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Trad climber
Bolinas, CA
Feb 19, 2013 - 09:27pm PT
Seeing Peter Croft actually fall on Swept Away sometime in the 90's...Looked like he was guiding. Fell at the crux. Muttered something about "effing slabs"....

Social climber
Wolf City, Wyoming
Topic Author's Reply - Feb 19, 2013 - 10:03pm PT
Man Splitter! I never know what you're going to talk about and it always has me glued to the screen with questions to think about afterwards. It really hasbeen a long strange trip! I know Mine has and I haven't had those events you' e had.

Marty I remember that accident too. I was in the valley just after. What I heard was what sitter said, they clipped around the chain etc....

So, another disturbing thing I've only been second hand witness to, is the phenomena that inspired the billion rising event the other day.
One out of three women have or will be raped or severely beaten in their lifetime. That is staggering! almost impossible to comprehend!
I known now and have know women who have been raped and some, fewer, that have been severely beaten. But if that is the statistic, I know a lot more of both than I think.
And so do you!

That, is truly disturbing!

If one in three women are the victims, what is the rate out of the total population, of the perpetrators? We must all know them as well!
That's disturbing in it's own way.


Trad climber
Cali Hodad, surfing the galactic plane ~:~
Feb 19, 2013 - 11:06pm PT
ruppel - Fear the indiferance of good men.
You obviously know little about me, other than what I revealed on this one post. At least I was honest about it.

Like I said, "I consider myself as a person of action." ... not one of indeiference. For instance, perhaps you haven't read any of the approximately three threads on which I shared my story about how, at about 21 or 22 years old (forget) I took an evening walk with a couple friends and about a block from my house, as we were turning the corner, we smell/get a brief wiff of smoke. We couldn't tell what or where it was coming from (fire or chimney) so we continued on.

Just as we reached the last house on the block, this man (about 30) come flying out of the side door of his house/kitchen. It was as if an explosion of flames shotrocketed him out. He ran the few steps to the curb. His shirt was burt off of him and as he lean ed to sit down, ALL the skin of his right hand, arm and shoulder dripped off into a big puddle next to the curb. I was right there at his side. He just looked ( a pleading look) up into my eyes and said, "My baby is in there." That was all he said. But it was obvious what he was implying, asking.

I ran around to the front door and grabbed the handle (it was very hot) that should have been a clue to what happened next (as i opened it) a blast of heat and smoke and flame literally blasted me back into my two friends knocking them and me flat on our ass. I am pretty certain that is what burned all the hair off my face (i had no eyelashes, eybrows, knosehair, sideburns, etc. after that, and gave me 1st and 2nd degree burns on my face. Fortunately I was wearing a relatively heavy sheaphearders coat (it was late Oct/early Nov).

Dark smoke was pouring out of the door. You couldn't see a damn thing. It was down to about 21/2 to 3 ft off the floor. I had to crawl on my stomach and then hands and knees into that inferno.

I recall it being so hot that I couldn't breath through my nose. I had to take these tiny sips through my clenched teeth, and could barely squint. The carpet was hotter than hell. I ended up with blisters not only on my hands, neck and ears, but on my knees that were covered in my levi jeans.

You have NO CLUE how hot it was in there. I just kept going deeper and deeper into the living room and towards thw hall way. The smoke was slowly lifting to about half way up the wall, but the fresh air was obviously giving more oxygin to the situation. Things were starting to explode ito flame (lamps and things) without any actual flames touching them yet.

I don't want to seem like some macho brave dood by saying this all the time, but I had zero fear. Actually, I don't think people sense fear in those situations. Thinking about them in the middle of the night when you wake up in a cold sweat thinking about it (later on) maybe, but not while it is happeneing, your too focused on what you are trying to accomplish (or whatever you call it). I just had one thing on my mind ... there was a "baby" in there, and I wasn't gonna come out of there without it.

Anyway, I made to the hall and part way down it, I see this woman crouched against the wall holding this budle wrapped in a blanket (or somethign) I firgured it was the kid. She had her eyes closed and looked like she just gave up, or something. I don't remember saying anything (i may have) but suddenly she opened her eyes (when I was a 2-3 ft from her).

