Super Slide, Royal Arches Area 5.9


Yosemite Valley, California USA

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Superslipped - Click for details
at home, injured, bored to death i decided to write up the TR of super Slide from a trip last summer. It was day one of a trip my buddy and I took to Yosemite last Jun...

by kaholatingtong
1,610 Dec 05, 2012 16
Cookie Sheet, Bishop's Terrace, Super Slide - Click for details
 Cookie Sheet, Bishop's Terrace, Super Slide
I headed to Yosemite Valley with my friend Mike Z this past weekend. We wanted to check out the Cookie Sheet, a newish area a bit west of the valley proper with lots of frict...

by rhyang
3,411 Sep 05, 2012 18
1 - 2 of total 2 Trip Reports found

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