Northeast Buttress, Higher Cathedral 5.9


Yosemite Valley, California USA

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Awesome Weekend in Yosemite - Click for details
 Awesome Weekend in Yosemite
Saturday: NEB of Higher Cathedral and Regular Route (direct var) of Higher Cathedral Spire link up Sunday: Arrowhead Spire and Arrowhead Arete For more photos g...

by Vitaliy M.
2,142 Nov 13, 2013 37
File under: Committing to C-Mac's Keep It Clean in 2013 - When Duty Calls on the NEB
by le_bruce
1,805 Sep 27, 2013 26
First epic on the NE Butt (blog post text)
by toby960
995 May 06, 2013 8
NE Butt of Higher Cathedral - Click for details
 NE Butt of Higher Cathedral
I've often heard the NEBoHC referred to as a benchmark to measure one's readiness for many of the long and burly routes in the Valley. I've also often heard that the rou...

by PellucidWombat
2,170 May 25, 2012 22
1 - 4 of total 4 Trip Reports found