Ho man. Beautiful video. Reynolds and Gobright on The Nose.


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Trad climber
Fresno/Clovis, ca
Topic Author's Original Post - Apr 16, 2018 - 11:36am PT
Spectacular and moving.

Watch in full screen with the sound up if possible. Congrats again to these two guys and to the film crew on a beautiful piece of work.


Tristan Greszko filmography.

Apr 16, 2018 - 11:51am PT

That's amazing videography. And, the climbing ain't bad, either.

So, the second penji's off of boot first? That's a long freaking runout for the leader.

Pretty wild accomplishment, well done.


Social climber
Mountain View/Boulder
Apr 16, 2018 - 12:26pm PT
Wow! Amazing! As noted above, for those into how speed ascents work it gives great insight like the leader not protecting Boot Flake(well, it is expanding) so the second can initiate the King Swing.


Gross Vegas
Apr 16, 2018 - 12:50pm PT
Thanks micronut!

Big Wall climber
santa cruz, ca
Apr 16, 2018 - 01:10pm PT

Apr 16, 2018 - 01:17pm PT
Oh! A tear! That was awesome.

A place where Blue is the new Black...
Apr 16, 2018 - 01:19pm PT
Phenomenal video!

And it convinced me that we have evolved from ants instead of apes.

Trad climber
the middle of CA
Apr 16, 2018 - 01:21pm PT
What a frikkin awesome video.

Possibly favorite climbing short film ever

Trad climber
Apr 16, 2018 - 01:22pm PT
Thats fake.


Apr 16, 2018 - 01:27pm PT
incredible footage-- really clever film-making. I kind of wish that the zoomed out view was combined with some on-the-wall footage...
Ian Jewell

Apr 16, 2018 - 03:28pm PT
that video is completely insane.

That is like some NFL films type sh#t.
You could scroll back and forth, slo-mo, pause wherever.

It's getting to where you have a level of visual scrutiny on a niad ascent comparable with televised sports events.

STUDY THE FILM !! - where could they have gone even faster ??
looks easy from here

Ben Lomond, CA
Apr 16, 2018 - 03:36pm PT
Were I a vainer man I'd be embarrassed that they waltzed up The Nose faster than I got up After Seven. Fortunately for my ego I am not.

where could they have gone even faster ??
Shut it down for a morning so they don't have to get past other parties. Not that I ever see anyone attempting to pull that, but I bet it'd cut an easy 10 minutes off a speed attempt.

Trad climber
Nothing creative to say
Apr 16, 2018 - 04:15pm PT
excellent! tfpu!

Apr 16, 2018 - 04:51pm PT
Good video .....

Trad climber
pacific beach, ca
Apr 16, 2018 - 07:23pm PT

Straight outta Squampton
Apr 16, 2018 - 07:34pm PT
Amazing watching them climb a pitch in the time it takes some of the parties they're passing to move up on one aid placement.

Would love to know more about where and how they used and switched between simul-climbing, short-fixing, belaying, etc. Some of it is obvious, but other parts make me scratch my head. A spectacular achievement. I wonder if we'll see sub 2h in my lifetime?

john hansen

Apr 16, 2018 - 08:32pm PT
Great video.

Thanks for posting it.

At right around the 4 minute mark ,after the second has made the King Swing, you can see the rope going down from Boot flake and then going up as he leads up to the belay. Then after he sets the belay a rope appears between him and the guy on boot flake. I guess when he got to the belay he pulled all the slack and tossed the rope down so the now second could pendulum . Like short fixing, to always keep the rope moving.

Wonder what is the ideal rope length for simul climbing and tricks like that.

Going to watch it again, but where did they ever exchange gear?

Looks like two blocks, base to top of boot, then to the top.

right here, right now
Apr 20, 2018 - 01:19pm PT
As videography goes, that's quite an effect!
I guess it would be called time-lapse videography?

I thought the music selection enhanced the climb and the sublime nature of the wall very nicely.

The staccato way those guys moved across my screen was freaky.
Reminds me of claymation:

Gnome Ofthe Diabase

Out Of Bed
Apr 20, 2018 - 02:04pm PT
This gives one some perspective as to how fast they were moving, passing Dolt tower through Texas Flake, so Pitches 11-13 I think?
seems to match up with @ 2:49 of the whole video

Sport climber
The Big Wide Open Face
Apr 20, 2018 - 03:04pm PT
Great thing about this is someone discovered a way to present the same old material in a new way. That's genius.
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