Zodiac, El Capitan A2 5.7


Yosemite Valley, California USA

  • Currently 5.0/5
Recommended Gear

Below is listed some of the gear the SuperTopo team would take when climbing this route.

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4 ea Wire Rivet Hangers (bring a few Moses Rivet Hangers or other keyhole hangers for extra security.
1 ea Peckers or Moses Tomahawk (3 total) often hand placed
1 ea Angles 1/2", 5/8" (usually-hand placed)
2 ea Sawed Angles 3/4", 1" (usually-hand placed)
1 ea Black Diamond Lost Arrow Pitons #1-3 (3 total)
2 ea Hooks (6 total or just bring 2 Black Diamond Grappling Hooks and 2 Black Diamond Talon Hooks
4 Copperheads (2 each #2 and #3)
4 Moses Cam Hooks. 2 narrow, 1 wide, 1 small
1 set of offset nuts (DMM Peenuts recommended
1-2 sets of Offset Brass Nuts (Either DMM Brass Offsets) or Black Diamond Offset Micro Stopper
1 set of .33-1" Camming-Devices
2 sets of Offset Camming Devices .4-1" (or just bring non-offsets for 3 sets .4-1")
2 sets of cams 1.25"-5.8" (to feel extra safe on pitch 14, bring 6 pieces between 4-6 inches (example, 3 #4 and 3 #5 Black Diamond Camalots)

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