Northeast Buttress, Higher Cathedral 5.9


Yosemite Valley, California USA

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File under: Committing to C-Mac's Keep It Clean in 2013 - When Duty Calls on the NEB
by le_bruce
3,063 May 19, 2014 34
Awesome Weekend in Yosemite - Click for details
 Awesome Weekend in Yosemite
Saturday: NEB of Higher Cathedral and Regular Route (direct var) of Higher Cathedral Spire link up Sunday: Arrowhead Spire and Arrowhead Arete For more photos g...

by Vitaliy M.
2,820 Apr 22, 2014 38
First epic on the NE Butt (blog post text)
by toby960
1,321 May 07, 2013 8
NE Butt of Higher Cathedral - Click for details
 NE Butt of Higher Cathedral
I've often heard the NEBoHC referred to as a benchmark to measure one's readiness for many of the long and burly routes in the Valley. I've also often heard that the rou...

by PellucidWombat
2,795 May 25, 2012 22
1 - 4 of total 4 Trip Reports found