West Face, Leaning Tower C2F 5.7


Yosemite Valley, California USA

  • Currently 4.0/5
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The West Face Of Leaning Tower Solo - Click for details
 The West Face Of Leaning Tower Solo
It had been a year and a half since my last climb. Previously, I had spent six months in South America on a climbing rampage. I climbed difficult objectives that I once ...

by The Climbing Doctor
1,047 Jun 19, 2014 17
WFLT Solo In A Day - Click for details
 WFLT Solo In A Day
Just read the other WFLT Trip report...mine is much less epic. :( and I dd it in fall...I learned my lesson about climbing in winter on el cap. Here's the TR... I ...

by jcory86
1,484 Nov 11, 2013 18
fun times on west face of the tower - Click for details
 fun times on west face of the tower
[youtube=IP3Zw29z5dA] beta: on the second gully rappel for the descent you are free hanging and chris mac said to where...

by whitemeat
1,777 Jul 20, 2013 32
Leo Houlding FA of Westie Face story - Click for details
 Leo Houlding FA of Westie Face story
I am working on Yosemite Big Walls 3rd Edition and I came across this FA account of the Westie Face by Leo Houlding The West Face of the Leaning Tower by Leo H...

by Chris McNamara
3,614 Jul 16, 2013 7
Leaning Tower West Face - Click for details
 Leaning Tower West Face
Tara and I climbed leaning tower in Yosemite on September 11th to September 12th 2012. Check it out: http://jspencerv.blogspot.com/2012/09/leaning-tower-september...

by JSpencerV
1,290 Sep 29, 2012 4
Westie Face First Ascent News Article
by Chris McNamara
1,293 Feb 27, 2011 1
Leaning Tower Photo Video TR - Click for details
 Leaning Tower Photo Video TR
Yo, So here is my TR as promised! As a forward I'd like to say that aid climbing is the shizzle! We did a grade 5 in PTPP style. Enjoy. Hopefully the video links work...

by kev
2,961 Jul 08, 2010 37
1 - 7 of total 7 Trip Reports found