She gave me this very odd look. Like, what is this guy doing crawling across my floor. Then it looked like she came to her senses (remebered what was going on) and she jumped out and ran past me into the livingroom and out the door (with the baby in her arms).

I followed.

She collapsed on the front lawn. I don't think she recovered (woke up) for at lest a week. She almost didn't make it. Was on life support, etc! But I do remember that she was released about 3 weeks later (primarily smoke inhalation). The baby was released the next day (no damage done). The man was in the burn unit for about two weeks, and then was released.

I didn't go to the hospital, probably should have. It was 1972 (maybe '71) and if you didn't have money, you didn't go to the hospital unless you were CERTAIN you were dying (at lest my family didn't).

The ambulance got their awithin 5 minutes after we exscaped. The livingroom and hallway exploded into flame within a minute or two after we got out. The whole place burnt to the ground. It was a VERY good thing that we got out exactly when we did and no later.

I really didn't think that much of my part in the whole thing. The kid next door, evidently told everyone what happened (they stayed outside). I cetainly didn't consider myself a hero. Not that it made any diferent one way or another. I was just happy that the kid got out.

But, about 15-20 years later we are all gathered together as a family (for some occasion) and evidently one of our guests brought up some story that includied or perhaps concluded with that title (hero) don't recall what it was about. And my older sister blurted out "John is a hero." I didn't have a clue what she was referring too. Then she told the story. I hadn't really seen it that way. I hadn't carried them out in my arms or whatever. But I did open the front door and that caused the smoke to lift enough that she got a breath of air (perhaps) and came too for a moment and could see, and find her way out. Otherwise they probably both would have died.

Besides, I think there a VERY few people in this world that, if they had looked into that mans eyes and saw what i saw and heard what I heard him say, "MY BABY IS IN THERE." That wouldn't have done exactly what I did. I know I couldn't have lived with myself if I hadn't have given it 100%. I mean who wouldn't have? There was an innocent baby in there. Could you have just let it die? You don't need to answer, I know you would have. besides (should anyone have any doubts about themselves) you weren't there so wouldn't really know what I'm talking about. In a hypothetical situation you might have to wonder about it (have some doubts). In a real situation it is much diferent. In my opinion (having experienced it) it would be MUCH better to die trying, then to have not given it your all.

edit: the baby in my other story was already gone. There was nothing I could have done in that respect. They should have been brought to justice, but I doubt that would have happened. regardless, I do now regret not trying. I have NO fear of Satanist (no Satan). Whatever what I would have done, it wouldn't have stoped that coven and their wicked ways. But I will have to live with it (my indiference, if you want to call it that).

EDIT: Sorry for "spraying" about this (house fire) once again (4th time on ST i think). But I had to defend myself (insecure me, lol). The last time was on the Airplane thread, and there was definitely a "spraying" aspect to it, plus i was OT (way off topic) obviously. Someone rubbed it in my face the next day (p0sted that I was "spraying"). But I had been up/awake for 7 days in a row with zero sleep. an immediate family member suddenly died and I took it kind of hard/couldn't sleep (i live by myself). I found solice (of sorts) by lurking and posting here on ST. Or at least it took my mind away from the tragic events of that past week. I can't recall exactly why i told this story again then (on the Airplane thread/the 3rd time) But i wasn't thinking to clearly by then (that's my excuse anyway). I didn't tell anyone here about the death (well i told two people by email). I tend to keep things like that to myself.


Trad climber
Is that light the end of the tunnel or a train?
Feb 19, 2013 - 11:31pm PT
The Presidential elections of Ronald Reagan and all those named Bush.

Trad climber
Nedsterdam CO
Feb 19, 2013 - 11:41pm PT
Having my father die in my arms at age 13 was disturbing. Being in combat as a Marine is still disturbing. Right now I'm adjusting to my buddy being t-boned by a texting driver, killing his 10 year old son.

Trad climber
it's all turtles, all the way dooowwwwwnn!!!!!
Feb 20, 2013 - 01:31am PT
well shite, no wonder you're evil!

Trad climber
Heidelberg, Germany
Feb 20, 2013 - 08:45am PT
I use to live on El Nopal(across from the Magnolia Boulders). One morning i was riding my bike, returning from the store and this F-15/16 goes sailing by just clearing the houses and crashes into the side of the hill about a block away.

