why it is the page has been shared.

My FB pages are:
 http://www.facebook.com/TalismanShops - For the hair accessories and beaded pieces
 http://www.facebook.com/byosmallbiz - For small business consulting page
 http://www.facebook.com/ClimbAddictDesigns - For ClimbAddict

and also,
which is a page for recovery-related things I do graphics on, though I haven't been active with that one.
Fish Finder

Social climber
Mar 28, 2013 - 11:06am PT

"The Candyman can cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good!"

Hey Locker, thats me.

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