South Face, Charlotte Dome 5.8


High Sierra, California USA

  • Currently 5.0/5
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Charlotte Dome - Click for details
 Charlotte Dome
Charlotte The map added unnecessary ounces to my pack as we slogged up switchbacks towards the pass. We had been here before, and knew the way. We knew that after the ...

by Eebs
2,705 Nov 09, 2016 14
Charlotte Dome's Longest Approach - Click for details
 Charlotte Dome's Longest Approach
It's become a bit of a theme this summer. Climb mega classic, relatively accessible routes via the most annoying approach possible. If remote passes, obscure peaks, un...

by jedster
4,117 Aug 30, 2016 10
South Face of Charlotte Dome (III, 5.8) (Photo TR) - Click for details
 South Face of Charlotte Dome (III, 5.8) (Photo TR)
I'm surprised to see the beta post that said this route was not very good. I've climbed a lot of declared 'classics' the past couple of years in California, and I figured yeah...

by PellucidWombat
7,359 Oct 24, 2014 33
Charlotte Dome's South Face
by Les
2,586 Jul 14, 2010 6
1 - 4 of total 4 Trip Reports found