About ten years later I was living a few miles away just under the flight path for planes returning to Gillespie Field. Planes would fly over about every fifeteen minutes. Got pretty use to it. One morning I heard this incredible roar, the planes at Gillepie are limited to smaller personal/commercial craft. It sounded like a jet liner was making some sort of emergency landing and I new something tragic was about to happen. It was shaking the houses and sounded like thunder.

I lept up and shot out the front door just in time to see another big navy jet come sailing directly over our house...upside down with the cockpit open and no one in it. The roar was deafening(must have had its afterburners on)and the airport was about 4-5 blocks away on the other side of a freeway and I was certain this beast wasn't going to make it(crash into houses).

As i jumped into my car, I heard a huge explosion and was expecting the worse. It turned out that it did make it to the airfield before crashing, but killed and maimed a few guys on the ground.

Rather "disturbing" event...

I saw both of those too from the other side of El Cajon, the second went right over my head. I saw the PSA flight 182 crash in North Park too.

Mountain climber
The Other Monrovia- CA
Feb 20, 2013 - 11:24am PT
This thread is mis-named. It should be Born Under A Bad Sign.

Trad climber
Cali Hodad, surfing the galactic plane ~:~
Feb 20, 2013 - 12:25pm PT
I use to live on El Nopal...
^^^ that was me/one of my earlier posts (forgot that i posted about that).
Both jets were on auto-piolet, the piolets had ejected/bailed some moments before (didn't see them or their canopies/cutes).

The "El Nopal" crash was in the late Spring/early summer of 1979 and occured while I was visiting my parents. Evidently the piolet, before he ejected, programed it to avoid the hundreds of tract homes and go in at this hill right next to us. Extremely close call. It was a real eye opener. Fortunately no one was hurt.

The second one was in the Spring of '86, and like I said, i lived Pepper Dr. in El Cajon, which is right uner the flight path (incoming) for planes landing a Gallispie field. I was very accostomed to having various sized small private planes fly over us (about every 15 minutes) and the occassional Lear jet. But this thing sounded like some Jumbo 747 (way to large for Gillepie Field) coming in, and obviously in BIG trouble and for some reason it had to dith (or crash) in El Cajon. I mean there was this deafening roar and the whole house was shaking off of its hinges.

I ran outside and looked up jus as it was coming over the top of our house. But it wasn't a Jumbo Jet, it was a Navy F16 (or whatever). Like I said, the canopy was open with no one in it. The two pilots had gotten into trouble and bailed out over the middle of El Cajon (over 100,000 population then).

They had zeroed it in on Gelespie field, which was about 1/2 of a mile down the road. There were solid rows of houses, and a middle school where my brother was teaching at, between where I was and there. It looked as if I could almost reach up and touch it, but it was probably about 50 ft to a 75 feet above me (surreal). I new it was trying to make the airport, but I was certain that it wasn't going to make it. Just seconds later I heard this tremendous explosion. I jumped into my car and took off towards the crash. I was expecting the worse, but hoping that it at least missed the school (it went directly over it).

To my surprise it cleared all the houses and crashed into the runway and skidded into these hangers killing a couple guys and maiming others. Very tragic. One piolet landed safely, but his partner got hung up got hung up in some high wires/tower and broke his neck. He died the next day. My cousin was his nurse in the ICU at Sharpe Hospital. She came over the next day and told us about it. He was fully concious and, she, of course, spoke with him (very sad).


I have never looked at it that way. BUT, I have at times felt like I have had the "curse of Cain" put on me, lol. After he killed his brother Abel, he was made to roam the earth, and God put a mark on him that warned everyone who he was and that whomever killed him would have 10 fold the bad sh#t happen to them that happened to Cain (to paraphrase it). Or, like God told Satan (in regards to Job) you can do anything you wish to him, but you can't take his life (YIKES). Or perhaps a mix of the two (sorta) but an individual uniqueness to it.

Just kidding of course (but not entirely, b'cuz i haven't shared even a 1/4 of the crazy things I've experienced).

Social climber
Toshi's Station, picking up power converters.
Feb 20, 2013 - 12:59pm PT
So, another disturbing thing I've only been second hand witness to, is the phenomena that inspired the billion rising event the other day. One out of three women have or will be raped or severely beaten in their lifetime. That is staggering! almost impossible to comprehend! I known now and have know women who have been raped and some, fewer, that have been severely beaten. But if that is the statistic, I know a lot more of both than I think. And so do you!

