North Face, Eichorn's Pinnacle 5.4


Tuolumne Meadows, California USA

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Eichorn Pinnacle TR - Click for details
 Eichorn Pinnacle TR
Yes, it's the continuing adventures of Brave Sir Robin and Princess Buttercup .. Saturday morning dawned a bit chilly. My friend Laura and I started from the Cathedral L...

by rhyang
1,450 Jun 06, 2013 25
Eichorn Pinnacle photo TR. Not dialup safe. - Click for details
 Eichorn Pinnacle photo TR. Not dialup safe.
So I decided on a solo daytrip to the meadows yesterday. Easy climbing. North Face of Eichorn Pinnacle followed by the Cathedral Peak summit were on the agenda, and maybe ot...

by davidji
2,636 Aug 02, 2012 20
1 - 2 of total 2 Trip Reports found

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