Sun Spot Dihedral, Incredible Hulk 5.11b


High Sierra, California USA

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The Incredible Hulk - Sunspot Dihedral (IV 5.11b) C2C
by Vitaliy M.
5,494 Aug 04, 2014 41
Hulk-O-Rama 2013 - Click for details
 Hulk-O-Rama 2013
Brevity, Humor, Photos. Ok here we go! The springs moan as Adam navigates his Malibu around another steep curve going up Sonora Pass. Vitality keeps my mind off the road...

by cultureshock
4,264 Mar 13, 2014 37
Sierra Dreaming at the Hulk - Click for details
 Sierra Dreaming at the Hulk
My psyche for the upcoming Sierra season is High! Memories of the Incredible Hulk don't easily fade. Since everyone seemed to enjoy the Rostrum TR, here is another from ...

by cultureshock
3,916 Mar 31, 2011 4
Sunspot Dihedral, Incredible Hulk, July 3rd 2009 - Click for details
 Sunspot Dihedral, Incredible Hulk, July 3rd 2009
Like some of the other TRs, this one came about with the onset of an Arctic cold front over Bozeman, which kept me inside more than I could bear this past week. Anyway, ...

by alpinerockfiend
6,335 Feb 11, 2011 28
1 - 4 of total 4 Trip Reports found