That, is truly disturbing!

If one in three women are the victims, what is the rate out of the total population, of the perpetrators? We must all know them as well! That's disturbing in it's own way.

Thank you for this. I spend a lot of time helping women vets who have been assaulted and sometimes their stories just totally break my heart. As a woman who has experienced it personally, I feel I need to be open with my story so that maybe someone can feel comfortable asking for help. It's very difficult sometimes but It's worth it. The Megan's Law website is REALLY disturbing, especially since they can only list the convicted people. Misogyny is so subtlety pervasive in our society. Sometimes I just stand in shock upon hearing some things that come out of peoples mouths, especially when its a woman.

Also, when I see a parent screaming in anger at their kid pisses me the fu.ck off. I have been known to approach these people and tell them exactly my opinion.


Feb 20, 2013 - 01:32pm PT

Your right I don't know you. I'm sure if we met we'd get along. That vid wasn't meant as an attack on you for your actions. It was more food for thought. Plus I happen to really like that movie. As far as me having no idea how hot the inside of a burning structure is that's not true. You don't know me either so there is no way you could have known that I spent 7 years as a municipal firefighter. I've been in more than a few structure fires. I know EXACTLY how hot it was in there. Going in the way you did is commendable. I'd like to think that most people would have done the same as you but I honestly don't know if that's true. Putting yourself in harms way on purpose just isn't the way most people are wired. Every time I did my job it was with training and protective gear.

The Dept that I worked for had a policy of no entry without a hose line first. Firefighter safety is the first priority or at least it's supposed to be. So we roll up on a working structure fire. Three of us are on the engine. When we get there the father comes up and says his middle son is missing. Three people isn't enough to pull a line and do a primary search. The next truck is still four minutes out. My buddy and I made the decision to break protocol in less then a second. We ask the father where the kids room is and he says second floor.

So we enter the building and start the search. It's a two story house and the fire started on the first floor in the living room. The heat is intense and the fire is already working it's way up the stairs. I look at my buddy and signal that we need to get up there now. We both know on our way up that by the time we finish the search the stairs will be fully engulfed and are primary exit will be cut off. We head up.

We do start the search and don't find anything. It's these moments that you always second guess yourself. Maybe we missed him. We search again. Now the fire is fully rolling. We start to make are way down the hallway that is over the living room. The floor is saggy and feels like it could go at any minute. Pushing on as fast as we can we complete the secondary search and still nothing. We only have about five minutes of air left before our tanks are empty. All the second floor starts to flash over. We haul ass over to the opposite side of the second floor and close the door.

By this time the second engine has arrived and the rest of our guys are pulling a hose line into the house. They start suppression efforts from below which pushes a ton of heat up to us. Even with the door closed it's surreal. We break a window and radio for a ladder so we can get out of there before the whole floor goes up. A few minutes later the ladder is in place and we are headed down. Neither of us has any air left and both of us feel like we've failed. We don't say anything as we look at each other. We don't have to.

When we get back out front the dad comes up to us. He found his son. Junior had snuck out of the house to go see some friends. It's a strange feeling to wanna kill someone you where just trying to save. We both headed over for some water and to swap out our tanks. Just then our battalion chief comes up to us.

"You guys know you broke protocol, right?" He says.
We both nod.
"You guys know I'll have to write this up, right?" He says.
We both nod again.
"You guys know that there is no one I would have rather had on the first arriving engine, right?" and with that he pats us both on the back.

So, if this story has a moral, it's sometimes you have to do the wrong thing to do the right thing.

Sport climber
The Big Wide Open Face
Feb 20, 2013 - 01:34pm PT
I fell about thirty feet straight to the ground and directly on my feet. My left leg absorbed the bulk of the impact and when I rolled up and looked down I saw a fist-sized hole in my shin, my tibia sticking out and bone chips all around. I laid back and thought, "This is gonna be a long one."

2 months later, back on the weights
2 months later, back on the weights
Credit: Largo

Trad climber
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Feb 20, 2013 - 01:39pm PT
Sh#t, seeing chips of your own bone and blood everywhere has got to be disturbing. Now when Hank Williams, Jr. fell off that cliff drunk and his eye popped out and he was looking back at his own face from a weird angle, that must have been really disturbing.
McHale's Navy

Trad climber
Panorama City, California & living in Seattle
Feb 20, 2013 - 01:40pm PT
"This is gonna be a long one."

Nice punn Stonemaster
The Warbler

the edge of America
Feb 20, 2013 - 01:51pm PT
Witnessing dubya get reelected is high on my list.

The Bobcat thread is pretty bad too - that trapper guy's ribcage should be made into a bobcat litter box.


Trad climber
Cali Hodad, surfing the galactic plane ~:~
Feb 21, 2013 - 12:36am PT

That vid wasn't meant as an attack on you for your actions. It was more food for thought. Plus I really like that movie.
Oh! Sorry about the misunderstanding.

Actually, I didn't even watch the vid, I just related to the title, "Fear the indiference of good men.", and the cover picture on it looks like the Pope or somebody giving a lecture on indiference/apathy/cowardly actions, etc, and I thought, "Woe, dood (rupple) is really sticking it to me."! I was already feeling guilty enough (in regards to not doing the right thing/following through). SO, i just skipped watching it. Still not sure what it's about, but I will watch it now (you piqued my curiosity).
Your right, I don't know you... You don't know me either...
Wow, awesome story, bro! I meant to add that I had a much greater appreciation for firefighters after that evening...that would be one tuff job to go to day after day. And, WAY bold decision, on the part of you and your buddy that day. Especially since you new "EXACTLY" what kind of a situation you were getting yourselves into. Glad to here it had a happy ending.
If this story has a moral, sometimes you have to do the wrong thing to do the right thing.
So true! Particularly when it's not selfserving and, in fact, may end up costing you dearly. "Greater love has no one than this..." comes to mind!

BTW, now we "know" each other a little better, eh? One of the better aspects/occasional outcomes of ST. Thanks for getting back to me & relating/sharing your remarkable story!

Social climber
Wolf City, Wyoming
Topic Author's Reply - Feb 25, 2013 - 09:52pm PT
That's brave to mention Michelle. It's commendable that you're doing that work! I'm sure it helps a lot of people more ways than are immediately apparent.


Social climber
Wolf City, Wyoming
Topic Author's Reply - Mar 23, 2013 - 11:05am PT
New adventures in stalkerdom, blocked phone number addition.

Trad climber
Ouray, Colorado
Mar 23, 2013 - 02:56pm PT
On Tuesday i had to catheterize myself. You look at the catheter and then you look at your member and you go....oh my God!

Social climber
An Oil Field
Mar 23, 2013 - 04:20pm PT

I have a friend who has to have shunts or something installed into his kidney every couple of years. So you get used to it, I guess.

OK. I haven't read the whole thread, so I am going back to disturbing events.

I was in my office 20 miles away when this happened, but my wife was in the playground at our son's daycare when Tim McVeigh's bomb went off. They were outside and 9 blocks away. It blew out a lot of windows that were facing that direction, so it was good that they were outside.

So they come home and Sam, who was 3 or so, just said, I heard a really loud BOOM!

My wife said it was incredibly loud and sharp. The whole city thought it was surely a leak from a gas line or something. Ten minutes later I got a call from a friend and went home to see the carnage.

That was a bad one.

Tim McVeigh was not from Oklahoma. They built the bomb in Kansas. He was from Michigan and was what we would now call a tea party type. He was a gun nut who hated the federal government. Too bad he was executed. I think that they should have water boarded the bastard because it is physically impossible to grind and mix that ANFO in one day. He had help.

The bombing touched a lot of lives. My landlord was across the street taking a dump when it went off and was injured when the ceiling collapsed on him. A really close friend just missed an appt. with some people in the building, people she knew very well, and they were on the 2nd floor facing the bomb. All dead. The whole city was in tears while the AM radio f*#k wads were blaming the deaths of the children on the government.

I believe that to this day, there are body parts that don't match with anyone known. Perhaps it was a street person with no real contacts.

I had to go up there 2 days later, when they had moved the barricades back from the main downtown buildings 5 blocks to the south. The streets were covered with broken glass. In the gutters the glass was several inches deep. It blew out a lot of windows in the skyscraper windows which faced the bomb.
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